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One Finger Death Punch MOD APK: Many players have played this game, I ought to point out that mobirix did positive job to release the game. Along with we released the mod to help make the One Finger Death Punch more enjoyable to have fun.

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About One Finger Death Punch

One Finger Death Punch Will Be Immediately Acting On The Mobile Platform. Personally I always like games with easy controls but with gameplay that is still challenging. The potential aspect of the pleasure that I was looking for, I felt I could get it in the One Finger Death Punch game for mobile that carries fast and charming action in the style of a Kungfu hero.

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One Finger Death Punch MOD APK Feature

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Latest changelog:
☑ Bug fixes as well as optimizations

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

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More One Finger Death Punch Overview

One Finger Death Punch is a game that presents a ridiculous yet exciting hectic battle atmosphere. You will control the character in the form of stick-man who must be as strong as possible to bring out martial arts skills equivalent to Bruce Lee.

You also have to have as much self-defense as Neo, which was attacked by dozens of Agent Smith clones in the film The Matrix Reloaded. One Finger Death Punch will give you control left and right. The control will automatically activate the attack towards the enemy. This simple and easy control mechanism to execute can be an advantage that will appeal to some gamers, including me. But dont be fooled by the simple concept and assume that this game is easy to play.

One Finger Death Punch has a variety of challenges that can overwhelm you. Enemies will appear quickly from left and right with various weapons ready to tear your body. This will be a challenge and you must deal with good execution of controls. Timing and speed of pressing the buttons on the screen will be part of the mechanism that you must master.

For the presentation aspect, I personally really like the graphics of this game. In some parts, the graphics presented remind me of the photo-real nuances of Leo’s Fortune. Minimalist art style on the main characters and enemies, becomes an interesting touch of contrast and gives its own identity in this action game. Released in March 2014, the game made by the developer Silver Dollar Games received quite a warm welcome from fans and critics for providing a pleasant experience with a simple mechanism. There is no detail from the developer regarding the number of levels or modes in the mobile version.

But as an illustration, the Steam version of One Finger Death Punch has as many as 13 world challenges, and more than 250 levels that you can try. The Steam version also provides players with 21 diverse fighting skills. Looking at the number of features offered in this version, I hope iOS and Android users will get fully ported so that they can get the same experience felt by PC and Mac owners. One Finger Death Punch is planned to be released for the mobile platform at the end of 2014. This mobile version will be released first in the Korea region, and internationally not long after.

One Finger Death Punch Review: Action Game with Challenging Rhythm Gameplay. Stickman is a term from the basic form of a human skeleton, its simple form turns out to make developers and publishers use stickman as the main actor in their game. Just name a few famous games with stickman characters like Stickman Golf, Stickman Soccer, and Stickman Trails. And one publisher was interested in launching a game with its stickman character on Android recently. The publisher is Mobirix, last week they launched the One Finger Death Punch game, the action game with gameplay rhythm style in this game, will take you to the martial world where your characters are the strongest people who want to be defeated by evil forces who want to rule the martial world that is.

To attack your opponent in the One Finger Death Punch game, you cant just press the button or left the guys. Here you are required to master the tempo of the game in this game, the main character in the One Finger Death Punch game has attack range guys.

If you press the button before the enemy is within range, there is our main character to be beaten by the opponent. The white character is your hero bro while the red and gray are your enemies, the bar that shows red and the fist icon inside is a sign that the enemy is within range of attack. There are only 2 buttons that later use to play the One Finger Death Punch game, the right and left buttons.

This button is useful for attacking enemies on your right or left side. When the game has started, you have to look carefully at the enemy next to which one is in your attack range, and be careful guys, if you are too fast or too pressing the button, your character can die with only two attacks. The One Finger Death Punch game, has many modes bro. There is a mob mode where you will finish off a certain number of opponents in order to continue to the next stage.

There is also a Survival mode, here you have to kill as many opponents as possible to make your own record. Not only that, the One Finger Death Punch game also has LightSword Round, Speed round, and Retro Film round modes. The third round has its own peculiarities guys.

On Lightsword round, you will use a laser sword, like in a Star Wars movie to finish off your opponents, speed round will test your speed in killing your opponents with a specified time, and in Retro Film round you will fight with a black and white background like a movie old school but the effect of the movement from the hero is still still bright even though it is only black and white. Not all opponents you face in the One Finger Death Punch game are the same as guys.

There are things you have to do at 2x just dead, there are those in the opposite direction that can only be sprawled, and the most difficult ones that you have to get rid of by seeing the combination that appears on your smartphone screen as shown above. You have to be careful, guys, when fighting characters with colors that have a special color, because only with 2x attacks you can immediately die guys. Always watch the bar in the middle and see the direction of the opponents arrival, so that your main character can remain standing until the end of the stage.

One of the things I like about the One Finger Death Punch game is the movement of characters that are very smooth, so you can see for yourself the cool moves taken from your main character. Even though its a simple character, the One Finger Death Punch game is supported by slick visual effects that further support the kung-fu animated movements in it.


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