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About Global Outbreak

The world is under attack by zombies, panic is everywhere, and governments from all countries are too busy with their business to agree on how to deal with the zombies. There, you as the owner of the Blackhorne Industries special private forces intervene to address the source of the zombie problem. Apparently, the zombies were created from a virus that was spread by an Outbreak Pod. The mission of the player as the leader of the Blackhorne Industries forces is to destroy the entire Outbreak Pod before the governments take the easy steps and blow up the whole world with a nuclear bomb. Thats the story that was delivered in a game called Global Outbreak, an action shooter game against zombies with elements of strategy made by ShortRound Games.

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Global Outbreak MOD APK Feature

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Latest changelog:
☑ Increases stability in communication between product and server

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

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More Global Outbreak Overview

As mentioned earlier, Global Outbreak will bring the player as the owner of a special private force, whose job is to defend the Earth from a deadly virus. Players will control a special forces team in a battlefield viewed from above, with all controls using a touch screen. To move the squad, the player simply touches the screen in the desired position, then the players team will move automatically to that point. To kill zombies, the player only needs to swip over the target in question, and the team will shoot him.

There are a few combos that can be done by swiping over several targets, and this will increase the experience gained by the troops. In addition, players can also throw grenades by touching and dragging the grenade icon to the desired target, as well as reloading by touching the weapon icon.

Players must always pay attention to the number of bullets carried and the health of the team, because unless they find Ammo or Health Pack on the battlefield, then they will not increase other than taking the team home to the base to rest. After the player successfully destroys the last Outbreak Pod in a location, the player can return to the extraction point to call the helicopter and go home. Thats the action side of the Global Outbreak game.

However, players will spend the most time on the Globe screen, a strategy screen that is certainly familiar to fans of the X-COM game. This is where players can build bases, buy helicopters, hire troops, do upgrades, do research, and of course, send troops to critical locations, for example a city that is experiencing an outbreak.

Players can also take on side missions on the globe screen, such as saving a team from destruction, or even evacuating an expert from a dangerous location. Also on this screen, players can see how a virus infection spreads, from one source point to other cities. The more infections spread, the stronger the source of the infection, so the player must destroy the end point of the infection to weaken the source and ultimately succeed in destroying the core of the infection.

Uniquely, if the player turns on the GPS at the beginning of the game, then Global Outbreak will compile the story of the game according to the available GPS location. But, if for example not, the player can randomly determine the starting point of the game to find the desired location, be it Tokyo, Sydney, California, and other cities in various parts of the world.

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Everything that a player does takes time. This includes helicopter trips to riot locations, research, upgrades and more. The problem, which usually happens in games like this, all timers will run even though the game is being turned off. However, for Global Outbreak, time will only run if the game is on. Because, according to its developers, this is to avoid game over because players are absent for a long time.

The reason is quite fair. Because, there was indeed a time limit before the governments finally dropped the nuclear bomb for two days. However, this is actually still not suitable for a mobile game, because this causes the player to be really focused in playing the game. Indeed, there is such a thing as fast-forward to speed up time, but this will be very limited. And, after it runs out, have to wait for time to be able to refill it. Fortunately, this fast forward charge timer will still run even if the game is not running. So, players can do fast forward once every hour.

As a mobile game that uses 3D graphics, Global Outbreak looks pretty cool and remains lightweight, not requiring a high-spec smartphone. In a way, the action shooter side of Global Outbreak really looks exciting, with a ruined city backdrop filled with zombies. The higher the level of infection, the more zombies are ready to finish off your troops. The game is also decorated with quite tense songs, complete with sound effects that add to the atmosphere of war against zombies.

Arguably a free-to-play game, Global Outbreak does not disappoint. There are no annoying advertisements, nor does it require an internet connection at all to be played. But, as has been said before, the time limit that only runs when the game is on is quite annoying. Imagine, there are PC games or consoles like X-COM that can only use Fast Forward every hour, the game will be very disturbed, right? This is also coupled with a variety of microtransactions. For example, purchasing gold bars that can be used to pay for the Fast Forward button, can also be used to speed up waiting times, and so on. The free-to-play method of ShortRound Games is arguably not so friendly to its players.

Broadly speaking, this Global Outbreak is annoying to play because the developers intentionally make the game less fun to play unless you pay dearly for the convenience of the game. But, if you dont mind waiting a few hours each session, then Global Outbreak is a cool and fun combination of X-COM and Zombie Shooter to play.


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