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About Contract Killer Sniper

Glu Games released the latest iteration of the Contract Killer action shooting game series, entitled Contract Killer Sniper. From the title alone, it can be guessed that this latest iteration focuses on sniping alias shooting enemies at a distance. For those of you who have played previous series such as Contract Killer 2, I think the development that Glu Games has carried out here will give you a breath of fresh air.

You act as a contract killer who works according to the contract. Requests in this contract are the main objective of each mission that you must fulfill to get paid. The choice of objectives varies depending on the mission taken, starting from killing the criminal kingpin, eliminating a bunch of enemies, installing bombs, or destroying property. Although the main objectives of each mission can be different, it is certain that you will always take action with exciting enemies.

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Contract Killer Sniper MOD APK Feature

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Latest changelog:
☑ Technical fixes and general performance improvements

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
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☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

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More Contract Killer Sniper Overview

Like a sniper, your hero will hide without being detected by the enemy at the beginning of the mission. You can learn the terrain, find the location of the enemies and read their movements. In an instant the location turned into a firefight when your rifle spewed the first bullet. The enemies who hear the sound of a rifle burst into alert and alert to your presence. They immediately aimed the muzzle of the rifle and fired back.

You who are invaded by a barrage of bullets must be very clever to hide behind an object and look for the right timing to strike back or risk running out of HP which decreases little by little according to the number of bullets received. Shots become increasingly challenging because the enemies will also take cover and even spread to surround them from various angles.

Although the focus of this game is to be a sniper, not all missions put you far apart from the enemy. There is also close combat action where you will be alone facing enemies with assault rifle guns. Short-range battles are a little different from sniper missions because here you have to be able to stem the movement of enemies that are lurking close to paralyze you. You have to hit back the flow of enemies that come while moving around to get the best position against them.

There are many choices of weapons in this game. Weapons that you can use ranging from sniper rifles, assault rifles, heavy machine guns, to rocket launchers or even plasma guns. Each has advantages and disadvantages that make you have to be careful in their use in accordance with the conditions of the battle. In addition, there are also various additional equipment such as body armor or combat knife that you can use to equip yourself to face the battle. All of these weapons you can upgrade to increase its effectiveness so that cutting down enemies becomes easier.

Besides the main campaign, the game also has many other aspects that can be explored. Your hero has the ability to level up and increase stats like an RPG by collecting experience points. There is also a headquarters leveling up system for producing diamonds, which is one of the resources in the game, and player versus player like Clash of Clans where you can disarm other players bases and steal diamond stocks from their headquarters.

Unfortunately, all the excitement and strengths I mentioned earlier were limited by creatures that haunt almost all other freemium IAP games. Actually the presence of the IAP option in a game is fine, but the portion in this game is arguably quite disturbing my comfort playing.

Contract Killer Sniper has various schemes that seem to force us to reach into our wallets for the sake of following the action of the assassin. Things start from opening a new murder contract, buying weapons, upgrading your arsenal, to filling up the depleted energy. All of this is limited by the necessity to use resources which of course can be purchased with real money. Actually you can play this game without spending a dime, but you must have extra patience because you have to wait for about an hour just to re-run the mission that has been completed and must be diligently grinding to collect resources to meet the requirements to open new missions.

As if not satisfied with the siege of the IAP, the developer even inserted ads in this game. You will be offered to watch video advertisements or even see a full-screen banner when you have completed a level. If you are willing to watch it, the game will give rewards in the form of bonus items that can be used when carrying out missions. You will also often be offered various kinds of discount offers to buy weapons or equipment that even require double tap to close and confirm the rejection of the offer earlier.


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