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King of Thieves MOD APK: I nevertheless cannot feel that King of Thieves is generating talked by many men and women right now. They are saying that playing the game is quite challenging. It become much easier if the MOD APK is discovered for it.

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About King of Thieves

Like our previous discussion, King of Thieves injects PvP elements that are quite thick into a simple auto-platformer game. If you ask what is an auto-platformer? This is a platformer game where your character moves forward automatically and you just need to manipulate the direction of his movements by using the commands provided.

The King of Thieves game for me is a bit like the Thief Lupine 2 that I reviewed last year. The difference is, if in Thief Lupine 2 you are given a different set of commands, King of Thieves only gives you one wall jump control to determine which direction your character is moving. All you need to do here is just tap once to jump, and tap once again on the wall to reflect yourself in the opposite direction.

King of Thieves mod apk provides unlimited gold and unlimited gems. You want to build fast? You got it. Using the hacking fast building process and you can get many benefits as well.

King of Thieves MOD APK Feature

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✓ Unlimited Gold
✓ Unlimited Gems
✓ No root needed
✓ Install the apps directly on mobile
✓ SSL encryption on application
✓ Easy User Interface

Get King of Thieves MOD APK

Latest changelog:
☑ Greatly enhanced mod detection and prevention

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

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More King of Thieves Overview

The King of Thieves game is not far from the profession theme chosen by Zeptolab as the title of this game. Like a thief, your job is to rob the contents of treasure chests at the end of the dungeon to fill your financial cash. The money you earned can be used to buy various upgrades for your headquarters, starting from building better gold-producing mining mines, buying trap upgrades to be more effective, increasing the number of lockpick supplies you carry, and so on.

The existence of headquarters is an important part that gives you a reason to do player raid activities (PvP) in the King of Thieves. Yup, we all have headquarters that other players can break into there. And therefore, you have to set up various types of traps to make it difficult for opponents who try to steal gold / diamond. The more often he dies while trying to get past your artificial hurdles, the smaller the gold coins he gets.

Arranging a trap at your own headquarters is a tiring trial process that is both tiring and exciting to do. How come? Because the trap that you made earlier you have to pass alone twice so that the King of Thieves game feels balanced. You can just thrust the muzzle of the cannon to the entrance or put a lot of homing bees around the treasure chest. But to make sure its fair for other players, you will still be asked to taste your own trap and succeed through it all.

In essence, whatever trap you make, Zeptolab ensures that there are gaps that can be used by players to get past the trap until it is successful. This challenged me to make the best trap and conquer it myself to make sure the opponent had difficulty stealing valuables that I had.

Okay, speaking of the reason why you should rob, Zeptolab provides a league system that makes players feel challenged to be the best thief. For this reason the existence of diamonds was a major factor that made King of Thieves players keen to compete with each other. Each value of the diamond that you have collected will be accumulated into the leaderboard score which places you in six different leagues. In order to increase the value of each diamond, you can combine them into totem statues scattered on the world map.

Recent developments in mobile games have begun to include asynchronous multiplayer features to make you feel the need to compete with thousands of players out there. The success of games such as Clash of Clans that have successfully adopted this kind of system encourages other developers to implement it into different genres of games, as did Zeptolab through its newest game King of Thieves.

This process of combining diamonds is the one most targeted by other players when robbing the contents of your headquarters. Once the player succeeds in stealing with the acquisition of a perfect star, there is a possibility that 50% of the diamonds being combined will be stolen by the opponent. The only way to get your diamond back is to ask your partner for help from the Facebook social media integration or guild / clan that you follow.

Speaking of shortcomings, King of Thieves has a lot of gem implementation in every aspect of the game. Shorten headquarters upgrade times, cut the duration of merging diamonds, buy crafting base materials, and buy more key supplies to break into enemy bases all require varying amounts of gems. The point is the aspect of using a gem makes you never feel enough with the acquisition of gems that you get every level up and this is something that I dont really like in free-to-play games.

Although the use of gems is not a necessity, but later if you want to compete in a bigger league, you cant help but glance at the IAP gem purchase option offered by Zeptolab. The price of the IAP which is priced at Zeptolab is arguably quite expensive for the size of the Worldwide citizens. In order to get 300 gems to fulfill a variety of “instant activities”, you need to spend money which is the most popular option for players of King of Thieves.

In the end, the desire to be the best was at the core of the overall league of thieves in the King of Thieves. This kind of game certainly has a very interesting initial impression then slowly has the potential to drain our wallet in the further section. Overall, I can say Zeptolab has succeeded in making quality games that are very interesting to play.

Apart from my complaints about the many uses of the gem described earlier, King of Thieves is an interesting platformer that is worthy of your time this week. Try to play, who knows you are indeed talented to be a thief.


King of Thieves cheats can get unlimited money (we called it as gold). Instant process is needed if you want to be the best player. You can get craft items with ease.


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