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About Super Mario Run

Nintendo immediately step on the gas with Super Mario Run. They collaborated with Apple directly when promoting this game, preparing special advertisements that aired throughout the world, as well as assigning Shigeru Miyamoto to appear on various occasions to talk about Super Mario Run. With the hype built so high, Super Mario Run does not disappoint the fans who have been waiting for it.

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Super Mario Run MOD APK Feature

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More Super Mario Run Overview

As part of the legendary Super Mario platformer series, Super Mario Run does not have much difference in terms of the story. You still play Mario, the plumber from Mushroom Kingdom, who is on an adventure to save Princess Peach from Bowsers hands.

Although the story and gameplay core of Super Mario Run feels similar to other Super Mario iterations, but Nintendo is really serious about overhauling the mechanism in the game to be suitable to be played on mobile devices. The reshuffle that combines the platformer and runner genres in Super Mario Run still feels familiar with the Super Mario series that has been known by its fans.

You only need to tap on the device screen so that Mario jumps. The plumber will run automatically to the right until the time limit runs out or you successfully reach the finish area in each level.

The simplicity of this control scheme feels very fitting with a mobile platform that relies on input from the touch screen. Nintendo even promotes Super Mario Run as a game that only requires one hand to play it fully, and the claims they mention are true.

Interestingly, the type of movements that Mario can do from a single input varies greatly according to the conditions you live. Mario can roll on the ground, do somersaults, hang from the ceiling, until he spins in the air. Each movement has unique characteristics that you need to understand and master to get the most out of each level.

Mario also has a new move that has never appeared in the Super Mario series before, namely rolling over a number of types of enemies. This move might initially be quite confusing to old Super Mario players. But once he mastered the mechanism, this movement actually made Super Mario Run feel fresh and exciting.

Although the gameplay in all Super Mario series is superficially seen as an ordinary platformer, the level of difficulty presented by Nintendo cannot be underestimated. Not infrequently the players frustrated due to dealing with the design level or type of enemy that requires high dexterity and patience.

Something similar is also found in Super Mario Run, but in a more tolerant level. You are still given a number of opportunities to continue the game if you fall into a cliff or collide with an enemy so you dont have to repeat the level right from the start.

This difficulty level adjustment makes it easy for casual gamers who have no previous experience playing Super Mario series. The veteran players also continue to get quite difficult challenges when pursuing maximum points.

Single player mode in Super Mario Run actually has a much shorter duration than other Super Mario iterations. The mode titled World Tour only consists of 24 levels that you can complete in about two hours.

The real challenge of the single player mode is not to reach the finish line as quickly as possible, but to collect pink coins scattered in each level. Nintendo places five pink coins in challenging points along the level, so that jumping too late or too fast sometimes makes you have to repeat the level from the beginning to get it all.

If you successfully take all the pink coins in each level, you have the opportunity to repeat the level again to collect purple and black coins. The two new coin colors are placed at increasingly difficult points, so it is suitable for those of you who are hungry for challenges.

This gameplay design has the potential to make the duration of the single player even longer by up to three times. By collecting all these special coins, you can also collect special tickets to be used to access the Toad Rally mode in the game.

Not only single player mode, Super Mario Run is also equipped with a multiplayer mode called Toad Rally. You can compete with the achievements of other players from all over the world in the collection of coins as much as possible.

The opponent is represented by a shadow that goes with you in each game session. Although the competition does not take place in real time, the presence of the opponents shadow can also fuel the competitive spirit while you are playing.

The winner of the competition is rewarded with coins and a group of Toad who will live in your kingdom. The more crowded the Toad and the coins you have, the more objects and rewards that you can access to customize the kingdom in Kingdom Builder mode.

Although most of the rewards available are only cosmetic, some can give you access to mini games and additional characters. There are five other characters that you can play besides Mario, including Luigi, Yoshi, Princess Peach, Toad, to Toadette.

Rewards can not only be obtained from the Toad Rally mode. By connecting your My Nintendo account and adding a list of friends in the game, you can also access various rewards by exchanging Nintendo points that you have collected so far.

Nintendo has been known as a company that is quite rigid and has a firm stand in business. This is reflected in the decision to continue to enforce region lock, or the establishment of revenue-sharing regulations for video content creators on YouTube who display their games. This high ego also prevents the design of the Super Mario Run game from reaching its maximum potential.

Although the Toad Rally mode can actually extend the retention period of the Super Mario Run player, Nintendo limits the game session via the ticket system needed to access the mode. When you run out of tickets, the easiest option you can make is to wait for several hours to get the chance to collect them again.

Another limitation applied by Nintendo is the necessity to always be connected to the internet. They argue that an internet connection is needed to prevent piracy practices and to maintain the experience of playing Super Mario Run so that it is always smooth. Although this reason makes sense, it is still frustrating to not be able to play Super Mario Run while traveling in a place with a bad internet network.

When compared to the Wii U console produced by Nintendo, the mobile platform clearly has hardware specifications that are less qualified. Nevertheless, the quality of Super Mario Runs presentation can still be compared to Super Mario Bros. U on Wii U.

You can see the model of each character in the game with enough detail and a colorful depiction of the background. Animation from Mario and his friends and the design of the interface display in the game also looks very polished, according to the big name Nintendo which is known for being an expert at developing quality games.

Speaking of audio, you will be entertained with humorous Mario chatter, and sound effects and background music that sounds right in all situations in the game. Mario fans who I had asked about his opinion were satisfied with the overall appearance of Super Mario Run.

The wait of Mario fans on the iOS platform since the Apple App Store opened in 2008 is indeed not short. Never mind, because Nintendo redeemed it with Super Mario Run which has excellent quality.

Super Mario Run is a game that is suitable to be played by gamers who are not yet familiar with the plumber and the big fans who faithfully follow his actions. Hopefully Super Mario Run can be a turning point for Nintendo to produce more quality mobile games in the future.


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