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About Rivals at War 2084

If you only see from the screenshot, then maybe you wouldnt think that this is a Card Battle game. I was also a little cheated until I downloaded and played it myself. For information Rival At War 2084 is a continuation of the game Rival at War (no frills 2084) which really has an action genre.

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Rivals at War 2084 MOD APK Feature

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Latest changelog:
☑ Fix a number of updates on devicex

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
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More Rivals at War 2084 Overview

You will act as the commander of the space war in 2084 whose job is to form an army and tactics used to fight against the enemy. The war you will face is not large because the number of troops you have to choose in one battle is only 6 troops, symbolized by cards. Each force has various attributes of accuracy, damage, defense, speed, and health so you have to rack your brain to get a balanced composition in your team. In addition, each army can be given equipment such as armor, weapons, or skill cards.

Like the troops, the tactics that you will use in this game are also symbolized in the form of cards. The difference is, the tactics that you use are disposable aliases if they have been used in a battle then the tactic card will disappear. Strategies that you are very much in number such as tactics to survive effectively, playing leaning to the headshot, or tactics to increase inventory of ammunition.

Tactic cards are optional so if your tactic cards are used up, you can play without using tactics. The way to refill the cards here is exactly the same as similar battle card games, namely by buying a card pack whose contents are random.

The thing that can make you rack your brain and be encouraged to get even more cards is a feature in this game where if the 6 troops you choose are from the same planet or consist of troops that each have different jobs then you will get a bonus team status is very useful because it can make it easier for you to win battles.

The battle system in this game is a bit overwhelming, because you cant fight the CPU at all. Yes, you must be online to play this game and your only opponent is another player! The system used is a matchmaking system so you cannot choose who your opponent is ready from or where your opponent is coming from, everything is determined in such a way by the game system so you can only accept fate.

Rivals at War 2084 generator help your game progress a lot. You can improve your characters equipment and beat those enemies.

Luckily the matchmaking system is divided according to your team level. For example if your team is still at an early level then you will only be matched to players who are both at the initial level. The matchmaking system itself will develop, if your team level is sufficient, your team will be included in a 10-team league where you have to look for winning points to be at the top of the standings compared to 9 other players.

The quest system is also applied here but tends to seem standard because it only revolves around winning a battle once’, playing 5 times’, being in the top 3 of the standings’, etc. Winning or losing still gives you an exp bonus, money or card bonus, but of course if you win the bonus you get more than if you accept defeat.

For beginners of the card battle game, this game is quite complicated because of the many things that must be learned. It takes patience and flying hours which is a bit long to get used to and understand this game. In addition, the tutorial in this game, in my opinion, is not newbie friendly, but for those of you who have often played card battle games, it doesnt seem to matter.

Your battle against other players can be watched in 3D or you can skip right away so that the results are immediately found out who wins or who loses. If you intend to watch it, the display that you will encounter is more or less like when you became a spectator in the Counter Strike game, but the difference that you watch is the team that you set yourself complete with tactics.

What you need to note is that you cannot control your troops at all because this is a card battle. The movements of the troops are good but for some reason I cannot enjoy watching the battles of the AIs because they tend to waste time, so I prefer to go directly to the results the battle.

Detailed objects in this game are not too optimal. You will find plain 3D images that dont make you chuckle. Its just that the portrayal of space in this game is quite good because the impression of space war can be implied without any clumsiness.

Game Rivals at War: 2084 gives a different color to the card battle game genre. Through its full 3D war display and its league matchmaking system, this game is able to display new colors in the world of card battle games that tend to be just like that. Lack of this game is just a tutorial that is hard to catch for gamers who rarely play card battle games.


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