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About Club Soccer Director 2019

In this article I will discuss soccer games where you are definitely not familiar with this one game. This game is how we as football directors organize and manage aspects of football club management. Club Soccer Director 2019 is the name of the game that I will discuss this time.

Club Soccer Director 2019 is a soccer game where we as technical directors manage and manage the clubs that we are interested in. Of course this is different from us when playing Football Manager where we will play as managers to manage the soccer team, and if we play Club Soccer Director 2019 only as technical director who manages the soccer club.

If you need more coins, then use the Soccer Soccer Director 2019 mod apk to get Unlimited Coins that can be used to upgrade coaching badges or coaching licenses from the directors you are playing with, add funds to transfer budgets and salaries instantly, add stadium facilities, training grounds and academies , and can also train staff and dismiss staff and players to increase morale, and can heal players from the period of injury recovery quickly.

Club Soccer Director 2019 MOD APK Feature

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Get Club Soccer Director 2019 MOD APK

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More Club Soccer Director 2019 Overview

I as a writer highly recommend to download this one game. Why? Because, the game Soccer Club Director 2019 is one of the most complex soccer simulation games. You as directors must manage your club to succeed in the football arena. From managing the staff, players, sponsors, financial and financial clubs, as well as the decisions faced by the club when experiencing setbacks in terms of financial and in competition as well. You can download the Club Soccer Director 2019 game on the Google Play Store and the APP Store for free.

How do you play Club Soccer Director 2019 for beginners? Take it easy, because I have prepared tips on playing this one game in the article I wrote this time with the title Complete Tips for Playing Club Soccer Director 2019 for Beginners. I will discuss this article with a discussion that is easy to understand for those of you who have difficulty or just playing this one game.

When you first play Club Soccer Director 2019, you will be told to make your director skin. Choose the skin that suits you. Because there will be many choices available in determining the skin that you will make at the 2019 Soccer Director Club.

When you are told to determine which league is right for you Kariri, I suggest choosing the Italian league only, because in terms of competition it seems that there isnt too tight like the English league. It would be nice, to start from the easy first.

So, the decision is up to each of you. Because I also played this one game, which was to choose Piacenza who played in the third division of the Italian league.

The staff at the 2019 Soccer Director Club consists of Managers, Assistant Managers, Chief Coaches, Talent Guides, Physiotherapist, Marketing Managers, and Youth Academy Managers. From here the most important points are the Manager, Assistant Manager, and Head Coach.

If in your club you already have these three staff with a fairly good rating and combined with the same style of play, maybe you do not need to recruit these three staff with new ones, because it will only spend the budget given by the club board.

However, if any of these three staff are rated below average or not coherent in their respective playing styles, immediately replace them with staff that you think are good for the future of the club that you handle as club directors.

The financial aspect is the most important thing in playing Club Soccer Director 2019. How not? If your club is financially strapped or continues to suffer losses in the case of club finances, the club being dealt with will not be able to continue the soccer competition. And you must have a Commercial Manager with a good rating.

The tip is to always be frugal in managing the budget given by the club board. If, the small club that you handle, the budget given by the council wont be too big. Determine whether to buy the right player or hire staff and give the right salary to the staff and players. So, do not exceed the budget limit so that the transfer budget and salary become a minus. This is very detrimental and is not good for the survival of the club that you will handle.

If you lack in the transfer budget aspect, you can make a submission proposal to add the clubs transfer funds. Likewise with the salary budget, you can make a proposal to increase the salary budget to the board provided that the transfer funds will be reduced to be added to the salary budget funds.

If you want to add funds to the transfer budget and salary at the same time, you can also submit it to the board, but on condition that the club board will add budget funds along with an increase in club expectations and targets in competing in the league. For example, your club, whose target was to avoid the relegation zone, finished at the bottom of the table.

Then regarding the Marketing Manager, choose a staff on this one with a qualified rating or high enough if you can. Because, he is the champion in managing finances such as sponsors and match tickets. With a good Marketing Manager, good sponsors will come to your club.

For the squad problem, the manager will determine it. The tips are you need to know what the manager needs in building his squad. Starting from the position of the player he needs, the player he doesnt need, as well as the staff he wants and doesnt want.

However, you also should not continue to stare with your manager. If the manager gives a message to buy the required player, but when you notice that the player is overpriced and the style of play does not match the manager, even though the manager gives the report about the player, I suggest rejecting the managers message. Change and find other players who fit the position needed by the manager, combined with playing style and affordable prices with good ratings.

For this reason, the transfer market is useful in this 2019 Soccer Director Club. The transfer window will open from 1 July to 31 August. Look for the right player or staff for the month to organize your squad. You can use your Talent Search Head to set the search for the player you want in the squad.


With the Club Soccer Director 2019 cheats, you can make the club the best because coins are very useful in the 2019 Soccer Soccer Director Club


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