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Pudding Monsters MOD APK: As grouped on Puzzle, I actually really like to play this game. You are able to make an effort its MOD APK also.

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About Pudding Monsters

Review Pudding Monster – Second Game Developer of Cut The Rope. After the success of the Cut The Rope game, Zeptolab re-issued a puzzle game which also had an interesting concept named the Monster Pudding. Lets find out whether this one game is able to continue the big name Cut The Rope which is considered a success.

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Pudding Monsters MOD APK Feature

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More Pudding Monsters Overview

The way to play is that you will be provided with a box-shaped arena with several pudding. Your goal is to combine pudding which is spread into a giant pudding. You can do this by swiping the pudding vertically or horizontally and the pudding will immediately advance in that direction until you meet the other pudding and join into a bigger pudding.

But you also have to be careful because if there are no objects blocking the pudding will continue to advance until the tip and fall. If that happens, you will be game over. The location of the barrier objects will also be spread so you have to be smart to use it to combine the pudding. A level will end if you have successfully combined all the pudding.

Another challenge in this game besides unifying pudding without making the pudding fall is the type of pudding that is different. Regular pudding can move vertically and horizontally, while blue pudding is a pudding that is sleeping so it must be picked up by ordinary pudding. There is also a purple pudding that will move together when you move just one pudding. This adds to the variation of the puzzle so that it is more fun to play, besides that there will also be new obstacles as you play.

Monster Pudding | 2D Screenshot Each level will have 3 floor plots that have an asterisk and if you successfully complete the game with pudding above each asterisk you will get 3 stars at the end of the game. This star is needed to unlock the next world, this forces the player to repeat the game again and finish with a higher number of stars.

But precisely herein lies the beauty of this game, you can complete a level very quickly without a star but what really makes you curious is finding a way to finish with full stars. Supported by a fairly good level of design, Monster Pudding can be solved not too difficult and also not too easy to get a perfect star.

Graphically the Pudding Monster has good 3D quality but honestly nothing really special. I still prefer the style of Cut The Rope which is simpler but more pleasing to the eye. Oh yes if you are stuck with a level (which I doubt) you can use help that will make the level complete (but does not show the solution) and you are only given one time use, the rest can be purchased through IAP.

Overall the game itself is quite fun but too short and not as attractive as Graphic Cut The Rope. The developer promised to increase the number of levels in the future, but Im not sure whether this game is still on my iPhone when that happens. Owners of Android gadgets can download this game for free (with ads that are less “polite”, full screen and sometimes download video ads) while the iOS version has no version of the video.


If you find it difficult to open the next level, then thats where Pudding Monsters cheats will work for you. If you have Unlimited Coins then you can use it to unlock levels so the game will be more challenging.


– Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zeptolab.monsters.free.google
– ZeptoLab
– Pudding Monsters
– Reference of related games
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