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About Dungeon Boss

Dungeon Boss Review – A Role-Playing RPG that Respects All Heroes. My journey in finding the best RPG for mobile platforms seemed endless. Almost all the strategy RPGs I play are only different on the outer skin, but have the same taste. However, Boss Dungeon is a strategy-style game that seems to take unusual recipes in a sea of free-to-play mobile RPGs that have flooded the market lately. Why do I say unusual? When I first played this game, I was not welcomed with cool background stories and constructive dialogues that we usually encounter in similar games such as Summoners Wars, Brave Frontier, and Hello Hero.

In this RPG game, of course you need some inventory and you can use the Dungeon Boss mod apk. You can get Unlimited Gems and also get VIP Unlock 10. If you already have Gems, you can also exchange them for gold or stamina.

Dungeon Boss MOD APK Feature

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More Dungeon Boss Overview

In fact, I was just asked to enter a username when I reach level ten (later it will be discussed further). The only one who welcomed me at the start of the game was an anonymous female character whose job was to guide me along with the game. The funny thing here is that even though its an RPG genre, I dont feel like running any character role in the Boss Dungeon. For me who doesnt worry too much about the storyline which is sometimes not important, this is the right step taken by Bossfight Entertainment as the developer. But for those of you who take account of the storyline in choosing a game to play, maybe the Dungeon Boss is not for you.

Although I say differently, Dungeon Boss basically still has gameplay similar to similar mobile strategy games. In the Boss Dungeon, there are several objectives that you have to do. First is to collect the hero to play, second is to conquer the area by eradicating enemies at each level, and the last is to protect your property while hijacking the assets of other players in the My Dungeon feature. All valuable heroes, There is one thing I like about Boss Dungeon, which is how players are required to appreciate every hero they have.

In a sense, you cannot sacrifice a weak hero to raise the level of your flagship hero. All heroes who have fulfilled the specified conditions can perform Ascend rituals that will change the look of your hero to be cooler. In addition, hero abilities will also increase. Each hero has special traits or abilities that distinguish him from other heroes. One hero has traits that make him always get the first turn in attack. Other heroes have traits that will make him immune from debuffs. Each hero also has special moves with unique effects so that each formation of the hero you use will bring different results in each match. So, you dont need to be afraid to invest a lot of items to improve the ability of a hero, because every hero has the same potential to be the strongest. Flat and Confusing Dungeon Progress. Boss Dungeon has many areas that can be conquered.

One area has several levels that must be won before you can move to the next area. Every time you complete one level, you will be rewarded with various useful items. You also have the opportunity to grab tokens that are useful for opening new heroes. Whats missing from the Dungeon Boss is the essence of conquering an area. There is no clear goal in completing existing levels other than to get new items and fight stronger enemies. This always makes me wonder, what after? Indeed at the end of each level there is a boss who will drop a chest containing valuable items. But in an area and in the middle of a level, I sometimes also find big dragon-shaped bosses that actually dont differ in strength from ordinary bosses.

For games that dont have a storyline, the appearance of this dragon boss clearly makes me confused. Become the Best at Your Level, As I said before, at level ten I was only asked to enter the desired username. At the same level, the My Dungeon feature has just been opened. My Dungeon is a place where you can open your own dungeon which functions as a gold mine which is the currency of the game. Here you have to keep the gold you have from attacking other players, while also attacking other players dungeons. In addition to prizes in the form of gold, there are standings for each player level. The three best players at the same level in a period will get attractive prizes such as tokens and gems. So you dont have to worry about having to fight high level players to become champions.

Speaking of gems, its not a free-to-play game if you dont have an IAP transaction in it. Dungeon Boss has a gem as a special exchange tool to get new heroes, buy various items, and access special features. But from experience as long as I play, there are many ways to get gems, including completing quests, conquering levels in the area, and logging in every day. So, the existence of an IAP does not necessarily make the game biased. Bad Porting, I should have discussed the graphics and appearance of the Boss Dungeon from the start, but for some special reason, I decided to write it at length here. In short, Boss Dungeon is a game with bad porting. It should be noted that I am not concerned about the decision of the developer to port from iOS to Android.

The problem is the execution. First, throughout the game, my frame rate always falls and is not stable. Second, the resolution of the game is not well optimized so it looks very bad on the screen of my Android tablet. From the gameplay I watched on YouTube, the iOS version didnt experience similar problems. I just hope the developer wants to spend a little effort to optimize the performance of the Dungeon Boss on the Android platform.

Conclusion, Boss Dungeon is a fun game that makes me feel at home playing it. Unique and cool hero designs, not burdensome IAPs, and a good PVP system make Dungeon Boss one of the strategic RPGs to be reckoned with. Its just that the game performance for the Android platform that is not good in my opinion is enough fact to make me stop playing. Maybe, until the developer optimizes Boss Dungeon for Android, my search isnt over.


I dont feel hard to play because I use Dungeon Boss cheats. So the problem of very large energy consumption has no impact on my game. You should also try to use it.


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– Boss Fight Entertainment
– Dungeon Boss – Strategy RPG
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