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1942 Pacific Front MOD APK: Hello males, were announcing MOD APK of 1942 Pacific Front. This is one of the fascinating Strategy game, with HandyGames as the creator.

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About 1942 Pacific Front

Turn-Based Strategy Games may not be as popular as other sub-genres of the strategy genre. But that does not mean that the turn-based strategy sub-genre is not exciting or desirable because until now, there are still many turn-based strategy games that are in demand by many players such as the Civilization series by Sid Meier. In fact, many say that turn-based strategy is one of the oldest games that appear in the form of chess that has been played from the middle ages.

In the last few articles, I explained that one of the attractions of turn-based strategy games is how we plan each step that we will do and predict what our enemies will do to counter that step and after that determine what steps we will do to ward off the steps of our opponents who are against our initial steps. And that is only one possibility out of the many possibilities.

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Latest changelog:
☑ Major bug fixes

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

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More 1942 Pacific Front Overview

The 1942 Pacific Front game is a Turn-Based Strategy game from HandyGames which was released in February for iOS and Android, which you can download for free. This game is a sequel to the previous HandyGames game, 1941 Frozen Front, which is also a Turn-Based Strategy game, but the events in the game took place in the European war theater while this game took place in the Pacific war theater.

This game uses the hexagon or hexagon base as the basis of the movement mechanism. Hexagonal tiles are also used in the Civilization V game and indeed prove to be more fun to play because the movement between units feels more flexible and provides a more expansive aspect of strategy, especially in games where we have to lead many units and troops. In this game also feels like that. We can arrange the units neatly according to their unique abilities.

The units in this game also feel quite real and historical. The names of the tanks, infantry and ships in this game are all named after their original names. And from every time we choose the units there will be a kind of unique sound like strategy games like soldiers who report to their superiors. Even though this is a small thing, but in my opinion it will be a plus for players who love military-like things like myself.

The appearance of this game at a glance looks pretty good. The image of each unit looks quite realistic even though it does not match the original scale. The graphics of the atmosphere level also looks quite detailed and can provide a tropical atmosphere like being on an island in the Pacific Ocean. But all the pluses disappear instantly when I see the animation. In essence, the animation in this game really feels like its not worked at all. For example, the movement of the tank does not show the rotation of the tank and only feels like a static sprite being moved. The effect of this game also does not look stunning at all even to the point of giving a boring impression on the overall playing experience.

Overall, this game as a free game is a game that is quite fun to play, especially for lovers of military-themed strategy games. But in the end the quality falls in terms of graphics, especially the animation of this game. If you are a player who doesnt care about the graphic aspects of a game then I would suggest trying this game.


1942 Pacific Front cheats will help you to get as much gold as you want. You can deploy troops, tanks, aircraft and many more easily.


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