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About Tokyo Ghoul Dark War

As in the anime and manga, you will fight against the CCG as well as the Ghoul nation in the RPG action gameplay. For those of you who have been eyeing this game for a long time, here are some useful tips for you who are currently playing Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War.

During Act 1, this game will feature some special enemies. These enemies will be marked by different indicators that are above their heads and some of the Ghouls can shoot poison, have super powers that produce great damage, or reverse the attack towards you again.

Tokyo Ghoul Dark War mod apk delivers many benefits. You can claim unlimited diamonds here, let you convert it into unlimited gold or unlimited stamina.

Tokyo Ghoul Dark War MOD APK Feature

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✓ Unlimited Diamonds
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Latest changelog:
☑ Transitions, speed optimizations & bug fixes

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

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More Tokyo Ghoul Dark War Overview

But you dont need to worry, because the level of difficulty defeating this enemy is not much different from regular enemies. You just have to go up to them, use skills and they can be defeated easily. Some of them can usually be defeated easily, with a record of defeating them before he makes a special attack. A little extra you should always check each team member in the highest upgrade condition.

Its different if you play in Hard Mode difficulty. The enemy feels very difficult, especially when they first issue special attacks at the beginning of the fight. You must keep a distance from the enemy, to avoid damage from the enemy.

Each stage there are three mission choices that you must complete. Each time you complete a mission, you will get a star. The number of stars is related to your trip in each Act, and you can get a lot of gold and gems from star crates.

Try to collect as many stars and you can get Star Shop access. In the Star Shop you can spend a variety of rare equipment and hero fragments. But before you buy the items you want with gold, you must open with a number of stars first.

With the rising level of heroes you will add rarity by 1 number. This gives you (not their star). This gives each character an additional amount of boost in the stat section. But, it is very important to open up the skills that are useful to support the fight. To increase heroes, you need Evolutionary Cells and Evolution Potions. Evolutionary Cell can be found throughout the game, so you will get it naturally.

Another case with Evolution Potion, to get there at several drop points. In the grow section section, you can tap the potions you need and the game will show you a list of where you can get these potions. One of the best ways is to repeat the stage that you passed until you get the potions you want.

The most important factor for improving character is their star. Each heros star displays a number of unique strengths and the more stars they get, the greater the potential they have. If you can level up all the heroes you have, then you can easily go through each Act.

At least each hero needs two stars, then their stat will go up. This means that as the level of each hero increases, their stats will increase from normal numbers. You can also estimate, the sooner you do this the more value it will add.

Using Tokyo Ghoul Dark War the generator will increase your character (hero) level easily. This is the newest cheat engine that is available in the market.

You need hero fragments to increase their star. In addition to regular methods such as drawing heroes, fragments are also spread across several stages. For more details, you can read on the hero detail page to find the destination, as well as potions.


Tokyo Ghoul Dark War cheats allow you to unlock VIP 15. You can enjoy the many advantages that would not cost any diamonds on it.


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