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About Blocky Highway

Endless runner games are already quite crowded out there. Some have managed to make me feel at home playing it continuously for weeks or even months, there are those who only from the first try it has disappeared from the memory of my smartphone.

Of the many runner games, the formulas used in each of these games evolve from time to time. Whether from taking a theme, graphics, or system power-ups and upgrades.

Using Blocky Highway mod apk will help you to get all cars. You can try one car to another for your journey.

Blocky Highway MOD APK Feature

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✓ Unlock All Cars
✓ No root needed
✓ Install the apps directly on mobile
✓ SSL encryption on application
✓ Easy User Interface

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☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

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More Blocky Highway Overview

When a game runner reaps success, it is not surprising that other developers then emulate it. Blocky Highway itself seems to pretty much adopt various aspects of the game that has been successful. One of them is like taking pixel graphics like Crossy Road, as well as an unlockable character system.

Then can Blocky Highway be an impressive endless runner or just be a mere “other endless runner”? This is what I will try to describe in the following review.

Blocky Highway will bring you to be a driver of various types of vehicles that somehow have to drive as far as possible and as fast as possible while avoiding other vehicles that pass. In addition, there are also other obstacles such as trains, road construction, and so on.

Uniquely, here you not only need to drive as far as possible to score the highest score, but you can also take reckless action by passing a passing car as close as possible without crashing it. The score obtained is also more than just driving away.

There are two control schemes on the Blocky Highway that you can choose from. The first is the touch system that allows you to control the vehicle with various virtual buttons on the screen such as directional arrows and gas, brake and horn buttons. Second is tilt + touch, where the directional keys are replaced by tilting the device.

Each control accommodates a different way of playing. If you want controls that are simpler and more reflex, then tilt + touch can be an option, whereas if you choose to control full accuracy, touch controls are more suitable for you.

The controls on the Blocky Highway in my opinion are very smooth. This applies to both control schemes. Of course this advantage makes me comfortable playing Blocky Highway which requires high control accuracy.

The system of getting characters on Blocky Highway is basically the same as Crossy Road. You can buy a car at random by paying one hundred coins. There are also regular gifts that you can get at certain time intervals.

You can get coins when playing. The number of coins obtained is not related to the total score, meaning that you have to take the coins that are spread by themselves. Quite challenging, especially sometimes the coins are in dangerous areas and threaten the continuity of your game.

Thats where the ad appears as a “savior”. If your internet connection is sufficient, you can get coins by watching the advertisements offered. Its not fun, but thats the fastest way. Oh yes, you can also get additional lives through advertising.

Three game modes on Blocky Highway greatly add to the replay value of this game. There is an easier One Way mode where you only drive in the same direction. Then there is the Two Way mode which is very difficult because you have to avoid vehicles from the opposite direction. Finally there is a Free Mode that allows you to practice without having to fear death.

Not only that, the additional stage also supports the Blocky Highway replay value. If you have enough coins, you can open a desert-themed stage. Here of course there will be new types of obstacles waiting.

Things that can be improved from Blocky Highway certainly remain. The available power-ups, though fun, I dont think are varied. Counted there are only two power-ups that I can find here, which is riding articulated trucks and helicopters.

The obstacles are also less varied. In addition to various types of vehicles running around on the road, there are only passing trains and road improvements that can destroy your car. The rest is just a matter of your consistency and patience in controlling the car in the middle of increasingly crowded roads by obstacles.

More difficult game modes also do not provide more rewards, such as more coins and so on. Fortunately there is a leaderboard system that can invite players to score the best score in this mode.

In general, Blocky Highway is able to provide fun only with a file size of 11 MB. Yes, very small. For such a small size, it seems the entertainment provided by this game is more than enough, especially for you who are struggling to find a gap to enter the game on a mobile device.

Weaknesses that still deserve to be “forgiven” because of its small size. So, no matter how much or how much memory your mobile device has, there is no harm in trying Blocky Road to simply accompany you in your free time or while waiting.


Blocky Highway cheats enable you to get all cars with ease. You can choose your favorite cars or trucks to take the journey.


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