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About Run Sackboy Run

Preview Run Sackboy Run – Sweet Endless Runner from PlayStation Mobile Inc. Since Risky reported it in the last article, I waited with enthusiasm for the presence of this game to act on the small screen of my iDevice. Until finally Sony XDev the developer released Run Sackboy Run in the soft launch stage for me, I was full of joy. In the first minute I played with Sackboy, I was immediately amazed and a little in my own euphoria. Because this is an amazing experience, seeing popular characters from Little Big Planet jump from the PlayStation platform then run on my iOS device.

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Run Sackboy Run MOD APK Feature

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✓ Unlimited Bubbles
✓ No root needed
✓ Install the apps directly on mobile
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Get Run Sackboy Run MOD APK

Latest changelog:
☑ Regular update for general performance improvements

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

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More Run Sackboy Run Overview

Well, even though it doesnt meet expectations and is a bit strange, because the Sackboy turns out to be present with the concept of auto runner, its not an adventure platformer like I expected. But at least this game can be one of Sonys first steps to enter the realm of iOS and Android with a more “serious” portion. Run Sackboy Run , is an auto-runner game that has the same mechanism as most other game runners. At the beginning of the main menu you will be reunited with Sackboy and the feel of the truly original Little Big Planet. Its natural because mobile game developers are the same team developing Little Big Planet 3 for the PS3 and PS4 platforms. The cheerful face of Sackboy in the main menu will instantly change when you tap on the screen to play.

Sackboy will run to avoid the negativity of Negativron, a strange creature in the form of a vacuum cleaner that seems to hate everything related to creativity and he sucks in all the beauty of art including your character, Sackboy. You have to run through each existing lane and have to react quickly to any changes in the platform in front. Tap to jump and tap and hold to get a higher jump. The platforms and paths in this game are very diverse, you can freely choose which path you will pass. Every path that is passed has its own consequences that we cannot guess before. There is a path that at first looks very safe, but in the middle of the journey it turns out the obstacles you have to face are very difficult.

In that situation one thing that can help you is the orb-shaped protective shield mechanism that covers the entire body of Sackboy. You can activate these shields by tapping the lower left corner. You can use a protective shield repeatedly because the power can be filled automatically as the game progresses. There are also other power-ups to help you, such as magnets, jetpacks, and gliders that you can get in certain areas. The main goal of Run Sackboy Run which brings the genre of endless runners of course is to survive all obstacles to reach the distance as far as possible. But as the game progresses, you will be faced with various items that you must collect. One important item that you must take as an in-game currency is bubbles. You can spend bubbles to buy a variety of costumes, to buy boost before starting the game, or to upgrade power-ups.

Bubbles in the Run Sackboy version of Little Big Planet Run , spread with the position on the bottom platform or top platform. Timing right when jumping also press and tap control execution can help deliver the Sackboy to more effectively reach items in the top position. You can also dash by swiping to the right. Dash is useful to speed up the pace of Sackboy, and help Sackboy when trapped on a track where there is a half-solid pink liquid that at first glance looks like gum. When Sackboys pace is hampered, Negavitiron will get closer to suck Sackboy. So using a dash that will quickly return you to a safe position is protected from the evil one who is ready to suck you up.

Throughout your escape from the deadly Negativitron deadly straws, you will also be met with various kinds of enemies that can make you die when you hit him. The way you eradicate them is by making a special leap in the style of Mario. Also be careful with the surrounding environment, many deadly elements that can stop Sackboys pace such as thorns or lanes which are electrified. The farther you run, of course, the faster the Sackboy runs, the quick tap is needed so you can avoid death. If death finally stops the game, you can continue your actions by using life power-ups which at the beginning of the game will be given as a free reward.

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But as predictably, in the middle of the game and when your mileage is far enough, you will be treated to an IAP life that you can choose to continue the action of the Sackboy. The mission mechanism, boost and power-up in Run Sackboy Run will remind you of the same mechanism applied in the Jetpack Joyride game. To level up you must pass the list of missions contained in the game. Every mission that you succeed will produce rewards in the form of points that are useful for increasing leveling progress. You can reach each level by collecting 5 points. If you are reluctant or have difficulty playing one of the missions, you can skip the mission by spending 1000 bubbles. If you are already interested enough and fixated to play Run Sackboy Run , then various costumes that you can buy with bubbles, collections of stickers that can be collected, skills that you can upgrade, as well as various kinds of missions that you have to complete will be a good value replay. So that this game cant just get out of hand.

The sweet Sackboy brings along the planet and all its contents with very beautiful graphics. It feels like youre chatting in the world of Little Big Planet of the same quality as that of a PlayStation handheld aka PS Vita. Every location available in the game, Gardens, Avalonia and Canyon is made with charming artistic wrapping. You will be spoiled with good quality graphic production. In Sackboy Run Run You can keep running without having to worry about running out of energy because there is no energy system or timer in this game. For business IAP you will not be met with a annoying pay-wall. You can shop on the shop menu using in-game currency, bubbles to buy various costumes or upgrade power-ups. The original currency IAP only applies if you are interested in buying a number of lives, or want to increase the number of bubbles you have. So with that friendly IAP you dont have to worry about playing this game regularly.


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