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Gunspell MOD APK: Personally Im fascinated with AKPublish pty ltd which made Gunspell into in any location. It is gon na be significant MOD APK that may be tried by all players.

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About Gunspell

Usually match-three puzzle games have simple stories, or there isnt even a story like Bejeweled. Some of them pack the game with interesting stories like Homescapes, and some even wrap it up with an RPG system like Puzzle Quest. Well, this AKPublish game called Gunspell is a combination of RPG, Adventure, and epic story where firearms and magic meet and help each other!

It is told of a policeman named John D. who discovered that his little sister had been abducted from his apartment by something. When he looked at the balcony, he met the Kobold who immediately attacked him. After John defeated the Kobold, he continued his investigation in the sisters apartment and found a mysterious address.

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Gunspell MOD APK Feature

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Latest changelog:
☑ General file I/O improvements

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

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More Gunspell Overview

When he visited the address, John also found that his brother was in fact a best firing instructor who had been missing for a week. He was given a weapon and sent to another world filled with unfriendly creatures. Apparently John was recruited into an Order that has a mission to protect the world, and he did so to find his missing sister. John was given a code name “Gunspell” and began his adventure in another world!

Basically, Gunspell is a match-three puzzle game where players have to line three or more symbols on the game screen by sliding it via swiping on the touch screen. Remember that Gunspell is an RPG game, so every time you successfully row three symbols on the screen, players will get benefits, such as adding Mana to be able to use weapons. In addition, by dragging the skull symbol, the player will immediately make an attack that does damage to the enemy.

The game system takes place on a turn-based basis. So once the player finishes shifting the symbol, the turn will move to the opponent. Well, opponents will follow the same system with players, so players will compete with AI to be able to kill each other. Whoever succeeds in eliminating the opponents Life, he wins.

After successfully killing an opponent, the player will get XP and loot that can be worn on Gunspell. There are various types of loot, so players can determine which equipment will be worn for maximum profit. Unfortunately, inventory is very limited, so players are usually forced to sell the loot they get. The way to increase inventory is to buy it using money in the game plus material, or by using premium currency.

Outside of the match-three puzzle battle, Gunspell also has an overworld map. In this overworld map, players can walk to adjacent hexagonal boxes to check their location. Usually a location has a loot to get, an enemy to defeat, or a dungeon to check. To move on the overworld map, players spend a limited amount of stamina, but will return over time.

Gunspell has realistic and dark artwork, according to the theme of the game, which takes settings in another world. But unique to Gunspell is the appearance of a visual novel style when giving a narrative story, or there is a dialogue with other characters. Unfortunately, the visual effects when playing puzzle match-three in this game is not at all interesting.

Like other AKPublish games, Gunspell is also a game that is 100% free. This game does not require an internet connection, and it seems there is no interruption in advertising. But as already mentioned, using the stamina system for movement on the overworld map. If the stamina runs out, the player must wait so long to be able to play again. There are very few microtransactions to buy premium currencies which will definitely speed up the game.

Actually this Gunspell game is quite exciting to play, but unfortunately the need for grinding in order to open various things that are locked in it, actually makes the game become boring. But if you want a game similar to Puzzle Quest, Gunspell may be tried.


Gunspell cheats is the newest one that we have. You can use gold for most purchases in the game, make it easier to John journey finding his sister.


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