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About Bowmasters

Two grim men were staring at each other at a location. One shot his arrow, and it turned out. Miss! Breathing a little in relief, the other character threw his ax at the opponent, and hit the opponents head with a landslide! One of the men died! That is one of the events that can occur in a game made by Miniclip, which is given the title Bowmasters.

This Bowmasters game has a simple concept, namely two characters doing a duel in an arena, each of which has different abilities. Physics and Geometry have a big role in this game, so the player must be able to determine the angle of the shot or shot, determine the strength of the shot or shot, and of course, pay attention to obstacles on the screen so that the shot or throw of the players character can arrive at opponents character. Whatever is shot up will fall down. So, the angle of the shot must be carefully set.

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Bowmasters MOD APK Feature

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Latest changelog:
☑ General fixes

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

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More Bowmasters Overview

All game controls will use touch. The player must touch and hold the screen, then slide his finger in the opposite direction from the direction of the shot to determine the strength of the shot as well as the angle of the shot. Fun, Bowmasters provides strength and angle indicators. So, the player does not need to fumble, and all that remains is to memorize the two numbers and change them according to the results of the shot. The duel takes place on a turn-based basis. So, players will take turns to fire their weapons with your opponent. Who can finish off his opponent first, then that is what wins the duel.

Each character available also has a unique weapon with its own strengths and weaknesses. Robin as the first character that can be used by players is a standard character with a bow and arrow, in accordance with the title of the game, namely Bowmasters. But, the other characters will have weapons that are more unusual. You name it, cat, javelin, syringe, ax, sword, even gamepad. Some of these weapons even have special features. For example, a gamepad can electrocute your opponent when touched before hitting a target, or a pony that can emit a rainbow-shaped explosion.

In addition to the shooting duel, Bowmasters also added one more element that made it unique. After successfully eliminating Life from the opponent, the player (or opponent) will have the opportunity to throw as much as one more time, where the screen suddenly goes dark and there is a “Finish Him!” or “Finish Her!” above. If the player manages to hit as many opponents once again, he will experience “Fatality,” which is a unique effect for each brutal, brutal character. There are those that make opponents crushed by satellites, some are injected into bubbles and eventually break up, others have their heads cut off, or even scorched into ashes.

But, not only do duel with the computer that can be played in Bowmasters. This game has a number of other interesting modes. For example, shooting apples in peoples heads, shooting and killing birds with as many as possible, tournament mode to try skill against a series of opponents, and there is also a mode to play two players alternately. The way to play these two players is using hotseat, aka giving a smart phone to an active player, because the game is actually played on a turn based basis. Unfortunately, the online mode of this game still cannot be played.

Bowmasters appear with 2D cartoon graphics that have stunning animations. Each character has its own expression, complete with weapons that also have special animations. Each weapon hits the opponent, the skin of the opponent will be peeled off to reveal the bones in his body. Blood will spill on the ground, especially during fatalities. Certainly, there will be blood spurting everywhere. But, even though the game is sadistic and full of blood, this cartoon-style look is still funny to look at.

One annoying thing about Bowmasters is that there are too many advertisements. Indeed, as a free-to-play game, the existence of advertisements is usually inevitable, but Bowmasters place advertisements everywhere with too much. At the bottom of the screen, after playing the usual ads appear, to get the loot box, must watch the ad first, sometimes even out video ads that are not invited. This is a game that should be played without the Internet, if you dont want to be disturbed by advertisements.

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A little microtransaction is presented to turn off advertisements and buy money. The money itself can be obtained by winning a duel or even opening a free loot box. Money is used to buy new characters. However, there are some characters that can only be obtained from the loot box, which usually must be opened by watching the advertisement video first. Its annoying, huh?

Bowmasters is an exciting duel game that is suitable for being on your smart phone. The many characters available for collection and the various unique weapons they have make this game so fresh and challenging with the desire to be able to collect everything. This simple but addictive gameplay really feels fantastic. So, arguably Bowmasters is indeed super fun.


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