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About Rival Stars Basketball

Rival Stars Basketball – Card Battle Shows Free To Play Healthy And Attractive. The mechanism of the game and the control of basketball-themed games must have become commonplace for you gamers who are happy with the genre of sports. Even for gamers who rarely touch the genre of sports, I think at least you have experienced playing games that rely on teamwork and accuracy in executing the ball. Bringing the nuances of a thick sport, the famous PikPok developer with the Flick Kick sports series, this time presenting sports with an interesting card battle.

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More Rival Stars Basketball Overview

Rival Stars Basketball will give you a slightly different sensation than the mechanism you normally encounter in similar genre games. At first I was a little fooled by this one game, because I thought this game was a basketball game that applied the usual concept. But apparently Basketball Rival Stars presents you with a card battle mechanism where you have to focus on the points available on the character card. The power you have, is presented with attack points and defense points shown in the image.

Each session of battle that you pass will give you points like you are scoring on a basketball hoop. It feels boring if you have to play with numbers without any sporting feel inside. Dont worry, besides presenting a battle card that deals with numbers, you will also be given a basketball game with a concept like a mini game. I call it a mini game because there really arent complicated controls that you have to do. You just simply enjoy the animated treats of basketball games with light controls that you have to execute at the right time. In this mini game there are several game scenarios you have to do. You will be faced with a condition of attacking the opponents area, where you have to swipe to pass the ball to a teammate.

You can achieve victory when you successfully shoot the ball into your opponents basketball hoop. If you have ever played the Flick Kick series, surely you will soon realize that a control mechanism like this is characteristic of PikPok developers in most of their games. Defending position is also part of the game that you will meet. In that position you will be faced with an enemy attack that will tear your basketball hoop. You just have to swipe with the right time so that the ball can move to your teammates hand and give you a chance to change things. Rival Stars Basketball presents a variety of features relating to upgrading attack and defense skills from each player card you have.

One interesting feature is the level up feature that functions to combine two player strengths in one team, to provide additional strength for one of the other players you have chosen. In addition you are also treated to evolve features that allow you to increase player skill points by using a power card pack. You can get card packs through IAP, or rewards in every game progress. The winning session that you have will have fruit experience points that can bring the card level closer to a higher level. Each game against one team will consume 5 energies. The in-game energy system will not interfere with the progress of the game. You will be rewarded with energy at certain winning sessions or through a timer that you must pass. The energy capacity that you have will increase with increasing fame or level-up. So, seeing from the mechanism it seems there will be no pay-wall that can stop the game running.

The level of the game is quite a lot. One stage zone will give you four levels that you have to play. Each time you complete one stage you will be provided with in-game points in the form of gold that you can spend to buy a power card pack or evolve skills in the menu shop. This game also has multiplayer features that you can play and will award friend points. As a free-to-play game that carries a card battle. Rival Stars Basketball certainly relies on point warfare, as well as gambling on the right decision in the process of selecting the cards we will play.

Rival Stars Basketball presents a dish that is relatively the same and does not provide new innovations. But for me, who is not a card battle game fan, this game can give me a pleasant playing experience because of the good user interface, simple mechanism, and cool animation offerings in short mini-game sessions. The friendly IAP system is also a good value for this game. You dont have to worry about being stopped at one point of the game or having to reach a virtual pocket to continue the game. Well with freedom from the confines of an IAP-based game that is sometimes frustrating, Rival Stars Basketball comes with a face that is full of compromises.


But you also dont have to worry about running out of energy when using Rival Stars Basketball cheats. Why? Of course because you can use Unlimited Gold benefits to buy the amount of energy you need.


– Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pikpok.bbl.play
– Rival Stars Basketball
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