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About Billionaire Capitalist Tycoon

Then what does Billionaire assign to become a millionaire? Check out this review. Billionaire itself places itself as a simple game with one main goal, which is to become the most wealthy person in the world by dominating several business sectors at once. Through this game, you will be given an initial capital to make a business investment by selling services or goods as in the real world. For example, you can build a hotdog seller, lemon seller, and gift wrapper. All these business units are a form of conversion of capital provided to multiply the capital and make a profit.

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Billionaire Capitalist Tycoon MOD APK Feature

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✓ Unlimited Crystals
✓ No root needed
✓ Install the apps directly on mobile
✓ SSL encryption on application
✓ Easy User Interface

Get Billionaire Capitalist Tycoon MOD APK

Latest changelog:
☑ Bugfixes and tweaks

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

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More Billionaire Capitalist Tycoon Overview

Unlike Make It Rain: Love of Money which requires you to swipe a pile of money many times on the screen to add your money coffers, on Billionaire the money will enter itself every second until the capacity of each store you own is full. Yes, every business unit that you have has 4 specifications that accompany it, namely earning (intensity of making money, for example $ 15 / minute), max hold (what is the maximum quota amount of money that can be saved before you collect), build in (the time needed to build it ), and threat (threat when having this business). Especially for the 4th spec, which is threat, you should still pay attention to it, dont let the total threat of your entire business be too high if you dont want to be sentenced. As the saying goes in the real world “high risk, high gain”, the same principle applies to Billionaire.

The greater the threat, the greater the max hold and earnings that can be obtained. But businesses that have a high threat are businesses that are “unusual” or even can be categorized as illegal. For example, liquor smuggling business, tattoo business, until the film piracy business. Fortunately, this game has not seen the game piracy business, the business units that you have and you have built, you can improve by upgrading which will also improve earnings status, max hold, and threat. As stated above, building a new business unit requires waiting time, as well as upgrading.

The waiting time for both can actually be minimized by using diamond as an IAP currency, watching video ads that will reduce waiting time, or the way I like it the most, namely tap repeatedly on buildings. With you tap, the waiting time will be reduced by 1.3 seconds. But you will definitely think, if you wait up to 30 minutes, how many times do you have to tap until the building is finished? There are many! But I like it when Alegrium provides rewards for those who like to work hard. That is, when you tap many times, you can just get extra money from there or even diamond randomly. Ok right? As your net worth increases, the new type of building with a higher amount of earnings & max hold will open.

Net worth is also used as a benchmark for leaderboard systems using connectivity with Facebook. Interestingly, if your friends on Facebook are limited to playing this game, then Alegrium also provides AI to beat. What is unique, the names on this AI are names that you often hear like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and others who are indeed the richest people on this earth. Every time you make it through the leaderboard ladder, you will be awarded a diamond package containing 10 that can be increased to 15 can you tweet or post on Facebook. As far as the same plays, this package will be very enough to be used during play without the need for an IAP to buy. Unless you are not a patient person to wait or tap.

At Billionaire, there is no limit to how many business units you can have. The maximum limit is a threat that cannot reach 100%. Especially for threat, there are things that you must pay close attention to. If your threat has exceeded 50% there are times when you can be punished for the business you have. With this sentence you will not be able to collect money. The first time I received a sentence, there were three choices I could take, namely waiting for 1 hour, paying a bail-out with 45 pieces of diamond, or letting one of the most valuable business units confiscated. But when I was caught on the second occasion because threat had reached 89%, the only thing that could be done was to let the business unit be confiscated, or pay a number of diamonds. Until now I have not understood how this system is implemented, most likely the waiting time can only be used in a limited amount for one period only.

But one thing is a bit of a hitch when the waiting time for the threat ends, I am not asked to reduce the level of risk. So it is very possible that the threat level in this game reaches 90% but you can still still earn money and live rich lives. Billionaire itself features a typical flat graphic design Icon Pop Quiz, a game from Alegrium before. I really like the graphics like this and the coloring of various objects is also given quite nicely and in detail. Unfortunately, not many accompaniment music accompanied me to play. Only occasionally the music slowly hums in this game. In the end, Billionaire is a game that is very addictive and can teach you the principle of a business. You who are already, are, or will play this game must remember the principles taught in this game that are taking into account all business carefully, high risk high gain, hard work will always pay off, and make plans for long and short term income. One more, always bring your power bank and charger everywhere because you will be very addicted to playing this game!


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