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Virtual Town MOD APK: I nonetheless cant believe that Virtual Town is getting talked by a lot of men and women right now. They say that playing this game is rather challenging. It become much easier when the MOD APK is discovered for it.

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About Virtual Town

And after rummaging around in an exciting game * Ive downloaded 5 games and finally deleted them again * I finally found and thought to download an old game that I once played. The tittle is “VIRTUAL TOWN”.

Old school game but in my opinion its pretty good for filling in fad. And because of my habit every time playing the game always see the review first, I finally looked for a review of this game. And this is where my interest began to appear. First, this game is really a bit of a review. There are rarely reviews or articles. Secondly, I dont understand very well how to play it, moreover I have been repeating 3 times from the start because of a trivial problem. Namely I do not understand how to get home.

Playing Virtual Town mod apk will give you many advantages directly and indirectly. You can get unlimited coins to buy and upgrade many buildings and facilities.

Virtual Town MOD APK Feature

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✓ Unlimited Coins
✓ No root needed
✓ Install the apps directly on mobile
✓ SSL encryption on application
✓ Easy User Interface

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Latest changelog:
☑ Improved scrolling performance

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

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More Virtual Town Overview

So surely you already have a shadow that here you will immediately become mayors, and your job is to make the city as it was before. The solar thermometer on the screen is for your future reference. The higher the level of percent you get, the better city you lead.

This is the most exciting thing for me. Until I talked to YouTube, Google, and everything else for discovering how I could get home. The first point that I know, you have to have the tools first, and in terms of getting a house, the tools needed are axes.

The ax you can already use can be used to cut down trees. 1 ax of the lowest level can only make 3 times a tree. And to get a house, you have to have 4 wood from felling trees.

So after you are done with the third tree, and your ax is destroyed, you can buy it again at the general store, and buy a cheap enough ax, which is 100 coins, and you can cut 1 more tree to get 4 wood for the house.

After 4 trees are cut down, you go to TOWN HALL. To meet your secretary. Later, the wood you have will automatically be exchanged for a certificate to get a house.

After getting the certificate, you can choose which land you want to build a house. If so, then press your land certificate and press the land where your house will be built. REMEMBER: Just press it, dont drop your certificate on the ground because it will make you fail to build a house. Seriously because I was really stupid many times and I dropped the certificate to his land, and repeatedly the secretary also reminded me that the certificate could not be dropped. This also makes me look for his review. Sometimes after the secretary gives a certificate, she usually will also give special tasks to you. To add to your money.

Virtual Town mod will allow you to build many buildings easily. You can use unlimited money (or coins) to achieve it with ease.

Previously I forgot to explain, after the beginning you came, and you were introduced by the secretary sister, after that you were required to find the tools that you definitely need. Here are 5 mandatory tools that you need to find.

Net, to catch insects. Located between the botanical garden and the field. Ax, to cut down trees. Located near a tree beside the botanical garden. Hoe / Shovel, To make / close the hole. Located at the very end near the river.

Scythe, to clear weeds and weeds. Be among the reeds behind Cinema or around the back of Town Hall. Pickaxe, to destroy rocks. It is near a rock near a river near a bridge.

And dont forget there are additional tools that you still need. Watering the plants, can only be obtained at the general store. Purchased with the price of 100 coins for the lowest level.

The whole game is almost the same as I said before, namely Harvest Moon Back to Nature, but if Harvest Moon BTN has money or money problems, it can be easy for us to cheat. But here we are taught to be honest and get results with our hard work.

The money we get usually comes from what we sell, the tasks we receive, or the coins we find. And because at the beginning you were told to look for mandatory tools, then 1 tool would be worth 500. So for the total initial capital that you got was 2500 coins.

And for extra, you can sell what you get. Well, here I always have capital to sell insects or gifts from residents when I have finished my task.

Insects, mineral stones, or plants that you find can be sold. But with a record youve donated it to the museum. Because by donating insects, minerals or plants that you can then it can increase your sun thermometer.

Many people like to use Virtual Town money generators or glitches that make them easily to get the buildings sooner. It is normal because of its play time is rather long.

The first time you came here. This botanical garden is pretty messy. There are weeds, weeds and plants. So your first job as mayor is to tidy it up. This does not add your coins, but as soon as you are the mayor, you are obliged to make this city worth living.

You have to pull the weeds and cut the weeds. And each time you tidy up the weeds and weeds, your solar thermometer will increase. But if its a plant, you only need to beautify it, dont pull it out because it can lower your suns thermometer. And dont forget to water your plants, because otherwise the plants will not grow beautifully.

If the targeted percent is sufficient and your food supply is available, your city will automatically get additional residents. First you will get 3 permanent residents, and will increase with the percent you get.

The role of the population is also quite important. Because you will get tasks that help you get goods / coins from them. If there is a yellow exclamation mark above their heads, then you should come and talk to them, its quite easy, you just need to click on the population and the conversation automatically occurs.

Usually the residents who give you the task are asking you to look for mineral stones, or plants, but it can be quite easy to ask for, ask for the tools you have or ask you to send goods to other residents.

If mineral stones or plants are requested you have to be patient to get it. Mineral stones are usually found when you break an existing stone. Large stones cannot be broken with low-level pickaxes. And the yellow stone can only be broken with a silver pickaxe. The more rare stones you break, the higher the tools you have to use, and the rarer you find.

This is your benchmark in carrying out your duties as mayor. The more tidy your city, the higher the solar thermometer will show towards smiling.

Weeds, trash, seaweed, small yellow boxes, you better throw them away. Its enough for you to just come to their place and you only need to click, then you have automatically removed the existing environment destroyer. Or you should if you have more money you can upgrade your city by adding a trash can.

But remember, tidying does not mean eliminating, you dont need to cut down all the trees that are there because it actually lowers your solar thermometer. And if you find a plant, you just take it and move it to the botanical garden and refill the hole so that it does not become a hole that destroys the view. Likewise if you find excavation or heap so.

As in the real world, food remains a priority. The country will be poor if there is a lack of resources, and so will the city that you lead. At each level on the solar thermometer you can see the amount of food you need. And under the task symbol there is a picture of a food reserve, you can see to monitor how many food sources you have, and whatever.

This is like an order or errand or better said mission. So this task can be obtained from residents, or your secretary. As discussed above, every resident that you have completed the task will give you a gift. And if you are asked to find mineral stones or plants, you have to be patient enough because not every time you break a stone will bring out the item you are looking for.

This is one of the best Virtual Town unlimited apk that you can find here. You can get unlimited coins that are available for Android.

And if your secretary, he will usually ask to look for lost items, this can be found in a hoarded pile. You just dig then the item will automatically appear and will be counted, if its finished then you will get the coins as promised, and 5 coins for additional per each pile that you dig again when finding missing items. But dont forget to close the hole you made.

Then, the most often your secretary asks for is catching insects. And what Ive done is catching yellow spiders, then butterflies or some kind of beetle in the botanical garden. To catch these insects or animals you only need a net. All you have to do is click on your net and get closer to the animal you want to catch then tap 2x until the animal is caught

There are also those who only need you without any additional tools. For example cleaning plants. And what I have ever found is red poisonous mushrooms, then green Japanese plants that are in the river near the trees. If this is enough you approach the plants and tap 2x then you will automatically discard the existing plants.

This is also different from Harvest moon. In Virtual Town you cannot get married and bear children. Here you can only adopt children who are around 4-6 years old. The trick is if you find a woman in purple surrounded by children, you just go up to her and talk to her. Then you will be given data on the children that you will adopt. Every time she comes, the mother brings around 3-4 children, and you can choose as you like. But I suggest, choose a lot of speed and charm too.

Supposing this is your office. If you sit on the chair there, you will find 4 choices.

Stats, which will show the status in your city. Both the population, the number of trees, the number of plants to the number of steps you take. Town, now this is where you can upgrade your city. Added accessories, or other equipment.

Ordinance, Its like upgrading but overall. You can make your city more beautiful by marriage and planting, or by updating the style of the house in your city, and so on.

At the bank you can upgrade your home style. Starting from the roof building and so on. Here you can also see your financial statistics. At the boutique you can change your clothes. From boss to shoes. Also the glasses.

To further beautify your city, you should clean up the lake and bridge behind the house or the ranks of the building. For the lake you have to pay 400 coins / day. And done for 4 days. And for the bridge. You have to pay 500 coins / day and do it for 5 days.

The museum is used to store minerals, plants, or insects that you find. If your storge is full, you can buy a small table with shelves or cabinets in the general store and put your items there. But these two items cannot be certain when they are. Because every day the goods sold will always be different.


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