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The Walking Dead No Mans Land MOD APK: Next Games is a high level developer who frequently spawned famous games. We have created a The Walking Dead No Mans Land MOD APK from Next Games and brought it today.

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About The Walking Dead No Mans Land

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land is an official game that was present thanks to the collaboration of the developer Next Games and the AMC cable TV channel that aired the television series The Walking Dead. Therefore, it is not surprising that the characters and settings of The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land will intersect with stories on television.

The story timing in The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land begins when Rick and his friends cause chaos and escape from Terminus. Among the chaos that happened, three other prisoners outside Ricks group escaped from that terrible place.

The Walking Dead No Mans Land mod apk provides unlimited gold and unlimited gas to your account. You can use gold to fasten the building to the maximum. You can journey further much easier using those currencies.

The Walking Dead No Mans Land MOD APK Feature

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Get The Walking Dead No Mans Land MOD APK

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More The Walking Dead No Mans Land Overview

The escapees of these three people bring them together with Daryl Dixon (played by Norman Reedus), one of the important members in Ricks group. He then gave instructions on how to defend themselves in a world already surrounded by zombies. The instructions he gave at the same time became the beginning of your story in The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land.

Broadly speaking, the gameplay in The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land is a harmonious blend of RPG strategy with city-building elements. The game will confront you with an exploration and management mode that reminds me of Final Fantasy Tactics and Minions Paradise.

I was invited to control a group of people to explore outside the base. The group consisting of a maximum of three people will explore various places in search of supplies and complete missions.

This exploration mode runs with a turn-based system in which the group that I control and the zombie hordes will take turns alternating according to the number of steps each has. Each group member also has advantages and disadvantages, so I am required to have a strategy to determine the position and composition of team members.

The headquarters management mode made me the manager who made various decisions for the survival of the group. I was required to determine various things such as what facilities needed to be built, which group members would be trained, to who would be fired to make room for new members.

Survival games with the theme of zombies often raise powerlessness as the main element that shapes the story. One step, then the character you control will die forever.

This does not apply here. Next Games designed The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land as a fairly relaxing survival game. If one of the group members runs out of HP due to too many zombie attacks, the exploration mission will immediately stop and the game will return to base without one member dying.

Severely injured characters will be taken to a treatment facility to be cured. You just have to wait a few moments in accordance with the waiting time listed so that the character can be parachuted back into the battlefield.

Next Games also provides a deadly mission that will give permadeath status when the character you control is killed at the hands of a zombie. However, the existence of missions like this is quite a bit compared to normal missions and is often only optional.

The existence of resources is also not something to worry about here. I have never experienced flaws during playing it. When supplies run low, I just stop playing and resume life as before. These resources will be filled again when I return to playing a few hours later.

Like most free-to-play games, The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land limits game sessions by using an energy system. My ability to roam or increase the effectiveness of headquarters is limited by the availability of a small amount of energy.

The energy in this game is illustrated through gasoline used as an expedition car fuel. Gasoline will be used every time I go outside the base and will refill once every ten minutes. This limitation is further complicated by the gaming system which will require more gasoline according to the progress of my game.

This energy system also applies to upgrading facilities at headquarters as well as increasing the capabilities of members. I have to wait until one of the upgraded facilities is finished, then I can continue to other facilities. I can also only train one group member at a time, unless I have many training facilities.

This limitation is contrasted with the need to do grinding. Often games require that my group members reach a certain level before entering a mission. This requirement can be achieved by grinding, but it can take days to achieve that objective without sacrificing a gold currency.

All of this waiting time can be accelerated by using in-game currency in the form of gold. By exchanging a number of gold bars, the game will speed up the waiting process and I can immediately try to complete the next objective. The good news, Next Games and AMC have designed a pretty good monetization scheme here.

Developers rely on two ways to get income from this game. I was given an offer to buy some gold through IAP. The amount of gold obtained varies according to the price of the IAP paid.

The contents of the loot box are quite varied. Although most only contain hundreds of EXP points or food supplies, some will provide dozens of gold bars to rare weapons. By watching advertisements and opening 2/3 of all available boxes, the chance to get rare items is also even greater.

The graphics on The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land did not disappoint at all. Next Games does a good job of describing the dark, cruel, and struggle-filled world of The Walking Dead in 3D style.

This game clearly adds to the ranks of quality creative works that are lifted from the comic series The Walking Dead. Solid gameplay, benevolent monetization schemes, and captivating graphic quality here have their own charm to attract the hearts of all people, both fans of The Walking Dead series on television and lay people.

Nonetheless, The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land falls into the pit of a free-to-play game scheme that requires a lot of grinding and internet connection. As long as you are patient enough to play it, I think you can still enjoy your time playing this game.


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