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About Rodeo Stampede

The full name of this game is Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari. This game is unique, because it is a combination of running game and simulation. In the following Rodeo Stampede review, we will discuss what makes running this game popular, unique, and intriguing.

It has become my habit to play two types of games on mobile phones. One is usually a game that has a slow rhythm, like a strategy game. The others are usually games with a fast rhythm, like running games. Rodeo Stampede happens to be in the second category. So I thought it would be interesting to do a Rodeo Stampede review.

You can get unlimited coins by using Rodeo Stampede mod apk. You can increase your zoo facilities and upgrade them to attract more visitors.

Rodeo Stampede MOD APK Feature

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Latest changelog:
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More Rodeo Stampede Overview

In this game, you manage a zoo. Your job is to increase the attractiveness of the zoo so as to increase income. This attraction is obtained from existing animal collections. You have to collect these animals by catching them in the wild.

Collecting animals becomes the action side of this game in the form of running games. Different from this other type of game, we dont run on Rodeo Stampede. But jumping from one animals back to another animal. As far as possible, while finding new animals to be tamed.

Because this is wild, animals that run around dont like to be ridden. So, there is a different time limit for each animal when mounted, until the animal starts to rebel, or even throw us. This is where we have to quickly jump onto the backs of other animals using a lasso rope. But please remember, the more often we jump, the diameter of the lasso circle will be smaller and more difficult to land in the right position.

When you meet a new animal (it says NEW on it), jump there as much as possible. We have to survive for a while until the animal can enter the zoo collection. There are indicators that show that. Usually there are several variations in one type of animal. The more collection of variations, the more easily controlled animals.

The addition of new animal collections will increase ticket prices, which will ultimately increase zoo revenues. The money obtained from the entrance ticket can be used to upgrade the cage. Each cage gets an upgrade, there will be a new ability bonus when riding the animal in the wild.

Rodeo Stampede also has many missions. Good when in the wild or for a zoo. Usually, after completing a mission in the wild, a new animal will appear. Meanwhile, if you have completed a mission at the zoo, there will be a new area open for exploration, which means there will be new animals that can be captured.

This game has a control base with touch. All animals will run automatically, and all we do at the beginning is to press the screen. Swipe right or left to control the direction of the animal run we are riding.

To jump to other animals, lift our fingers. Then when the lasso circle is on another animal and the animal is on, press the cellphone screen again. We will land on the back of the next animal.

Adjust the level of movement sensitivity in the game to your liking. Because if not, it will be quite difficult to control movement. Especially when having to maneuver, and the fingers are already in the corner of the screen alias stuck.

In my opinion, the control of the Rodeo Stampede game is quite interesting because it is not just swipe and tap like other running games. Well, enough to give a challenge too.

This game was made by Featherweight Games, and was released under the Yodo1 Games banner. Maybe you already know the last name mentioned. Yodo1 Games is the distributor who released the famous Crossy Road.

Maybe it has become a special feature of Yodo1 Games to release a game with a checkered character design. Rodeo Stampede also has a look like that. Like Crossy Road, the characters in this game are funny and adorable.

As for appearance, so far I have no complaints. Looks interesting, buttons are easy to touch, what else? Maybe not special, but also not bad.

Well, here, I have a little note. In general, this game is quite smoothly played on the cellphone that I use (Moto E3 Power). This game also seems (as far as I observe) not too draining the battery.

Its just that, after a few days of playing, there have been a few obstacles. Fortunately not a big obstacle. Usually this obstacle occurs when opening the game, also when starting to play in the running game.

What I experienced, when opening the game for the first time and entering the zoo, the game will pause, then repeat to the home screen to re-enter. Then when it starts playing to catch animals, the game stops a few times (like freeze), but then returns to normal.

Apart from that I did not experience other obstacles. I do not know whether this is related to the ability of mobile phones (I have closed all applications), or there is indeed a glitch in this game (it might be OK if there is a game update).

Rodeo Stampede reviews in various game exchanges may be thumbs up. Got a rating of 4.5 / 5 on Google Play and 4.7 / 5 on the Apple App Store. This game can be obtained free of charge. Although there are advertisements in it, well … it can be called useless. The funny thing is, one of the easiest ways to get money is to play existing advertisements.

In closing our review of Rodeo Stampede, I think that this game is cool to play. Especially because of the challenges of the mission and finding new animals are indeed intriguing. Once you are curious, Rodeo Stampede is hard to put. Worth a try.


Using Rodeo Stampede cheats enable you to get unlimited money (coins). You can use these coins in many ways, let you zoo bigger than before.


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