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Angry Birds Go MOD APK: We observe a lot of increased players that participate in Angry Birds Go. Now weve made the most up Angry Birds Go MOD APK to help you players who would like it.

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About Angry Birds Go

Which gamer has never heard the name Angry Birds before? Who would have thought that a game as simple as throwing a slingshot to destroy buildings at the other end of the screen has managed to attract billions of downloads since the presence of the inaugural series. The concept that has actually been offered a flash game – Crush the Castle is then made up with more beautiful, funny, adorable, and certainly relevant animations for a wider target of casual gamers. This success in the mobile market has finally pushed Angry Birds to emerge as one of the unique phenomena for the mobile gaming market. Success continues to catapult the Rovio name.

This speed game with a casual theme is suitable when played using Angry Birds Go mod apk. You will get Unlimited Gems that can be exchanged as many Unlimited Coins as you want.

Angry Birds Go MOD APK Feature

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✓ Unlimited Gems
✓ No root needed
✓ Install the apps directly on mobile
✓ SSL encryption on application
✓ Easy User Interface

Get Angry Birds Go MOD APK

Latest changelog:
☑ Various bug fixes

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

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More Angry Birds Go Overview

Some of us will certainly associate Angry Birds with a simple puzzle game that only asks you to aim and catapult each bird with the unique ability to destroy the green pigs that exist. Rovio himself struggled to ensure that this mechanic would not be easily worn out by injecting a variety of theme variants in each of the latest series, including the Season and Star Wars series. But there is something different in the latest series they just released for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry 10. Through Angry Birds Go!

Did this new concept succeed? Why do we call it a game with a micro transaction system? This review will discuss it deeper for you.

Technological developments do allow devices as small as smartphones and tablets today to produce extraordinary raw power, especially if they are compared to consoles one or two previous generations. Games that maximize this ability now bring games with stunning visualization quality, apart from the gameplay mechanics that are still relatively limited. Class games like Infinity Blade and NOVA, for example, pursue a three-dimensional visual quality with almost the same quality as the current generation console on a smaller screen for him. This progress is also seen in Angry Birds Go!

Carrying a striking cartoon visualization with bright color games that spoil the eyes, the quality of character details, vehicles, and settings offered by Rovio on Angry Birds Go! it is not something that can be underestimated. Color play, details, various visual effects, to the design of characters and settings that are carefully thought out to be a plus in itself. But for those of you who have devices with inadequate specifications, this naturally leaves a problem.

Fun-racing is no longer a foreign genre in the gaming industry. Classic games like Mario Kart or Crash Team Racing become a successful franchise on the market with gameplay mechanics that combine the excitement of high speed racing with a battle arena that contains a myriad of weapons. The best way to be in the forefront is no longer determined by how well you master the existing track, but also the luck factor of what is offered by the weapons crates scattered along the way. This simple concept makes fun-racing games appear as interesting games to be played with other gamers, especially when you are facing each other. If you have categorized this mechanic as a “casual” genre, then Angry Birds Go! offering something even simpler. A different way to define this genre.

Like most racing games on touch screen-based mobile devices, you no longer need to mess around with having to make your mobile run, other than at the start of racing where you have to catapult your bird from a slingshot. But apart from this slingshot, all you need to do is direct the motion using the tilt or touch mechanism. The tracks offered alone are not as long as imagined, and can be completed in just under 5 minutes. Rovio itself does not embed a full fun-racing mechanism.

How come? Unlike similar genre games that contain a variety of weapons in crate that you can collect throughout the game, Angry Birds Go! does not load it. The only super power you can do is the specific power offered by each of these birds and can only be accessed once in a race. This means there is no chance for you to strengthen your character throughout the game. For those of you who hope to find explosive battles here and there, with the opportunity to change the order, you might be disappointed. Because all the excitement that a fun-racing game should offer is limited by the mechanics they offer. It is unfortunate.

With racing time that can be completed in a very short time and there is no impression of an exciting war like a fun-racing game should, slowly but surely you will begin to experience a gaming experience that is very monotonous and repetitive. Worse yet? This limitation itself is not assisted with track variants that can be considered “creative”. When you open a new track, you will be forced to continue to take the same track over and over, with objective variants that are not at all interesting. Rovio only injects five missions, all of which remain rooted in the same function: move as fast as possible. There is no different sensation when you race with eight other AIs, against one AI, time attack, or just destroying fruit for a similar sensation. There will be no new things that will consistently attract you to continue playing this one game.

The only interesting thing you get is probably just the fact that you can upgrade to make your vehicle much faster, and have the opportunity to make them easier to control. All of these things you can do by using every coin you manage to get on every track you manage to try. How significant is this feature? Unfortunately not necessarily make Angry Birds Go! looks amazing. This upgrade is slowly becoming a necessity, rather than a feature.

Is it enough to make you not interested? Until you learn more about the limitations offered by this one game.

Each character will have limitations to use. You can only use each of them 5 times a race.

It makes sense, this one word might be appropriate to see micro-transaction item-style mall as the only way for developers to gain money from a game that is offered for free, regardless of the ads they have injected or not. However, there is one worse thing that Rovio injected into Angry Birds Go! this. Not just “offering”, they offer a system that actually seems “forced” to all gamers who play this game to spend real money in order to get a more optimal gaming experience. How to? By limiting the frequency of games that you can play.

For each bird character, you can only play it 5 times in a race. There is an indicator of “fatigue” in the upper right which will decrease by 1, every time you are involved in a race, win or not. After this indicator is blank, you will not be able to use this character for the next 30 minutes. There are only two ways you can do it: wait patiently or use 10 crystals to instantly fulfill this energy indicator. These crystals can be obtained throughout the game, but only on certain conditions. At first, you will see that this amount of crystal will be enough to take you far. With increasing difficulty and some repetitions you have to do, Rovio forces you to take one of two options: buy this energy with real money or wait. Appropriate or not? All of these decisions now depend on you.

A free game that forces you to wait or use real money to continue playing it?

If we have to conclude what is offered by Rovio on Angry Birds Go !, then “greed” seems to be the right word to describe all the designs they want to offer in this one mobile game. What article? Because there are so many limitations they are trying to inject here. In addition to visual quality that can be fairly charming for a mobile game, Angry Birds Go! is not a fun-racing game that is really fun. Core mechanics that are too simple without the chance to have fun with extra super abilities and weapons are the basic reasons. However, the fact that you have to spend real money just to be able to play it or being forced to wait tens of minutes is a big hit. Appropriate or not this is applied? It all depends on your own choice as a gamer.


It will not happen if you have used Angry Birds Go cheats. Enjoy the convenience of Unlimited Diamond which can also provide Unlimited Energy and Unlmited Blueprints that can be used to upgrade your car.


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