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About Seven Knights

Right on Thursday, the game from Netmarbel was officially released Global. Seven Knights is an RPG game from Netmarble which was previously released in South Korea first. This game is one of Netmarbles most successful RPG games. Proven after its first release in South Korea, Seven Knights managed to occupy the top 5 rankings of the Google Playstore and top the list for 48 consecutive weeks.

Seven Knights mod apk will help you by giving Unlimited Ruby and Unlimited Topaz features. Of course with topaz then you can buy the best items in the store such as Seven Knight Pet Selector and Lords Pet Selector so that your character becomes unique.

Seven Knights MOD APK Feature

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✓ Unlimited Ruby
✓ Unlimited Topaz
✓ No root needed
✓ Install the apps directly on mobile
✓ SSL encryption on application
✓ Easy User Interface

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Latest changelog:
☑ Optimize the mod hack for some devices

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

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More Seven Knights Overview

One that makes this game boom in addition to gameplay and graphics is the deep storyline. Seven Knights tells the seven main knight characters who rule the territory in Asgar, equipped with various dungeons and their unique story settings, respectively. The story that is presented is full of fairy tales about competition between rivals, betrayal, and ambition – good and bad.

This Seven Knights game is almost the same as RPG turn base games. Examples such as Dragon Blaze and Brave Frontier. But this game has its own advantages in terms of its animation which is filled with cool effects from the actions of the characters, dynamic turn bases and does not tend to be rigid, and very interesting stories. Of course with this capital game made by Netmarble will become one of the favorite games for mobile gamers in Worldwide.

In this game you will play Evan. Evan is the incarnation of the goddess of peace. Asgar who is currently in chaos needs a savior. The 7 knights in this world are in conflict with each other and you will be the unifier of Asgar here. Here Evan is not alone, you will play with 4 other characters to help Evan adventure in Asgar. But at the beginning of the game you will be accompanied by Karin who acts as support. Some other hero characters you can find when you are adventuring in this game. Oh yes, in this game there are 5 classes namely Mage, Support, Sniper, Tanker, and All Round. You can unite these five classes in the party and create a powerful attack strategy. And you can also blow up the 7 knight characters in this game and how to get it is not easy because you can only get these characters randomly.

The characters in the Seven Knights game are divided into 2, first the hero and material characters. You can use this hero to join the party and fight with Evan. There are pulan material that is useful for power up or upgrade heroes. The hero character itself has 2 diverse special skills. The skills of each character are different and the effect depends on the hero class. What I like about this game is the effect of super cool skills. And if you are working on assignments or are busy but still want to play this game, you can set auto skills so that your characters can continue to act even though you dont play. AI in this game is also smart enough so they know when to issue skills and when to attack normally.

This game consists of 7 worlds and in each world there are 10 stages so the total stage of this game is 70. And there are several stages that contain bosses or hero characters that you can get if you defeat them. I myself am quite distracted when I have to increase the level of this new hero, because each new hero only has level 1 and that means if we want this character to play in the party and proceed to a more difficult stage we must level at the previous stages so that this character is able last.

Another way to strengthen your hero besides leveling is with power ups. This power up is useful for increasing your hero stats. And to do power ups, you need material and enough money. If you successfully increase the character to +5 and the level of your character reaches level 30, you can upgrade rank. The higher the rank of your character, the ability will be more terrible and deadly. Not only can you upgrade heroes, you can also upgrade items so that each of your characters is increasingly invincible.

This famous publisher output game has three interesting modes that can be played. Celestial Tower mode for single player, Battle Arena for fighting against other players, and Castle Rush where players can make guilds and compete to be the most superior. This feature will appear gradually according to the level of your account (not the hero character level).

Of course, in playing this game requires a long time and intention to be able to get characters and strong items. For leveling characters in this game is not too difficult. You can enter these new characters into the party and start leveling in world 1, stage 5-10 you repeat to reach level 20. Overall, this game is super addictive. I cant stop playing this game until my friend reminds me that the time is 4 pm.


If you want to have unlimited keys and gold, then use Seven Knights cheats because you can have Unlimited Ruby. Make your character the coolest and show it to other players in the guild that you follow.


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– Netmarble
– Seven Knights
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