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Vainglory MOD APK: We are going to make an unique mod for each game that we monitor has a high interest. Now it changes for Vainglory to got it.

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About Vainglory

Just counting the days until Vainglory 5v5 arrives. Some of you might be curious about the experience of playing the new Sovereign Rise map and the new Vainglory 5v5 mode. Officially, this new mode will be released in close beta on January 30, 2017.

Presenting an area called Sovereign, this map will present a new experience playing Vainglory. There will be a new item, Scout Cam, which can open the map area. In short, a kind of ward that is common in MOBA PC games. There are also several new items that will be regularly introduced to gamers. In addition there will also be items that allow teleporting.

You can get unlimited ice using Vainglory mod apk. You can do many ways using it. Convert it into unlimited glory. You can also get some heroes that fit with your play style.

Vainglory MOD APK Feature

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✓ Unlimited Ice
✓ No root needed
✓ Install the apps directly on mobile
✓ SSL encryption on application
✓ Easy User Interface

Get Vainglory MOD APK

Latest changelog:
☑ Making the not perform turned out to be work

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

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More Vainglory Overview

You will play a hero in a team of three people. Each person will control a hero who hand in hand to face the opposing team. Each hero has different skills and characteristics, so strategy and coordination are needed to be able to complete the objectives effectively.

Not only the opposing team, you will also face various obstacles facing you to destroy the Vain Crystal. The barriers included Minion warriors and turrets. Fortunately, you can buy various items that can make your strength multiply and patch up the weaknesses that exist.

Although having a more or less the same background, Vainglory is not just a MOBA that moves gameplay from PC to mobile. Super Evil Megacorp makes various adjustments that make Vainglory feel comfortable when played on a touch screen device.

Various simplifications have been made by developers into Vainglory, starting from the control scheme in the game to the maximum level that can be achieved by a hero. Of all the adjustments available, there are at least three basic things that distinguish Vainglory from similar games on PC.

The first thing that immediately became apparent was the vast arena of battle. Vainglory uses an area that consists of only one main line (or commonly referred to as lane in MOBA) and a wider jungle arena below the lane. This number is different from similar games on PCs that use an average of three lanes to fight.

The second difference is the number of active skills which only amount to three. Each hero has two basic skills and one Ultimate skill to deal damage to enemies. Although not as much as MOBA on PC, these three skills are enough to provide exciting tactical battle action without having to complicate the gameplay or game interface.

The third different thing is the duration of a fight. If one MOBA battle session on a PC can take up to an hour more, then Vainglory cuts it to about half an hour. The average length of the game can be achieved thanks to the maximum level of characters who are stuck at level 12 and the area is not large.

Despite having various differences and simplifications as described above, Vainglory still feels exciting and challenging. Each battle feels dynamic depending on the decisions of the players so that there will not be two similar fights. The scheme feels even more fitting to be played on tablets and smartphones that are normally played not during a PC or console.

Because it is designed for todays mobile devices, Vainglory relies on touch input to control everything in the game. You can tap across the screen for various commands in the game, from moving the hero, using skills, to interacting with other players.

Super Evil Megacorp has designed a comfortable interface to touch all the features. All options presented are neatly organized and easily accessible during the game. Players only need to tap to access the features in question.

In addition, touch sensitivity with game response is also intertwined in a flash. This is crucial in an MOBA game, where each player can do some input in a split second to respond to the opposing teams movements.

Vainglory is one of the pioneer games that uses Apples Metal developer kit. The kit allows developers to bring extremely sharp graphic details without sacrificing game performance, and that is what Super Evil Megacorp does.

Vainglory mod is the newest one that we found. Using the ice generator, you can make an ice block (joking). You can get premium skins that you want.

The hero, environment and visual effects that you can see during the game are lively and dynamic. The animation and movement of the Halcyon Fold world where the battle took place also looks smooth and sharp. Such captivating graphics are recognized by Apple immediately giving Super Evil Megacorp the opportunity to showcase Vainglory at the launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, as well as awarding the 2015 Apple Design Award.

Super Evil Megacorp follows a free-to-play monetization scheme that is also used by Dota 2 and League of Legends. Even so, Vainglory did not put up display ads or use a stamina system that forces players to wait for some time.

Each hero has its own price to be accessed. However, the developer provides a group of heroes that can be accessed free of charge. The hero group that gets free access is also routinely rotated every week, so you will have the opportunity to play all the heroes if you regularly play Vainglory.

In addition, each player can also buy additional skins from each hero. The skin is entirely cosmetic and only changes the appearance of the hero on the battlefield. Changing the skin will not change the strength of the hero being played.

To be able to enjoy these paid features, players can redeem IAP to buy in-game currencies. The IAP is entirely optional, so even players without ICE can enjoy the entire game. Players can also collect Glory points to redeem the entire paid feature, even with a much higher amount.

The hero group that gets free access is also routinely rotated every week, so you will have the opportunity to play all the heroes if you regularly play Vainglory.

As an MOBA game, Vainglory requires a responsive and stable internet connection to be enjoyed without problems. The recommended connection is one that has a ping speed of under 200 milliseconds or one fifth of a second. Playing Vainglory with a connection longer than recommended will make the game lag.

In addition, Vainglory also does not yet have a local multiplayer feature. Even though you and your friends play Vainglory together on a local Wi-Fi network, each of you must connect to the Super Evil Megacorp server via the internet.

In addition to items, there are also a variety of neutral monsters, or commonly known as jungle monsters. These monsters will also provide various buffs and also additional health and mana or energy for the hero who defeated the neutral monster.

What about the existence of Kraken? Well, if the 3v3 map becomes the nest of Kraken, then in 5v5 mode there is a dragon creature named Blackclaw that replaces the function of Kraken. The team that succeeds in making a last hit on Blackclaw will get help from Blackclaw who will push and destroy the opponents turret.

Vain Crystal also changed. If in 3v3 Vain Crystal mode is protected by 2 turrets, then in 5v5 Vain Crystal mode will have new protection. This protection is guaranteed to make you look for new strategies with the team to destroy them and win.

Another interesting thing that appears on this 5G5 VG is the Free camera mode. Usually your camera will automatically follow the movements of heroes, in Free camera mode, you can feel playing MOBA mobile with the MOBA PC experience. In that mode the camera is free to move, you can slide to move the camera, then tap to aim the hero.

But be careful, if you play with a thumb and play on a cellphone, get ready for your thumb to become achy or you lose your hero position when in teamfight. We recommend you actively change the camera mode from Free to Normal. So if youre rotating, you can switch the camera to Free, then if you start a teamfight, change the camera to Normal. Change the camera is quite easy by just tap the button in the top right corner.


Vainglory cheats enable unlimited money to your account. You can use them to get character skins, and needed consumables.


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