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About Lineage 2 Revolution

Lineage 2 Revolution is an MMORPG genre game with the open world concept that is currently becoming a concern of many gamers. Lineage 2 Revolution is arguably one of the most successful MMORPG games in history for smartphone devices, as evidenced by the explosion of players in countries that have already played it first. My team was then interested in trying this game by using the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 device equipped with the Snapdragon 625 chipset. Curious about how we experienced it when playing it, see more below.

We tried playing on the Garuda server and using elf races with job archers. When you first play it, the user interface in it looks more relaxed and not confusing like similar games. After completing the tutorial, players can try playing by completing quests to get a number of exp.

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Lineage 2 Revolution MOD APK Feature

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Get Lineage 2 Revolution MOD APK

Latest changelog:
☑ Stability and also reliability improvements

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

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More Lineage 2 Revolution Overview

To increase the strength of character called CP, there are various ways that can be done. The first easiest way is to use high-grade equipment that can be obtained by lewar summon equipment that is in the Shop tab. If you have already pre-registered, there is nothing wrong with trying to buy 10 +1 high grade equipment box to test your luck getting SR equipment or stronger.

In addition to the summon method, the second way, you can also combine to get stronger equipment. The trick is to maximize the item level and combine the two exact same items to get a better grade. To maximize the level of items, players can level up and use other equipment or special items as level enhancing materials. The higher the level of the item, the greater the effect, and of course enlarge your CP.

The third way to increase CP character is to increase the level of skills you can do after reaching a certain quest. Skills are of course very important to produce high damage to the enemy besides doing basic attack. Both active skills and passive skills are very important and should not be forgotten. And what is certain is that players must increase their skills according to their jobs and weapons so that there is no regret later because SP to improve skills is not easy to obtain.

In addition to equipment and skills, players can also strengthen the character in a fourth way, which is imprint runes that will open when completing the main quest in a particular chapter. To do an imprint rune, players can use rune fragments that can be obtained when completing the Tower of Insolence.

Dungeon, To further strengthen the character, you can enter one of the challenging features in Lineage 2 Revolution, which is a dungeon consisting of various types:

Daily Dungeon, Every day, daily dungeon will give scroll prizes and upgrade stones of different types. The more difficult the dungeon is faced, the more scrolls and upgrade stones will be obtained.

Tower of Insolence, As explained above, the Tower of Insolence gives fragment runes to do runner imprints. Each level of the tower will be increasingly difficult, but the prizes given are certainly getting bigger.

Elite Dungeon, Inside the elite dungeon, you will be faced with powerful monsters that provide various types of items and exp in greater numbers of monsters in the map. But be careful if you are in this dungeon because the monsters are very strong even though your CP is much bigger than recommended.

Dungeon Equipment, To get a variety of equipment, players can run this dungeon with parties to increase equipment levels more easily.

Actually there are still a number of other dungeons like Extraction Dungeon, Adena Dungeon, and many more, but the WorldGames team until this article was made has not had time to open the main quest until the chapter.

Clan, its not cool of course if you play MMORPGs without the presence of a clan! On Lineage 2 Revolution, players can make clans very easily! Only with 50,000 Adena (* currency in this game) can anyone make a clan. Various benefits when you are in the clan can be enjoyed by players by donating and getting clan coins to be exchanged for various items and exp! My team already has its own clan, you know guys like the picture above! If you are interested in joining, just join and play with me!

After playing Lineage 2 Revolution for approximately 6 hours, we feel this game is really addictive. Starting from the user interface / display, story, up to features are very light and easy to understand even by people who have never played MMORPG games on smartphones at all. If you have tried ARPG / Action RPG games and are fond of the genre, you will immediately fall in love when trying this game.


For those who want to find new friends, or play with your friends, Lineage 2 Revolution is the most appropriate game. You can use Lineage 2 Revolution cheats to get Unlimited Money.


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