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About Beach Buggy Racing

Its been four years since I tasted the fresh aroma of the beach. Beaches in general, are used for sunbathing, playing volleyball, or surfing. But in the Beach Buggy Racing game, you will make the beach an arena for car racing. Dont be so serious then afraid that this race will pollute the beach, yet this is just a game. Then the word Buggy in the title of this game also doesnt mean this game is full of bugs, so re-calm yourself. If you are calm, lets see more about whether or not the race at Beach Buggy Racing is good or not.

There are six types of race modes at Beach Buggy Racing. There is a standard race mode where you have to race to reach the finish line before your opponents, the time trial mode where you will drive alone then the time you reach to reach the finish line will be pitted against other players, there is also a mode where you must destroy the objects in the track area as much as possible, and that is no less exciting is the mode of boss versus and collecting object, where you have to follow the path that your opponent has passed correctly in order to be able to collect objects issued by your opponent.

You will take a race on the beach track, according to the title containing the word beach. On the racing track, you will find various kinds of power-ups that are ready to be your savior to be at the forefront or even become a stumbling block if the power-ups fall into the hands of the enemy.

Using Beach Buggy mod apk can boost unlimited coins and unlimited gems. You can open new characters, power ups, and other things.

Beach Buggy Racing MOD APK Feature

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✓ Unlimited Coins
✓ Unlimited Gems
✓ No root needed
✓ Install the apps directly on mobile
✓ SSL encryption on application
✓ Easy User Interface

Get Beach Buggy Racing MOD APK

Latest changelog:
☑ Adding brand new codes for the mod

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

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More Beach Buggy Racing Overview

Power-up is divided into two, namely power-ups to attack and defend. To use it you have to press the action button located on the top right of your gadget screen. For those of you who are already accustomed to playing Mario Kart or Crash Team Racing (CTR), I think you will quickly understand the mechanism of the game I just explained, because the types of power-ups provided are not much different than the two games.

More specifically the control problem, your car will move forward automatically and to do the drift just press the virtual button located on the right and bottom left of the screen. By default you can turn your car with tilt mode. However, you can also change the tilt mode with a virtual arrow that allows your car to turn by pressing the virtual arrow button located on the middle left and right center of the screen. For me personally, control with virtual arrow is the most convenient.

Does this game use an energy system? Every stage you play requires energy as an entry ticket. One energy requires a recharge of twenty minutes and the maximum energy you can get is only five. So the time needed to reach maximum energy is one hour and forty minutes, enough to deflate the size of a racing game.

But, if you are super good at speeding, you dont need to worry about the existing energy system. Because if you get three stars on each stage you play, you will immediately get an energy for free. You also have to upgrade your car regularly, which requires large amounts of money. Money is very hard to come by in this game because every race that you have completed you are only rewarded with small amounts of money. So, you have to be smart in managing money and diligently doing grinding to upgrade your car.

The simple thing that just makes me itchy is the random power-up method that is in this game. When Im in the bottom, I should have a greater chance of getting an attack type power-up, but in fact I actually get more power-ups of the type to defend myself (such as protectors or oil paint that makes another car slip behind us ) This kind of thing really disturbs my playing comfort and makes this game less festive.

From the graphics and the gameplay mechanism, Beach Buggy Racing is indeed intended for children. But when I play it myself, understanding like just now will change. In this game you are required to make proper turns, do accurate drift, and quickly adapt to the surface of the ground. In Beach Buggy Racing, the surface factor is very influential in acceleration and handling in turns. For example on the surface of clay, your car will have more difficulty in turning and slower in acceleration than when your car is on the asphalt surface.

Not to forget, the track design was made quite interesting. You will not only pass through the open track, but also will feel the darkness of the cave, the swift fountain, and the steep cliffs ready to make your race more colorful. A total of twelve tracks will accompany you to race to become the number one racer in this game.

To finish Beach Buggy Racing, you have to spend a lot of time. It could be that you need more than ten hours to finish it. Because, the stage provided is fairly large. There are 105 stages in this game, all of which are divided into 15 worlds consisting of many world themes. So, your experience of racing here will always be different from time to time, the good effect is of course boredom will be difficult to land on your head.

Speaking of power-ups, the good news that you can hear is that you will find 27 different types of power-ups. Initially, you only have eight power-ups that you can use. Bad news. the remaining twenty only can you open using a diamond that is none other than the IAP currency in this game. So pathetic.

Its not just cars that you can tinker with. You can also treat similar drivers. Nine drivers are ready to control your car to be the fastest on the race track. Each driver has their own special skills. You cant arbitrarily replace the driver, because the eight drivers whose status is locked. To open other drivers, you must defeat them first.

Worse, even if you beat them, you dont really get the driver you just defeated, there is still one more step you have to do, which is to pay an IAP then you can get a new driver.

Back for a moment to the matter of energy. The stingy energy in this game has an impact on the number of coins you can receive. The coins needed in this game are not in accordance with your needs. I can hardly buy car equipment that matches my last level requirement. The solution, of course, is to do grinding, but my efforts are back in the middle of a stingy energy problem in this game. Sometimes, it makes me a little lazy to play Beach Buggy Racing.

Unlike the energy that deserves a thumbs up upside down, the graphics contained in this game should give you a big round of applause. Details of each object you see is very smooth for the size of a mobile game. Plus the effect of raindrops on the screen, the more it makes my heart amazed at the graphic quality that is highlighted by the game made by this Vector Unit. Without playing it, even from screenshots you would have nodded in agreement with my opinion right?

Beach Buggy Racing generator can make your character more cool or beautiful. Simply using these gems and coins generators to make it happen.

For those of you who use iPhone 5s or iPad Air, you can also enjoy the sophistication of Metal API technology from iOS 8. I have tried the power of the Metal API myself. As a result, the Air Hendri iPad compared to my iPhone 5 excels a little in the detail of the object and the blur effect that looks sharper and certainly more beautiful.

You can get Beach Buggy Racing for free both on iOS and on Android. There are ads that very rarely appear in this game. IAP itself is not mandatory, but if you want to buy it, then you must be ready to review the contents of your wallet. There is an IAP that can make your coin opinion double at the end of each race. The most interesting of course is the IAP to eliminate energy, but the price tends to be expensive. Not to mention if you want to open all available power-ups and want to open all existing drivers.

Apart from the expensive energy and IAP systems. Beach Buggy Racing offers a racing experience that is quite fun for mobile devices. The mechanism of the game is easy to learn and suitable for all ages. Plus the graphics quality is very stable so that it can cover the two shortcomings it has. So, dont hesitate to download this one game.


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