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About Townsmen

Townsmen Review: A High Challenge Building Game. Building-themed games have a charm that is different from other games, for example. Although this kind of game does not display excitement and explosions, it is still able to make players who like the genre fixate all day long. Then, can all these charms be found in Townsmen?

Townsmen itself is a city building game in the middle ages, or medieval era. Unlike todays cities, medieval development such as ancient England rests on providing resources around the city. The method also became one of the concentrations of the game in Townsmen.

At first glance this game seems simple, but it is actually challenging to play. You can try Townsmen mod apk to get Unlimited Gold and Unlimited Prestige. If you have Unlimited Coins, of course you can hoard a variety of resources for the needs of the population.

Townsmen MOD APK Feature

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Get Townsmen MOD APK

Latest changelog:
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More Townsmen Overview

Through fulfilling the necessities of life and resources to build the city, you will find increasingly difficult challenges. Because, the needs of the people in your city will increase and you will be made busy to fulfill them. However, that also makes this game interesting to play.

From its visual appearance, Townsmen can be said to be quite beautiful. All the graphics are illustrated through a 2D look like a painting. The details shown through the image also deserve a thumbs up. But if the city is already very crowded, often you will be confused to sort out what buildings have been built. Because the details of each building make it difficult for you to remember the shape easily.

Another disadvantage of this game is that you will be forced to see ads every 10 to 15 minutes. Even the game screen was cut by about one third to display ad banners, which must be admitted to be quite disturbing. If you want to get rid of these ads, you have topay. Even though making money for free game developers is legitimate, but the method used by Townsmen is very annoying, especially when it comes to forced full screen ads every time interval.

To start building your city, the first step you need to know is how to put the building in place. Through a special menu to build, you can choose a variety of building types separated by function. Broadly speaking, buildings are divided into facilities for the people, food facilities, industrial facilities and decorations.

Not all buildings you can choose when starting a city. Because, buildings with further functions need other buildings to be erected first. In addition, building materials to make are usually contained in the resources produced by the buildings predecessor.

In addition to building materials, all buildings in this game also need money to set it up. Lets just say that money is a wage for workers who built it from zero. Yes, to build you must provide one person who does not work in one of the citys facilities. Then, what if all your people have worked in various facilities in your city?

Fortunately, the problem can be solved easily. Just select one of the facilities with the worker in it and click the slot where the worker is located. So, the worker will be back unemployed and you can order him to build a new house, to increase the number of new workers. Also keep in mind that when workers from one facility are issued, the facility will stop functioning. If the facility has an important role in the city, such as food producers, it might make the city chaotic.

Building a new facility also takes time until it is finished and can be used. If you revoke a worker from an important facility, the longer he builds a new facility, the longer the facility he leaves does not produce anything. For this reason, this game offers an instant way to build without wasting time, using Prestige points that happen to be sold at the Shop using real money aka Rupiah.

The economy in Townsmen is a difficult problem. Especially if you see the importance of the position of money in development, which is needed when building. There are only three ways to get money in this game, namely through mission completion gifts, public tax money, and selling resources at a facility called Marketplace.

The money coming from the mission completion prize is not reliable. Because, the mission that appeared could not be predicted. You could suddenly be asked to send a number of fish or clothes to the king, without any definite signs. Often the mission that emerges actually asks you to build new facilities first, meaning throwing money away.

As for money originating from tax revenues, it can be seen as a definite income. However, the money given is very small and the initial phase of the game requires more effort than you as a player. Because, the tax money is given an interval of about two and a half minutes to three minutes, and you have to press the money symbol above each peoples house to get it!

Well, imagine if you didnt have time to take it when the money just appeared. That is, you will waste potential income because the time of collecting the new money will run again after you take it. After you create a tax collection office that is an advanced building, then you can collect all taxes with just one click.

The extraordinarily small amount is also an obstacle. The tax money at the beginning of the game usually ranges from 9 Thaler (the name of the currency in the game). When building one house needs around 180 T, then after you build five houses that earn 9 T per two and a half minutes, it will take about 10 minutes to make one house, which in fact is the cheapest building.

The amount of tax that you can get of course can increase, depending on the type of house. Keep in mind that only houses can give money in this game. The amount of tax can also be increased by researching it after you reach a certain level.

The threats encountered in Townsmen are not only limited to starvation, fire or bankruptcy. There are also external forces that you must be aware of, namely bandits. They are able to disrupt your city from stealing money to burning facilities. The presence of bandits is also able to make your population more difficult to be happy, because they feel threatened by security.

In areas threatened by the presence of bandits, usually at certain intervals there will be an attack. Some bandits will come into the city and start committing crimes. To prevent and expel him, you can build several military facilities in your city.

First, you have to build barracks first. However, you must consider its position in the city, because the barracks have a range of influence. At that range, then you can build a watchtower filled with soldiers. If you build a tower outside the reach of the barracks, then the tower will not be filled by soldiers and not functioning.

The tower also has a range of influences such as barracks. All buildings within that range will be safeguarded by soldiers. Thats why you should make all facilities not scattered too far, so that they are easy to maintain. The breadth of the barracks and towers can also be expanded through new science research when you level up.

The strength of the soldier also needs to be considered after you build the tower. Usually after a soldier chases a bandit, they will fight. Based on his strength, the result is between losing bandits or vice versa. Fortunately, you can increase your soldiers strength by building Armory and making better weapons and equipment.

Like other free games on the Play Store, Townsmen also doesnt miss applying the premium shop. Through the shop, this game sells premium currency named Prestige with a price range between 40 thousand Rupiah to around one million. In addition, the shop also sells passes to eliminate advertisements on the game screen, double experience points, and speed up the running of the game so that you dont wait for the money to flow.

Prestige itself is a very influential currency in the game. It can even be said to be able to damage the balance of the game. For example, you can use Prestige to build anything without using Thaler money, building materials, and instant without building time. Prestige can also be used to research new science instantly.

Variations in the use of Prestige are usually influenced by the type of construction. When you build a road, you only need to pull out 1 Prestige. But for large buildings, you can issue up to 100 Prestige.

Prestige can also be obtained by means of buying it at the shop. Usually Prestige is also included in mission prizes, especially on missions in scenario mode. But of course the numbers are small and you need to consider very deeply before using it.

Premium transactions that feel quite profitable are removing advertisements and doubling experience. If you are willing to release 40 thousand to eliminate ads, then this game will be much more comfortable to play. In addition, with a capital of 53 thousand you will get a double experience for life. For us, these two transactions are far better than buying Prestige.

Townsmen is a building game that is very difficult for beginners. Let alone beginners, veteran players who are used to playing this genre can also have difficulty getting money to build. Actually, the main key is patience, or buying Unlimited Fast Forward in a shop to speed up time without being limited to only 60 seconds, as found by free players.

First, build a Marketplace as soon as possible so that you can sell the surplus resources. You should not rely on money from taxes, because the amount is very inadequate. Likewise with money from the prize completion of the mission, because it cannot be predicted when it will arrive.

In addition to being able to sell surplus materials, the Marketplace also provides satisfaction for residents, like entertainment venues. Residents who are not satisfied with your city will waste their time by nagging and not working. That is, the effectiveness of work in your city will decrease considerably.

Then, use Prestige to build the road. Residents who go through the streets to carry their work will move faster than the other way around. The cost of building a road is usually determined by the distance and paid for by Thalers money. The farther away the more expensive it is; unfavorable conditions for you who find it hard to make money. Whereas when using Prestige, as far as any road it costs only 1 Prestige!


The Unlimted Crowns and Unlimited Money that you get from Townsmen cheats you can directly use. You can also have Unlimted Fast Forward by buying it using the prestige you have.


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