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About FR Legends

FR Legends is a car racing game that focuses on drifting. Players can practice drifting on a track, can also compete drifting against other vehicles controlled by AI. Uniquely, the scoring system here is not who made it to the finish line first, but who managed to drift according to the rules perfectly.

FR Legends has two control systems, namely using motion control aka gyro, and using a virtual gamepad.

By using motion control, players hold their smart phones like a real vehicle steering handlebars. Players can rotate the smartphone to the left or right to turn the tire, while to press the gas, the player can simply touch the right touch screen. On the left side of the touch screen is divided into two parts, where the bottom is to brake, while at the top is useful for pulling the handbrake which usually serves to start drifting.

Control using a virtual gamepad is somewhat different from motion control. Players are given left and right arrows on the lower left of the screen to turn the vehicle, while on the lower right of the screen there are brake and gas buttons. The handbrake button is located above the gas button which also functions to start drifting.

Both of these control methods can be used well, but for more accurate turning accuracy, it is better to use motion control only.

The player is given the opportunity to practice drifting on a track before he competes against AI. In this track, players are usually assigned to do some specific types of drifts, because an assessment is made of these actions. Usually there are some parts of the track where players have to do specific things, whether it`s step on the gas, drift, or do a spin. If the player fails to do so, the score will be 0 for that part.

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FR Legends MOD APK Feature

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Latest changelog:
☑ Adding leftovers on mod instructions

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
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☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

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More FR Legends Overview

After the player completes the track, he will be given an amount of money in accordance with the score he got. But if the player has an accident, then he has to repeat the game.

If the player feels ready with his training, then he can start competing against AI in Battle Mode. In this mode, the player will compete in a chase, where if the player acts as the chased, then he must perform various drift tricks as he has trained in Solo mode. Meanwhile, if the player acts as a chaser, he must try to stay in the back of the opponent`s car and not to miss. Both rounds will be scored and whoever wins the highest score wins.

FR Legends is not just about drifting. Players also have to do regular maintenance on the vehicle they control, because every time an accident occurs in the track, then his vehicle will increasingly look damaged like a bumper can be dislodged, wheels getting worse, and so on.

Vehicles owned by players can be customized too, you know, starting from changing the color, upgrading the engine, upgrading the Turbo kit, adjusting the wheel position, changing the vehicle`s interior, replacing the spoiler, and so on. Even players can also buy a new vehicle if they already have an additional slot in their garage.

FR Legends provides six tracks to drift, three of which are still locked. To be able to open a new track, the player must collect money first and then buy it. Indeed the first three tracks are rather monotonous because they are located in Drift Park, but the next three tracks have a more captivating view like the location of the school and the actual circuit.

Uniquely FR Legends is its ability to see the game from a variety of unique perspectives. Players can play with the cam chase from behind, can also from the Bumper Camera, or if you want to be played first-person from the car, you can, even there is an over-the-shoulder view too. And the most unique, FR Legends can also be played with a bird`s eye view alias from above in 2D.

FR Legends is presented free-to-play, and this game can be played without an internet connection offline. There is no stamina system, so players can play the game whenever they want. If players need it, microtransactions are provided in the form of premium Gold currency purchases, money purchases, and various “cheap” bundles.

Broadly speaking, FR Legends is actually quite fun to play. However, the drift rule system that does not allow players to play freely is what can cause frustration because of the slightest mistake, then the score will be subject to severe penalties. As a result, it will be very difficult to win the Battle against AI unless you really can play this game perfectly. So only for those of you who have a real drifting spirit, only FR Legends is a must to try.

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Game Reference

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– FR Legends

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