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Design Home MOD APK: Our Design Home MOD APK can help you to buy extraordinary components in Design Home. You are able to also find various other apk game mods in the Simulation option.

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About Design Home

Hi, let me explain the game design model for you. This will take three paragraphs, because this game is strangely too complicated. Even though the point is you just need to choose which Ottoman turquoise furniture is suitable to be placed in an outdoor dining room in a Turkish villa.

In Design Home, you are a designer assigned several tasks: “Townhouse on Beacon Hill,” “Goodbye UK, Hello Singapore! Or “Palace by the Sea.” All this boils down to is a room with ugly wallpaper. Even if the game determines the position of the furniture, you have the right to choose the style of the furniture, or in other words: the nuances of the room.

You will get unlimited diamonds by using Design Home mod apk. This is the premium currency that let you buy premium decoration. You can also convert it into unlimited money and unlimited keys.

Design Home MOD APK Feature

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✓ Unlimited Diamonds
✓ No root needed
✓ Install the apps directly on mobile
✓ SSL encryption on application
✓ Easy User Interface

Get Design Home MOD APK

Latest changelog:
☑ Hardened the code security

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

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More Design Home Overview

You pay for furniture using either cash or diamonds, because this game has two currencies, and the value is the same. This means that even though sometimes you have enough collective assets to buy something, you still cannot buy because these two types of payments cannot be combined. It is not clear why some things require payment using diamonds, while others use dollars.

To complete the design, you must meet a few simple requirements, for example, “use two Luxe items,” or “use a floral armchair.” Once the design is submitted, you will get $ 500. Well, but this is the problem – the floral armchair costs $ 1,200, so you will actually lose money.

This is the essence of the game Design Home: the illusion that you can make a profit. This will not be possible. This is just a big lie. Hoax. No matter how conservative your expenses are, you will spend the money given by Design Home, and you will start buying the cheapest white table, and a small ceramic elephant that for some reason costs $ 300, but you must choose to complete the game challenge.

You start this game full of hope and enthusiasm, make bold creative decisions and describe your personality. You have just begun to develop a clear, coherent and unique voice in the world of design. But not long after, the task given to you began to be your boss. You used to use the replica Eames. Now you have to buy beanbags because they are the only cream-colored chairs that fit the budget. Fate.

Now that was one negative side of Design Home. So lets see if this game as a whole is positive or negative?

Design House is more or less the same as the part of The Sims when you put furniture into the house you just built – the most fun part.

For some reason this game always gives a background story of the room with more detail. These stories are the reason you are hired, and are actually not relevant to the task itself. These stories also seem to have been written by Carrie Bradshaw (from Sex and The City), and this makes sense, because she definitely needs a side commercial job. How can a columnist have a stunning lifestyle like her?

If you play this game, you will understand what I mean. These women are everywhere. About 80 percent of the furniture in this game is made by the Kathy Kuo brand, and it seems like she is still unclear where her aesthetic is going. Some furniture adopts the current rustic style, some is made of fully driftwood, and others are made of perspex and concrete. WHO IS THIS KATHY? I think Kathy is a populist in the world of Design Home, the important thing is that she satisfies all parties.

Home Design mod enables you to get those dinheiro infinito or dinero limitado (unlimited money). Choose the best feature that get high demand and lead to high income.

Keep in mind that all furniture used is real. Game designers do not create this furniture themselves, and they are 3D copies of real products — and you are given a link to buy real products in the real world. So Kathy might be rich now. She must have hired a smart PR company to make sure this game promotes its products.

If you dont stop playing within two days of downloading Design Home, you will definitely lose. This is because all good furniture costs $ 2,000 and up, and this game is designed so that you cannot benefit from assignments. The cost of playing Design Home for several weeks is not much different from the cost of studying interior design for three years at RMIT.

You start this game with $ 18,000 and big dreams, and in the end design the mediocers living room in Portland while busy choosing the most inexpensive foot stand.

Do you think this is all just for fun? False. This is all for the sake of fame. Every room in Design Home is given a value from a player, and if you can get above number 4, this game will give you free furniture. If you are truly successful, your room will be displayed in Instagram-style feeds in the game, so everyone can see.

The problem is, you are rated by players in virtual interior design games, which means, around 97 percent of them are mothers whose photo displays are their children, or selfies in the car. Their interior taste will naturally be different. Besides, I think this game is cheating because the ones that are always juxtaposed are two very good designs, or two very ugly ones. So whether you have to downvote a good design, or be forced to give an ugly room 4.6 stars even though the carpet isnt there (the carpet is a necessity, and makes your room more integrated, please). After much effort, you are only given a value of 3.8 — even if you use four different plants to add color and atmosphere.

Score: Positive: 1, Negative: 5. Not a draw. Playing Design Home is like going to Ikea, the intention is to buy one item, then go home having to call Uber Van because you end up shopping this and spend the next 6 months eating corned beef every day.


Using Design Home cheats will help your challenges a lot. You can use diamonds generators to get cool features for your targets.


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