If the download does not start, you able to click button below to download mod apk manually. Download MOD APK Direct SSL Connection loading After install app, close this window and open app via desktop shortcut.

Guide: Install & Use the MOD APK

Last Update: June 2024

Your mod apk file will be downloaded automatically. If it doesn't, click the button above to download manually. You will receive app install pop-up, click install and the install progress will began (Different browser/phone may have different pop-up, the result will be same).

Once they done, you will able to open the app. You also able to open the app on your phone home page.

After install progress finish, open the application and you will be redirected into the main page. For the first time, you need to insert the application key in order to proceed. You able to get the new key by click get app key button.

On the get app key page, you need to complete offer in order to get the key. The most efficient & fast way is to finish all the app-install offer available on the page. Once complete, the application key will be printed on the page. Write down the key before it disappear. Come back to the application and insert the key.

When you done verify your application key (case-sensitive). You will download an additional mod files and restarted the app (Internet connection must be enabled). Make sure that the game are not in open state while using the mod apk app. Use the mod apk to generate your resource and press generate. Wait the mod apk app process and the resources will be added to your in-game account.