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About Arena of Valor

AOV stands for Arena of Valor, a MOBA type game that is played on a smartphone platform. Unlike other types of games, MOBA is a type of game that is so competitive, in accordance with its abbreviation, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. So, throughout the game you will always fight other players with the help of an Internet connection.

If you are not a gamer with competitive blood, then this game does not seem to suit you. Therefore, the ultimate goal of this game is to become the best gamer and fight to get to the top through tireless battles. Because most battles are held in teams, making mistakes that result in your team losing will result in insults, anger, and antipathy from team members.

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Arena of Valor MOD APK Feature

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Latest changelog:
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☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
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More Arena of Valor Overview

Moreover, coupled with the existence of a communication system via voice in the middle of the game. Listening to team members who swear when he loses is common. However, the main goal is to make teamwork easier. Remember, without good teamwork, dont dream of being able to rise to high positions in AOV.

Then what about the beginner players who are just starting to learn the AOV game? Fortunately, this game provides a competition class that will increasingly increase, depending on the ability of the players. So you dont need to worry about making mistakes in the class. To be more secure, you can also study in tutorial classes, play against the computer, or play in an arena that does not record your winnings or losses in order to increase rankings.

The highly competitive nature of AOV makes its players always try to win against other players. As explained earlier, AOV will bring you together with other players teams. Both your team and the opposing team will be randomly chosen, depending on how many players are searching for the arena at the time. Therefore, you can often pair up with a very great team or the other way around.

As for the game itself, you must first choose one of the avatars or heroes that are available. You will control the hero throughout the game. Every hero has different abilities from other heroes. That is why the selection of heroes and the composition of the heroes chosen by other players on one team are important.

Why is that? Because in this game the hero consists of three roles, namely Tank with strong defense and skills that can disrupt the opponents combat formation; an attacker who is able to kill an opponent with a strong attack, but his defense is low; and Support that is able to provide support for his team, such as healing and increasing attack speed. The tactics used for combat depend on the composition of the hero and the combination is quite a lot.

Arena that you can find in the form of a wide area with two sides, namely the side of your team and the opposing teams side. To get to the opponents area, you have to walk following the path or lane, which is protected by a tower or tower. The tower has a high defense and strong attack. Destroying the tower is certainly difficult for a hero to do; thats why you are also assisted by an army called Creep which is run automatically by a computer, and they always appear periodically from your team headquarters to the opponents headquarters.

The creep is a help if it comes from your team and a barrier if it comes from the opposing team. However, they are also the main food to increase the strength of your herom. By killing enemy creeps, you will get experience points that help you level up and give money. It should also be noted that hero levels only apply to one arena only; after finishing winning or losing, the level will return to 1. So, each fight becomes a race to increase the level more than the opponent, and prevent the opponent to get the level.

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Your ability to control heroes properly is very important in MOBA type games. In AOV, you can control the hero by using the touch stick on the smartphone screen. Movement of your finger on the stick will determine the direction of the hero. After that, on the other hand you can find buttons to attack and use skills.

The skill that a hero can use depends on the level. Broadly speaking, skills that can be used by heroes are divided into two attacking skills (or to control the course of the battle by healing and stopping opponents movements), as well as one ultimate skill of great strength. When you use the skill and the timing is the key to your victory. This also makes AOV easy to learn but difficult to master. Only flight hours can help you.

Then, the other important part is money. Every time you defeat an enemy creep or an opposing hero, in addition to experience points you will get money. Use the money to buy combat gear to strengthen your hero. How to buy it is also very easy, because you can buy it anywhere, even when far from your headquarters and in the middle of the opponents area though. Without these equipment, you can be sure you cannot win against other heroes.

The use of skills in AOV is also deliberately made so easily controlled. This is more apparent in skills that can attack from a distance. Only by holding down the skill button, you can slide the finger pressing the button to direct the location of the skill to be issued. When you hold it back, you are still given the freedom to move, so that your opponent enters the skill range. In fact, you can also frustrate the skill issued, so that it is not wasted.

In addition to these skills, you can also use other functions in battle, such as healing yourself by pressing a special button or taking a green + shaped power-up near your towers, which will reappear after some time. You can also use the Recall button to move (teleport) to the nearest tower of your team or headquarters, and the Talent button that provides a variety of abilities such as speeding up running or attacking all opponents around you, with waiting time until it can be used again (cooldown) which long enough.

Choosing a hero that suits your playing style is as important as fighting properly in the arena. Because, every hero has different skills and different ways to play. Thats why trying all available heroes and perusing the skills they have is a must, especially when you want to choose the hero you will master. However, to have a hero in AOV you must buy it first. Luckily, you can try playing a hero for free, and every week the hero you can try is different.

Apart from this method, you can also use the Hero Trial function, which can be found near the buy hero button. Through this function, you will enter into a special arena and fight computer-controlled enemies. You can control your opponents movements and strength here, and the arena will end after you destroy the enemy base. Even though you cant feel what the hero is like when he is with another friends hero, at least you can see his abilities.

Due to the nature of AOV as a competition game, you cannot find avatar development like RPG games. However, you can give a little extra strength through giving special medals or using skins, which also change the appearance of the hero. To use a skin, you must be prepared to pay using real alias Rupiah.

Another factor influencing your heros strength is the choice of items to buy when fighting. On the “Item” screen, you can set what items you want to prioritize to buy. Because, objects with great strength need a few other objects to buy until you can finally use them. Remember, too, that the object you use must match the hero used; dont buy objects for physical attacks when you use magic attacks!

All items that you have set will be displayed in sequence on the battle screen, provided you have the money to buy it. This method must be admitted very helpful, because you no longer need to open the screen to buy objects, which will close the battle screen, and waste time searching for objects to buy from dozens of existing objects. Moreover, this game does not let the player stop the game or Pause like other games. If your opponents meet with you when youre busy shopping, its sure your hero is an easy target!

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From a variety of functions that can be found in the game, it seems like the features that really help in AOV are the tutorial system and Road to Glory. Both of these systems make it easier for you to learn various accessories in the game. In fact you are also taught how to quickly be able to dive into the arena.

The tutorial system on AOV is also very friendly and followed. In addition, the tutorial does not force you to follow it, as is often found in other mobile games. So, players who already understand the game from MOBA can pass it. However, the tutorial itself turns out to have its own advantages if you follow it, because they give attractive prizes, like new heroes.

As for Road to Glory, this feature records how many battles you have per day. After you reach a certain number, this feature will reward a new hero, which cant be bought from the shop though. After some time has passed, a new challenge from Road to Glory will open along with new requirements for you to fulfill, and of course other hero prizes. This feature is very helpful for players to expand their heros strength collection.

A variety of new features will also be opened along with the increase in the level of your account. Yes, the more you play, the higher the account level and you will find new functions. Besides being able to help you to fight in the arena, the function can also be useful to expand your social connections in the game.

Take for example the Talent and Guild functions. Talents can help you in an emergency with a variety of unique special skills. New Talent Options will open along with your account level, then you can choose to be taken to the battlefield. Whereas the Guild gives you the chance to be more serious in playing, through finding other groups of players with the same goal. Playing with the same players continuously will certainly make you more compact.

Unlike other mobile games, AOV doesnt rely too much on premium sales or real money-based transactions to strengthen yourself. Although there are still some parts that are limited specifically to premium transactions, but he does not prevent you from buying a hero without real money. This certainly makes AOV open to players who are able to play for long but have low financial ability.

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Transactions for hero purchases, which incidentally are the most important factor in this game, have a friendly payment option. If you are diligent enough to play, then you can collect money in the form of Gold games. You can then use the Gold coins to buy your preferred hero. Because the price is relatively high, then you should make sure to buy a hero using Gold first, by trying the hero through the Hero Trial.

Another way to buy a hero is to use a voucher. Vouchers themselves are representations of premium purchases, aka real money. To get the voucher, you can buy it easily from within the game, either via credit or Google points.

Skins are items that can only be purchased through premium transactions within the Shop. Besides being useful for changing the appearance of a hero while playing, the skin itself also gives some additional strength to the hero who uses it. If you are interested in using it, prepare at least around 150 thousand for each skin.

Besides Gold and vouchers, you can also find other points to shop, namely gems and rubies. Gems can be found relatively easily, especially from prizes when you reach certain requirements, for example reaching account level 5 or getting consecutive wins 5 times. Gem points can also be used to buy heroes.

Playing MOBA-type games like AOV requires more abilities than strong heroes. Like other competitive games, your ability to control heroes, communicate with team members, and make tactics according to the conditions of the game is the most important thing. Thats why financial ability can only help you a little in the game.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is recognizing the hero you are using. Read and clearly understand the characteristics of heroes, and their skills. There are skills that you can combine with other skills of yours, or with the skills of team members. If you are confused about what kind of hero you want, then you should try all heroes using the Hero Trial, free of charge.

After you choose a hero, pay attention to its position in the battlefield. If you are not sure of your abilities, follow the path taken by other players to be safer, but get experience points and less money. Then, as much as possible cover your heroes with Creeps, so that the opponents hero cannot attack your hero directly.

Also try to give the last blow that kills an enemy hero or creep. Because, that last blow gives the biggest money and makes you able to buy strong things faster. Especially for heroes with melee attacks, which are often blocked by Creep himself to deliver the final blow.

Then, prepare the order of the items you want to buy through the “Item” screen. To see what objects are right for a particular hero or for certain tactics, look for the guides on the Internet or through the AOC guide apps made by other gamers on Google Play. And most importantly, make sure your internet connection is stable and good, because this game really emphasizes these elements. If your connection is lost in the middle of the game, slow, or you do not move at all, aka being left away in the middle of a fight, then you will get a penalty from the game system and other players will put you on a blacklist.


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