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Idle Supermarket Tycoon MOD APK: Setting up a game is fairly terrible, but making a MOD APK is more challenging. Thiss among the latest Idle Supermarket Tycoon MOD APK that we wrote.

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About Idle Supermarket Tycoon

Are you interested in trying to run a theme park? In a unique game made by Codigames called Idle Theme Park Tycoon, you will act as a theme park manager. Start with a small playground and grow the park until it becomes a famous theme park!

In Idle Theme Park Tycoon, the player acts as a theme park manager who has the ability to manage various aspects of the playground. Starting from the arrangement of the parking lot, the entrance to the park, to whatever attractions are established in it, everything is packaged in the form of an idle game that does not need to be clicked quickly like a clicker game.

As stated in the title of the game, Idle Theme Park Tycoon is an “idle” game, in which the player does not need to take care of small details because everything will run automatically. Visitors will park, enter the playground, try various attractions in it, then go home. All of that will make money, both car parks, park entrances, food stands inside, and of course the attractions in the park.

Idle Theme Park Tycoon mod apk boost unlimited Tokens. With Tokens, players can double the bonus as long as the player does not open the application (3x fold).

Idle Supermarket Tycoon MOD APK Feature

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✓ Unlimited Gems
✓ No need to root
✓ Install the apps directly on mobile
✓ SSL Secured Encryption
✓ Easy User Interface

Get Idle Supermarket Tycoon MOD APK

Latest changelog:
☑ Misc bug fixes

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

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More Idle Supermarket Tycoon Overview

The player`s job is to upgrade various facilities in the park with the money he has collected. In addition to upgrading so that income becomes higher, players can also buy new attractions which will certainly make more money.

In addition to upgrading and buying new attractions, players are also tasked with overseeing the food stand in the park because once in a while they will make money that needs to be claimed by touching the cash button on it. But the player does not need to keep watching the playground constantly, because the theme park will still make money even if the game is not being turned on.

If you`ve played the previous Codigames game called Idle Supermarket Tycoon, surely it`s familiar with the artwork and isometric look used in this game. Playground visitors look exactly like the game, which is a cute cute doll without legs and hands, but of course, the appearance of the playground is 100% new assets that look charming. Just like the game, players will also be able to open playgrounds in new locations, ranging from Paradise Island, Wild Island, to Hidden Island.

Looks like Codigames really likes to present free-to-play games like this that must be played online. Just like Idle Supermarket Tycoon, Idle Theme Park Tycoon must also be played online, and if the connection is interrupted, the game will immediately protest. This is added to the loading time at the beginning of the same game for a long time, so it is rather annoying for an idle game that should be quickly accessed. As usual, there are microtransactions for purchasing premium currencies, buying managers, and can watch advertisements to get rewards.

Outside the same problem with Tycoon Idle Supermarket, Idle Theme Park Tycoon can offer a fairly fresh idle game. Many attractions that can be established and enjoyed the animation here such as Shooting Gallery, Ferris Wheel, Roller Coaster, Jungle Ride, Crazy Karts, Wild West, to Vulkano. Are you ready to run the most exciting Theme Park in the world?

Get unlimited money with using Idle Supermarket Tycoon cheats. Players can also get some figures from the Vending Machine. There are 2 types, namely Normal toy-vending machine and Epic Toy-vending machine.

Game Reference

– Google Play:
– Codigames
– Idle Supermarket Tycoon – Tiny Shop Game

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