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Rebel Inc MOD APK: This particular Sunday, we will release Rebel Inc mod for Android and also iOS. This Simulation game utilized with the private tool that we cant explain to.

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About Rebel Inc

If Plague Inc. known as a game about spreading deadly viruses in the world, Rebel Inc. is a new game from the same developer, but offers players the chance to try to become a leader in a country that is in the face of a rebellion. The task of the player as a leader is to get the support of the people and stamp out the rebellion completely.

Same as Plague Inc., Rebel Inc. also uses menu-based controls to play the game. Players will be given a map of the location of their power, and on the map they can see the whereabouts of the headquarters, the position of the rebels, and the status of support from the people. Players are given three menus to complete the game.

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Rebel Inc MOD APK Feature

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Latest changelog:
☑ Fixing the app and also game bridge

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

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More Rebel Inc Overview

In the Civilian menu, players can conduct research and act on matters relating to the civilian population. Starting from the procurement of important facilities such as sanitation, water, medicine, hospitals, food procurement, infrastructure, and so on. All this was done in order to get support and win the hearts of the population.

As the name implies, the Government menu is a menu about all matters in the government section. Players can conduct anti-corruption research, recruit police to improve security, promote assistance in rural areas, appoint representatives, elevate justice, administer Public Relations, and so on.

For those who are fond of war, this military menu is probably their favorite menu. Here players can train state soldiers, can also call troops from outside, build garrisons, ask troops to help the people, send drones, to call air strikes.

To be able to use the three menus above, players need money. This money will be automatically given every month, depending on the country`s income.

In addition to taking care of the government, players must also send troops to deal with the rebels who always want to seize the territory of the country. Players must have military forces first, then can send them to fight against the rebels. The more troops around the location of the war, the more rebels will be forced to finally retreat to the next area.

This game runs in real-time, and every few moments, players will see an event indicator in one of their areas. Touch the indicator of this event and the game will explain a situation, then then give some action choices that can be done by the player. Remember, every action has its own consequences, so be careful before taking action.

The game will end if the player succeeds in eradicating all the rebels and stabilizing all his possessions. Conversely, if the rebels succeed in seizing all the player`s territory or reaching zero support for the government, then the player will experience a game over. Can you be a good government and defeat the rebels?

Rebel Games Inc. indeed it is not a game that requires a cool 3D display, therefore, the game display in the form of 2D maps viewed from above is very suitable to represent a tactical table in a government meeting room. The troops are represented by an icon and points running on the map, just like a strategic map shown to a leader. Every now and then, players can see the representation of a scene so that overall, the appearance of this game is quite minimalist and interesting.

Same as Plague Inc., Rebel Inc. also presented by Ndemic Creations for free and uses an advertising system. Of course, by turning off the Internet, the ad will not come out, because the game itself does not need an internet connection to play. If players are willing to pay a premium, they will get access to the Statistics feature in the game to see the game`s progress and the Fast Forward feature to speed up the game.

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Game Reference

– Google Play:
– Ndemic Creations
– Rebel Inc.

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