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About Trials Frontier

The aggressive impression is very strong when you start the Trials Frontier game for the first time. If you usually will find a splash screen, menus, etc., this time you will immediately be treated to gameplay without any prior tutorial. Take it easy, you will not have difficulty playing this game, because all the buttons represent how to play (I will explain the controls in the next section). After entering the third level, you will have an accident and the motorbike you drive will be damaged.

Well, only then will the menu and the real game and mission begin. Apparently, the 3 levels at the beginning are part of the story that you will start to return to from the “cupu” level because your old motorbike cannot be used again.

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Trials Frontier MOD APK Feature

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Latest changelog:
☑ Removal component that did not function anymore

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

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More Trials Frontier Overview

By the villagers who are helping, you will be given an ugly new motorbike for free to start the mission. This gift is not free, because you have to fulfill all the requests of people in the village such as chasing, defeating and capturing Butch (boss in this game), to do some style (backflip, frontflip, etc.) requested by a small child.

The story from the first time you play the game, will continue to be accompanied by various missions for each story. To be honest, if you dont follow the storyline, its not a problem, as long as you do the requested mission. The storyline offered in this game also does not have any impact on the mission and seems to have been “arranged” as it is (inflexible with branching).

For example, when I was told to defeat Butch on a level. It was as if Butch was deliberately slow, even though at the previous level I was overwhelmed by him and the motorbike I was driving had not been upgraded at all. Herein lies the lack of this game.

Even so, I must admit, the tutorial system in this game (after you pass the 3 initial levels) will run smoothly. It will not be seen if you are undergoing a tutorial because all the missions given have been made up to the smallest scenario. For example when I have to spin the spinning wheel which really relies on luck. At the time the tutorial is running the spinning wheel as if it is set to get the requested items, but regardless of the tutorial all depends on your luck.

In terms of control, those of you who have already played the game Bike Baron or Motoheroz will certainly be very familiar with the controls in Frontier Trials. Basically, the right button to move the motor forward and back (Im sure you will rarely use this back button). While the left side to turn the motor back or forward. Overall the controls in this game are very responsive, but I regret that the developer of this game did not provide the option to adjust the location of the button because I feel uncomfortable with the placement that is too low (I use the iPad to play).

Broadly speaking, you will find this type of gameplay repeat like this: given a mission -> complete a mission -> get money + spinning wheel to get a certain item -> upgrade the motor -> again given a mission, and continue. Boring please? Not really, I enjoy every level that I play. In fact, I could repeat dozens of times to solve my previous time gain.

Upgrading the motor in this game is also quite fun. Here you have to collect items first such as screws, metal gears, and others if you dont want to pay more expensive money. Yes, right! theres waiting time here because its a freemium game. I will discuss it in more detail later. Whats even more fun is collecting the blueprint pieces to form a new motorbike. This piece of course is in the various missions that you live.

Oh yes besides the usual missions, you can also compete to defeat others around the world with a multiplayer system. Later there will be a recording of how other people play in the form of ghosts that will accompany you throughout the race. This is an effective way of grinding for the sake of earning lots of money.

Using Trials Frontier generator is helping you a lot. You can use these coins and gems to get the better parts on the shop and get through the levels easier.

In the presentation, I was very impressed with what was presented by Ubisoft. The design of each level is given in detail. Starting from the lighting, smooth texture and colors that are very pleasant to look at. Moreover, Ubisoft does not seem random for each level by giving a lot of background layers, so that each level seems broad. Problem music I do not have any complaints, everything sounds standard. But I give appreciation to the developers of this game because different motors produce different muffler roars as well.

Well, now we are at the core of this game, which is the pricing section. Thats right, you can download this game for free. But what about IAP? While I was playing, I didnt use IAP at all, but this had consequences with limited playing time. Right, in Frontier Trials, you will find an energy system that will run out. This energy will increase by 1 point when you successfully level up, while to complete 1 mission you need 5 points.

If this energy runs out, then there is no other way than to wait for 3 minutes for 1 energy or use 13 diamonds so that your tank capacity increases by 1 point and the fuel is full again. The waiting time is applied to motor upgrades that can vary in time, some from 15 minutes to 2 hours. Again to speed up the need for diamonds with prices that are still reasonable (2-4 gems).

Even so, you can get diamonds from the spinning wheel or complete several missions. But unfortunately, purchasing IAP in this game starts at a high price. Indeed, what is obtained will be abundant and will facilitate you in playing, but the price is fairly expensive. There is no low-cost IAP option for casual gamers which is quite unfortunate.

Finally, Frontier Trials is quite fun gameplay with accurate physical elements and responsive controls. But the freemium model forces you to wait. If you dont want it, you have to buy an IAP. I think this game is worth trying, but for IAP purchases, I think you should think twice.


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