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Mobile Royale MOD APK: Well, if youre searcing for Mobile Royale mod, you are going to find it here. This game is developed by IGG, called Strategy.

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About Mobile Royale

Good news for all of you gamers of RTS (Real Time Strategy) games who play on mobile devices. IGG as the leading game developer and publisher in the world released their latest RTS game in Indonesia, Mobile Royale!

In general, Mobile Royale has gameplay that is sure to be familiar when played by gamers who play RTS games. But of course Mobile Royale presents a variety of characteristics and advantages compared to other RTS games wrapped in captivating graphics.

First there is the lore or the story in the game that tells about life in earlier times, where the Demons succeeded in defeating Dragons that protect nature and cause chaos everywhere. Elves, Humans, Beastkin and Dwarves are divided into 8 clans and each builds their own territory but still needs exchanges with one another to make ends meet, until one day there is betrayal and triggers war.

Following lore, gamers will have to develop their own city area so that it requires various resources for development either through trade, or with the strength of the city they have to invade other cities! To improve the city, Mobile Royale provides various features that can be utilized. Here are the various features available to strengthen the city.

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Mobile Royale MOD APK Feature

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Get Mobile Royale MOD APK

Latest changelog:
☑ Update for comply with GDPR

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

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More Mobile Royale Overview

Various heroes are available for use by gamers in invading or searching for resources that are outside the city. These heroes can be upgraded to be stronger to increase the chances of winning when fighting. As told in Lore, dragons are very powerful guardians of nature and cities. Your city will also later have a Guardian Dragon to protect. These dragons have elements that determine the type of attack and can certainly be upgraded.

When fighting with other troops, you can determine the formation that can bring victory to your stronghold. Various formations that use these heroes and troops can be maximized to defeat your opponent, even if your opponent has a hero and an army that is stronger than you! The dungeon feature is also present in Mobile Royale. The existence of this dungeon will certainly make your hero and your city stronger. Various rewards are provided by various dungeons if you are able to complete various challenges in them.

Fighting one on one is less exciting or not challenging? Then you have to follow the name Clan War! This feature is present if you are already joined in one clan with other gamers into one clan. Zoom in and strengthen your Clan to face the Clan War! The vast area and long distance between cities in Mobile Royale to conduct trade becomes a challenge for you to conquer. Therefore available Air Ship features that are able to carry a lot of material to be traded. In addition, to support long distances, you can also build Floatress.

Fighting against one opponent is enough, war between Clans is not enough? There is a Fort War presented at Mobile Royale! Gamers can compete to conquer the center of the territory with your strength and become the ruler of the conquered territory. Of course you will get exclusive benefits if you can become the ruler of the region.

As an RTS game, Mobile Royale also offers a variety of strategy choices to use, whether in war, focus on heroes, dragon development, and even to decide on a coalition so that your goals are achieved that is to be the strongest in Mobile Royale.

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Game Reference

– Google Play:
– Mobile Royale MMORPG – Build a Strategy for Battle

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