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About Buriedbornes

What happens if Dark Souls enters the mobile game format and is combined with the aesthetics of the Final Fantasy SNES era? The answer is Buriedbornes!

Judging from the genre, this Buriedbornes is an RPG game where players are given the opportunity to create a character with quite a variety of Job choices. Warrior, Ranger, Mage, and Priest were provided as initial jobs, and there were many jobs which could later be unlocked, such as Paladin, Ninja, Druid, Samurai, and many more. In addition to the selection of names and jobs, players can also carry one item at the beginning of their adventure.

The Buriedbornes mod apk will give you unlimited gold shard and unlimited soulstones. You can use gold shard for increase character slot and its ability.

Buriedbornes MOD APK Feature

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✓ Unlimited Gold Shard
✓ Unlimited Soulstones
✓ No root needed
✓ Install the apps directly on mobile
✓ SSL encryption on application
✓ Easy User Interface

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Latest changelog:
☑ Optimized safeguarded hack process

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

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More Buriedbornes Overview

However, judging from the graphics, Buriedbornes is a text-based RPG game with a few illustrated images that show what is happening on the screen. All events will have one illustration, and a paragraph describing it. For example, when a player finds a treasure chest, there will be an illustration of a treasure box with a paragraph of text that says “There is a treasure chest in the corner. Do you want to open it?” then give a choice to the player, whether you want to open the chest or ignore it altogether.

In Buriedbornes, characters created by players are revealed to explore a dungeon while eradicating various kinds of monsters in it. Movements in the dungeon are represented by rooms, where we can choose branching in each room to the next two rooms, and so on. In each room, there will be various events. For example, meet monsters, meet wise people who offer skills, find bodies to get new equipment, and so on.

Control of the game in the Buriedbornes is also very easy. All battles occur on a turn-based basis, and players can choose the next action casually without being rushed. Every action taken by a player has a cooldown time. So, if you have attacked by using a skill, then there will be a cooldown time before you can do the skill again in the next few turns. This requires tactics from players, whether they want to attack by using skills with long cooldown times, or attack quickly but with little damage.

Both skill and equipment can be replaced if players find special events in the dungeon. In one time, players can only have as many as five skills. So, it will be a separate strategy, whether you want to change a skill with another skill or still use the same skill when offered.

Well, there is one more element that enliven this mobile game, which is the hardcore element. At Buriedbornes, all character deaths are final. In other words, if the character played is killed in a dungeon, then the character will permanently die alias deleted by the game. Here is the challenge for players about how far they are able to carry their characters before they die.

As mentioned earlier, this Buriedbornes is a text-based RPG, so the graphics displayed are quite simple, only a representation of what is happening or the enemy being opposed. There is absolutely no animation here. There are only numbers that show damage to the enemy or only player characters. In accordance with the theme, Buriedbornes also has songs that tend to be dark, making the playing atmosphere a little tense, especially with the existence of permanent death.

Buriedbornes is indeed a free-to-play game, but the system it has is a bit unique. Players cannot play this mobile game offline unless they have played it online first to download existing assets. In addition, to activate offline mode, the player must turn on the game without using an Internet connection. If not, the game will force you to connect to the Internet. Because playing online, means that there will be ads that always appear at the bottom of the screen. So, it feels better to play this mobile game offline.

This mobile game also uses a microtransaction system to buy premium currencies called Gold Shard. This Gold Shard can be used to buy items that make the game easier, such as character limits, lab parts, and so on. But, in broad outline, various kinds of unlockable in this mobile game, like new jobs, can only be purchased using Soulstones that can be obtained in-game. So, actually there is no reason to do microtransaction.


Buriedbornes cheats will give you gold shard and soulstones. With soulstones, you can convert it to dried leaf and buying fragment of death. You can make these advantages easily.


– Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Nussygame.Buriedbornes
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