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Guardian Hunter MOD APK: Just made an effort to concentrating on finding effective Guardian Hunter mod that available in the web. This is the most beneficial one so far with numerous changelogs to made.

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About Guardian Hunter

Guardian Hunter Review: SuperBrawl RPG – Becoming a Guardian Hunter with Cute Style. More and more days, free-to-play games are mushrooming in both the Apple App Store and Google Play. Guardian Hunter: The superbrawl RPG that I reviewed this time is a free-to-play game that has a genre that is very loved in Worldwide, especially when opening an RPG.

Unfortunately, Guardian Hunter: Superb RPG RPG has only a few advantages compared to similar games. My interest in reviewing the Guardian Hunter: This SuperBrawl RPG is based on the factor that many of my Facebook friends play this relatively new game.

Using Guardian Hunter mod apk will give most advantages, get unlimited crystals. You can convert them into unlimited gold and unlimited stamina as well.

Guardian Hunter MOD APK Feature

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✓ Unlimited Crystals
✓ No root needed
✓ Install the apps directly on mobile
✓ SSL encryption on application
✓ Easy User Interface

Get Guardian Hunter MOD APK

Latest changelog:
☑ Editing some configs to make conclusion user easier

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

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More Guardian Hunter Overview

In general, Guardian Hunter: Superbrawl RPG is a game that mechanically plays very similar to free-to-play RPGs that have mushroomed in the App Store, such as Dungeon Hunter 5, IRE: Blood Memory, or Darkness Reborn.

Anime-style cute graphics, the first impression that is presented to you is how cute all kinds of characters you meet in the Guardian Hunter: Superbrawl RPG. You will find various forms of characters that are quite similar to anime.

Starting from facial expressions, body shape, to the clothing model used will bring you imagination that you are playing Japanese anime characters. If you are a lover of cute Japanese graphic scratches, I think you will be perfect for the Guardian Hunter: Superbrawl RPG.

Capture All Existing Guardians, A weak point from the Guardian Hunter: Superbrawl RPG is the gameplay that has a tendency to be very mainstream. You have to kill every monster that ambushes you in a dungeon. The dungeon will end when you have defeated the boss.

Aspects that make the Guardian Hunter: RPG Superbrawl slightly away from the mainstream is if you are lucky, then the monster you kill will become your Guardian. Well, the Guardian that has become yours can help you in your next battles.

In addition to helping battle, Guardians can also mix with other Guardians to make them stronger or you can sell to get money. The Guardians also have very diverse types. There are Guardians who have types of animals, humans, fairies, or demons. Calm down, even though some are in the form of demons, still a cute impression still remains in the form of the Guardian.

Do not miss the Guardian that can make other Guardians evolve. If it evolved, not only did the Guardian form become more elegant, but the strength possessed by the Guardian also increased sharply.

Collecting Guardians can be an exciting and boring activity. Each of us must feel unlimited satisfaction if we succeed in collecting valuable things to complete, right? Unfortunately the excitement is tainted with the difficulty of getting a quality Guardian, on average you will only get a low quality Guardian that will only make your inventory slot tight.

Various Gameplay, Playtime Becomes Older, Gameplay modes that you meet are not limited to adventure in dungeons, but like other free-to-play RPGs, you will find Endless Dungeon mode, PvP mode, and Boss Raid mode. Each mode has its own energy, so the time you have to play Guardian Hunter: RPG Superbrawl takes longer.

Even though it is an additional mode, all three modes are required for you to play every day because the prizes provided are very tempting if you routinely play them. Prizes include large amounts of gold (in-game currency), diamond (IAP currency), and high-quality Guardian scrolls.

Sophisticated and Pampering Bot Features, An interesting feature yet again mainstream in free-to-play RPGs is the bot feature. From the start of the dungeon to the end, you can tell the bot to complete the dungeon that you are running. The bot that is owned is quite smart, the bot is able to do evasive movements with very precise timings, analyze which skills should be used, and is very smart to find out the direction of the next road.

Guardian Hunter mod enable crystal to your character. You can get some skins and consumables with ease.

Because of things, I myself tend to use bots more often than playing with my own hands. After all, in terms of results the bot is also more effective and efficient than my hands.

Another advantage of the bot feature provided is that your grinding becomes less tiring and boring. All you need to do when grinding is activating your bot then doing other activities such as reading books, browsing, or doing daily tasks. When the bot has finished completing its task, your smartphone will vibrate and thats where its time for you to assign the bot to do its work back in the next dungeon.

Conclusion, Guardian Hunter: Superbrawl RPG you can get for free both on iOS and on Android. Again offending the IAP, the IAP provided is said to be expensive. Fortunately, as far as I play the Guardian Hunter: Superbrawl RPG, the IAP provided is not too binding because you will get lots of diamonds when you complete a dungeon, complete an achievement, or from an event organized by the Game Master.

Guardian Hunter: Superbrawl RPG presents an exciting experience for you free-to-play mobile RPG lovers. Unfortunately, most of the features provided by most have been encountered in hundreds of similar games that first appeared in the App Store and Google Play.

Even so, I still feel happy playing this game. For you cute Japanese-style graphics lovers and are confused looking for a free-to-play RPG that can accompany your daily free time, dont hesitate to download the Guardian Hunter immediately: Superbrawl RPG.


Guardian Hunter cheats enable unlimited money (crystals). Using crystal mod can spent on some premium weapons and boxes.


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