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Game of Sultans MOD APK: Have Unlimited Diamonds Unlock VIP 11 in the account of yours.

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1. About Game of Sultans
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4. More Game of Sultans Overview

About Game of Sultans

Want to be a Sultan? Try playing Game of Sultans on your Smartphone. If you have imagination you can have power, wealth, and many wives, Game of Sultans is the right choice. You must have seen the advertisement for this game on Instagram and Youtube, and definitely drooled for downloads. Game of Sultans is a mobile game that requires just a little internet when it is played. Mobile This game is very easy to play, only by collecting assets, namely: money, yields, and troops for roles. But to collect these assets, you have to wait a few minutes.

As a Sultan, wealth is used to raise the level of the prime minister (viziers) because there will be many soldiers you have to upgrade. The Vizier will help you win the final war after passing five kingdoms. Then, the grain uses to add soldiers to the war later because war depends on the number of pairs. Of course this war will increase the level in this game. The level of the game has several stages such as Young Sultan, Master Sultan, Grand Master Sultan, and so on. The higher the Sultans level, the more wives he will get. If your wife has a lot, you have to choose one wife who is worthy of being a queen. This must be a tough choice for you because all the girls are beautiful.

Using Game of Sultans mod apk will get unlimited diamonds. You can use these diamonds to spend premium in game items.

Game of Sultans MOD APK Feature

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✓ Unlimited Diamonds
✓ Unlock VIP 11
✓ No root needed
✓ Install the apps directly on mobile
✓ SSL encryption on application
✓ Easy User Interface

Get Game of Sultans MOD APK

Latest changelog:
☑ Improved accessibility of exported resources

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

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More Game of Sultans Overview

How to get a wife just by disguising (Masquerade), and the Sultan will come to the area randomly generated. But luck (Fortune) must be more than 100 in order to get married faster. After marrying beautiful girls, you can do Consort to get children (heirs) and can marry them to other children when they are older. The advantages of this game are many prizes every day in the form of diamonds, money and more soldiers, books for soldiers, jewelry for wives, and much more. This game is indeed very easy, but the hardest challenge is the difficulty of managing assets that you have in order to stay balanced. You as a Sultan must be clever for strategies so you dont get overwhelmed later.

Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to Play Game of Sultans. Game of Sultans is an RPG simulation game that invites you to experience life as a Sultan, ruler of Europe and the Middle East. In this game you will attack the enemy castle, marry a beautiful empress, and rule the world. Well, for those of you who have difficulty playing this game, I will give you tips and tricks for playing the Game of Sultans. The following are guides, tips, tricks, and strategies for playing Game of Sultans.

How to Play Game of Sultans for Beginners. If you have never played a game like this, you need to understand how the game works. In this game you will replace the position of the grand sultan who died of illness. Because you are new and still young when you become a sultan in this game, you must gain experience and become the Grand Sultan (Young Sultan – Master Sultan – Grand Sultan), you can gain experience by defeating enemy kings and taking over their castles. Well, to defeat the enemy, you need to build a Vizier, Soldier and increase the attributes of sultans, such as Prestige, Military, Research, and Political. If you level up, other game modes will open, such as Arena, Imperial Council, Feast, and others will open.

Next are some other guidelines, such as Resource, Vizier, Consort, Masquerade, Heir, and how to fight in the Game of Sultans. Resource Guide, Heir, Consort, and others

Resource. There are three resources / resources that you need in this game, namely gold, grain, soldier. gold can be used to increase Vizier, grain is used to recruit soldiers and you can send a soldier to attack the enemy. You can collect this resource from Imperial Parliament.

At Imperial Parliament, there will be two characters, namely Ahmelek and Hocas. Ahmelek can help you gather resources, like wealth, grain, soldier. You can get more resources by raising the Sultans level. Later Hocas will tell you about Imperial Affairs. You have to make a choice Yes or No. If you choose Yes, you will get gift items in the form of Book, Gold, and more. However, if you choose No, then you will get the XP needed to raise the Sultans level. Vizier / Prime Minister,

For Viziers, they will deal with work related to military, domestic and other matters. The level of strength they have also impacts on the power of the Sultan. So, if you increase the power of Vizier it will also affect the power of the Sultan. Talent on Vizier also has an impact on their strength. Open the Viziers menu, then select characters, open the develop tab, there you can increase the talent of the Vizier, such as skills, creative training, and more. You need a Scroll, XP book to increase talent in Vizier. There will be a rewards tab near the develop tab, you can claim prizes. You need to know, in developing Viziers, you need to increase badges. You can get badges from badge packs. In the main screen of the game, select Backpack, then select Combine, then select Badge Pack then combine the shard badge to get the badge pack. To get a shard badge you need to take part in the event to get the item. Vizier can learn skills through the Academy facility. This will also increase their PvP level.

About Consort / Empress, In this game, Consort influences the Sultans personal life. You get the first Consort at the beginning of your play. Surely Consort can give offspring to the Sultan. You can get more Empresses in the ways described below. Masquerade. At Masquerade, you have the opportunity to meet with Consort / Empress who is interesting for you to marry. Keep visiting there. and then he will come to the Harem, after that you can marry him. Go to the Masquerade facility, then choose Masquerade to meet the interesting Consort. You need to know that just one visit with Consort will not entice him to come to the Harem. Meet him several times to lure him. There are several ways to get Consort / Consort namely by increasing the Sultan, Activating the VIP Bonus, and visiting Masquerade.

At Masqurade, you can interact with other people randomly. Fortune Points affect your chances of interacting with Consort. Fortune Points can be increased by using amulets that can be found at the shop. When you interact with Consort in Masquerade, the Intimacy level will rise, high Intimacy will make him come to the Harem, keep visiting Masquerade and you will randomly get Consort. Heir, Heir or heirs, the children of Consort can increase the power of the empire / empire. You can develop it by using vitality points. You will get two vitality points at a certain time. Go to the Harem, then choose Heirs, then tap Develop to increase their level.

Game of Sultans generator not only generate diamonds, but also the last VIP tier on game. You can get many girls that you want to be a princess, marrying them and get a children.

After reaching the maximum level, you can promote them, junior prince or princess. When heirs grow up or get promotions, the marriage feature will open. Select the Single option, then Request Proposal, this can also increase the power of the empire. The way to get Heir is to increase the intimacy level on Consort, go to the Harem, select the Consort option, then select Married Consort, then tap the Visit button to increase Intimacy Points. After being at a certain level or a specific visit, Consort will give offspring. There are also other options, namely Random Visit, but this will not increase Intimacy Points, but increases Consort XP which is useful for improving the skills of the Vizier. How to fight in Game of Sultans, the first time you play, you can only play Campaign Mode. In this mode, you must fight the king of the castle and take control of the castle. When you defeat more enemies, you will get XP. In battle, Soldier / Warrior will attack enemy enemies automatically. To win the battle, you need to increase the strength of the Soldier. And to defeat the enemy king, you need to choose a reliable Vizier, so be sure to level up all Viziers.

If you run out of Soldier, you can buy it using diamond in the item store. There is an item called Commander Seal. These items can provide as many as 100 thousand Soldiers. After you buy it, go to the main screen of the game, select the Backpack option, then select Commander Seal and then use it. Here are tips, tricks, and strategies for Game of Sultans. Increasing the power of the Sultan, In the game of Sultans, the main goal was to enlarge the empire and promote the Sultan to a new class; Young Sultan I -> II -> III -> V -> V, then Master, and Grand Sultan. The trick is to increase the level of the Sultan. The Sultans level can affect trade limits, recruit limits, empire power, levy limit, and affairs limit. You can increase the limit on them and level up quickly.

Game of Sultans mod will make your war become easier. You can increase your general advisor stats and let them always win the duel.

How to quickly level up is to focus on playing Campaign Mode, defeat the enemy to get XP. Visit and Random Visit, if you want to get offspring or Heir, then you need to increase the Intimacy level with Consort. As explained above, you need to visit Consort. Go to the Harem then select Consort, then in the lower right corner select the Random Visit button. The prize obtained from Random Visit is Consort XP. On the same screen, select Consort Portrait, then select the Visit button (Visit Premium requires diamond).

With Premium Visit, Consort will get Intimacy Points. Make use of free gifts or items, To claim the item you have got after completing the quest is to choose the Backpack option on the main screen, there you can see the items you have got. If you have an item called a renaming card, you can change the name of the Sultan in this game. In addition, you can give other items such as earrings and rings for Consort in the Harem. This can increase the level of charm. Use the Lamp Feature to get valuable items. Select the Lamp option on the main screen on the right side. Turn on the lights to get a gift. You will get one oil that can be used to turn on the lights. Improve Vizier skills, Vizier can help you in many ways. Their skills are very useful. To increase your Vizier skill, go to the Academy then choose Vizier. Hunting animals in Frontier, you can take part in various events at the Frontier facility, one of which is the hunting grounds. There, Vizier will hunt animals to get gold, score points, and tokens. You can use these tokens to buy rings, hats, clothes, and attribute books.

Killing Pirates in the Pirate Hunting Event, Pirate Hunter is one of the events in the Game of Sultans. In this event, you will join fleet and hunt down pirates. Go to the Pirate Hunter Event, then select Join A Fleet, then after that tap the Hunt Now button. If you find a pirate ship, immediately tap the attack button. You can attack a ship once at a certain time. If the power on a pirate ship is very high, you can explore other ships with lower power. You can also find pirate chests. To open this chest, you need a key that can be obtained by completing Achievement.


Game of Sultans cheats enable you to unlock VIP 11. This is one of the newest vip mod that available in the game, let you get many benefits using it.


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