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Fishing Superstars MOD APK: Have Unlimited Star Unlock VIP 10 on the account of yours.

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About Fishing Superstars

Fishing Superstar Review – Fishing is not the imagined Sebosan. Waiting … Bad … Boring … Thats the shadow I got when I saw people fishing. What makes some people so excited about fishing? Even though what I saw the most activity they did was just waiting for their bait to be eaten by fish. The shadow disappeared when I tried Fishing Superstar from Gamevil which is a fishing game. I just really felt how the thrill of fighting a rebellious fish and trying to defeat it.

The Fishing Superstars mod apk is trying to use Unlimited Star and the chance to get a VIP Unlock 10. Of course you can exchange Star to Gold so you can have both currencies in the game. So you can buy various types of costume, rod and bait.

Fishing Superstars MOD APK Feature

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✓ Unlimited Star
✓ Unlock VIP 10
✓ No root needed
✓ Install the apps directly on mobile
✓ SSL encryption on application
✓ Easy User Interface

Get Fishing Superstars MOD APK

Latest changelog:
☑ Optimize the mod hack for a few devices

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

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More Fishing Superstars Overview

Basically Fishing Superstar is a simulation game that teaches how to fish and bring excitement into a mobile device like iOS and Android. In this game you can really feel fishing in the river, even though you dont have fishing rods and bait. When you start fishing, visualization in the Superstar Fishing takes the form of a fishing spot and there is a fishing tool that is designed like a weapon in the FPS (First Person Shooter) game. All you have to do is tilt your device forward to throw the hook. Be careful not to get too excited, later on your tablet or smartphone is thrown.

After the hook landed in the water, wait a while until the hook is pulled by the fish, then tilt the device back towards the opposite (back) of the way it was thrown to pull the fishing pole. At Fishing Superstar you dont have to wait too long to get a fish. The way you throw a hook must be taken into account to get good fish apart from the bait itself. Inside the river will appear water ripples which indicate that there is fish in the place. Thats where you throw the hook, even though I feel the power of the throw by tilt device really cant provide good precision. So luckily whether you can go right to the water ripples or not.

After the fish is pulled, all you have to do is roll the strings at the bottom right of the screen. All you have to keep in mind while rolling it is the tension of the strings, the strength of the fish, the blood of the fish and the moves you can take. You can find string tension above the screen, try to always be in the center line. If the strings are too high they can break and if they are too low the fish can run. On the instructions for string tension, there is an indicator of fish blood that will continue to decrease if it is pulled. The bigger the fish, the longer the blood decreases. At the bottom there are indicators for moves or combos. If the indicator is full you can swipe left and right on the screen so that the fish faints for a while.

The most important and decisive is the power of fish. There are about 5 kinds of expressions that the fish can show. Green means you can roll the string quickly, purple means you have to hold the roll, orange you have to be careful because it starts to go berserk, red means that the fish is rampaging and the flashing red indicates a big angry fish. These five indicators determine how fast the string tension indicator will go up. For example, when the fish is very angry, you just roll the strings a little, the tension indicator will rise quickly. So you have to do a pull, stretch and hold strategy to win the fight. Its like fishing in the real world right?

If the fish has been caught you can store it in the aquarium or sell it to get gold (the currency used). You can spend the gold to buy various equipment for use in characters such as clothes, gloves, and equipment for own fishing (fishing gear, bait, etc.). Your characters abilities will increase if the equipment used is getting higher (similar to an RPG game). In addition, you can feed fish in the aquarium so they can grow bigger and sell at more expensive prices. Besides there are various missions that you can complete to get extra gold and energy (will be explained below).

Fishing Superstar adds an online feature in the form of an event every day. You will compete with people all over the world who play this game. The event has the mission of capturing as many specific fish as possible. Prizes that you can get in the form of gold in large quantities, star (higher currency value) and energy pack. But to win this event it feels very difficult without relying on an IAP because you have to play continuously. Meanwhile, for 1 time fishing you need 5 energy. In total there are around 30 energies on the first level and will continue to increase by 1 energy each level up. Every 2 minutes, 1 energy will be replenished. From the calculations above you can imagine how much energy you have to use to win the competition and it is difficult to not use the IAP.

Graphic problems, Fishing Superstars provide good visualization. Each picture is designed in detail even for the pictures of each of the fish. The music is also cheerful when it enters the game and is made calm when it starts fishing with additional sound effects that make the game even more exciting. Too bad the lack of this game is to be played with an internet connection. When looking at the conditions in Worldwide where the internet is still growing at a pace that is not yet stable, it is difficult to play it continuously by relying on the strength of the 3G network. My experience using 3G, will make game lagging, hang for a long time and even crash a few times and have to repeat to the beginning of time in the middle of the game.

Fishing Superstar actually has the potential to be a very good game for simulation and sport categories. Gamevil provides a fishing experience for mobile devices that are close to the original world because the game mechanics themselves are well designed. Unfortunately, limited energy makes you have to stop in the middle of the thrill of catching fish. Moreover, this game requires an internet connection that is stable and rather fast in order to run smoothly and smoothly. But because of its free price, theres no harm in trying it out and playing casually while waiting for the energy to recharge.


When you have used Fishing Superstars cheats and got a VIP Unlock 10, you will get a number of benefits. What are the benefits? Here are some who will be able to buy the Epic Random Jewel Box, and also can buy Legend Universal Gem.


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