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About Shop Titans

Welcome to the city, expert creators and craftsmen. In this city, the heroes who fight against scary monsters in the dungeon need your help. Establish a shop, create armor, swords, and adequate equipment so that the heroes can defend the city. Assisted by tailors, priests, artisans, and other people, the shop business for your heroes will prosper. That is the story that was delivered by Kabam Games in their unique game, Shop Titans.

Shop Titans is a shop management game, in which the player acts as a shop owner who has the power to determine the production of goods and the store`s stock. Fill the needs of the heroes and shoppers who come, and expand the store until it becomes a cool big shop.

Uniquely, the store owner is an avatar of players that can be customized according to taste. Players can choose the sex of the avatar, body size, then skin color, hairstyle, hair color, eye color, to the color of clothing. The avatar will attend to keep the player`s shop according to the customization that has been determined by the player himself.

As a store manager, players can determine what items will be produced in it. Does the player want to focus on creating armor and weapons for the warriors? Or want to produce robes for magicians? It`s up to the player`s taste. Even the layout of the furniture and storefronts can be arranged at will. Note, Shop Titans run in real-time, so the production of goods is not instant and there is waiting time.

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Shop Titans MOD APK Feature

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✓ Unlimited Gems
✓ No need to root
✓ Install the apps directly on mobile
✓ SSL Secured Encryption
✓ Easy User Interface

Get Shop Titans MOD APK

Latest changelog:
☑ Update written text editing as well as course-plotting gestures

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

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More Shop Titans Overview

Usually the visitors will look at items sold by players and then take one and bring it to the cashier. Players can simply touch their icon and touch the “Sell” button to sell the item and get money. But once in a while, there are people who come asking for specific items, like four pieces of armor at once. Well, it depends on whether the player wants to fulfill their request or send him away if the request cannot be fulfilled.

By recruiting several heroes, players can send them to carry out a quest to a place, usually a dungeon. In this dungeon the heroes will fight the monsters automatically. Of course, going on this quest is also not instant, and players must wait for some time until they return and get a loot. After carrying out the quest, the heroes will be exhausted and they must rest for some time before they can go on the quest again.

Shop Titans look beautiful in 3D graphics. Each character in this game is represented by a 3D model that despite looking chibi with a rather large head, so it looks cute and charming. The shop owned by the player can also be decorated at will, even enlarged to become a magnificent store. The fun, players can play this game both vertically and horizontally.

Shop Titans are presented free-to-play by Kabam Games, but the game cannot be played offline at all. Players must play this game with an internet connection, either using WiFi or mobile data. This is because the game features are rather online, such as the ability to play with friends so they can support one another in making the city prosper. Of course, microtransactions are available in the in-game shop for purchases of various things, including premium currency Gems, various coins, and so on.

Shop Titans is a game that requires dedication. Players must focus on playing this game such as serving buyers, determining what items will be produced, and watching the heroes sent to the dungeon to fight against monsters. But in general, this game is reminiscent of a cute game on a PC called Recettear which is both a cute game to be a store manager for heroes. If you`ve ever played the game or liked the store simulation theme of an RPG game, Shop Titans is a must try. Capitalism Ho!

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Game Reference

– Google Play:
– Kabam
– Shop Titans: Epic Idle Crafter, Build & Trade RPG

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