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About Angry Birds Blast

Angry Birds Blast Review, Blasting your time. Right now, its been around seven years since their debut. Angry Birds has entered almost every game genre that makes sense. Their main series focuses on destruction with a little theoretical physics. But the spinoffs vary from RPG to racing, with pig antagonists having a few additional skills besides stealing eggs. This famous bird will try the tile matching genre! And however, this is their first attempt at matching genres, so this is still a new zone for them. And like most of their other spin-offs, the puzzle board matches and matches Angry Birds.

Angry Birds Blast Review, Five Destroyers – Red Angry (aka Red), Yellow (Chuck), White (Matilda), Black (Bomb), and Blue (Jay, Jake, and Jim) plus Orange that was recently introduced ( Bubbles) against their nemesis, Green Pig. The pigs have built their wooden and glass fortresses for protection. But in this game, the birds are trapped inside a balloon and must be released before they can destroy any pig defenses.

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Angry Birds Blast MOD APK Feature

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Get Angry Birds Blast MOD APK

Latest changelog:
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More Angry Birds Blast Overview

To free Birds, players need to keep two or more balloons of the same color. Unlike the more general Bejeweled, which we see also in Angry Birds Fight! Blast uses matching à la Collapse series! Where tiles are only deleted when you press them and each tile of the same color that touches the group will be deleted. This allows for very large matching in one turn but also greatly reduces the chance for chains, because tiles are not automatically lost when rows in a row.

Angry Birds Blast Review: Booster, To strengthen this, Rovio has included “super angry” Birds that will torpedo out of their prisons. And destroy other balloons randomly after being released. There are also a number of boosters that will appear when you collect larger batches of balloons. Like the Rocket 5 match or 9-match Laser Gun-which has a unique blast radius. To help you tear a single balloon apart from the herd. If two types of booster are next to each other. The resulting explosion will be massive in scope and usefulness. The result is still not satisfactory as long as the Bejeweled chain continues. But its still quite fun to see all the balloons explode at once.

Individual level goals in Angry Birds Blast will be familiar to anyone with a match-3 game. They range from collecting a number of certain birds (30 red, 20 yellow, etc.) to raising hot air balloons from the bottom up. Pigs that appear often are in their makeshift fortresses, surrounded by glass, wood, and occasional stone blocks, all of which can be slowly broken down by making the closest matching. The goal almost always includes eliminating every existing pig, and bigger pigs like Foreman Pig need more matching to finish off. To help in difficult levels, consumer goods can be purchased and activated which will add more opportunities to move to the total amount, give a free Laser Gun, play the whole board, and so on.

Angry Birds Blast Review: Familiarity, Although many aspects of Angry Birds Blast are tried and formulated, the use of their pig and fortress as a barrier is a big change that remains true to the serial identity. And the Polish and the charm of the game makes it easy to pull you back by things that might have been there before. Even trapped inside their balloons, the Angry Birds personality still shines, with Reds thick eyebrows always sullen, Matilda clenching, and a strand of Chucks hair looks like a volcano. The map is filled with adorable details like Bad Piggies playing volleyball, the giant Mighty Eagle statue, and the hatchling waiting to be saved. There is also a little extra gameplay that we love, such as the ability to send and receive live from friends to those who choose not to connect to Facebook; the choice to watch advertisements and get an additional booster when trying difficult levels; and Weekly / Daily assignments that offer a “do as long as you can” challenge and take a break from the standard level.

Angry Birds Blast Review: Conclusion, Despite the charm of Birds plus good gameplay, Rovio has left some areas of barebone a bit compared to other games in the series. The plot of the story is completely absent, without even mentioning why our beloved bird is trapped in a balloon. Of course its safe to assume the Pig is behind it, but we dont get so many dialog boxes that explain this. Considering that even the first Angry Birds has a funny comic panel between the world to offer a kind of story and motivation, the absence of a narrative is at all somewhat lacking.

Also there is a lack of variations in power-ups and obstacles. Almost every danger you can open with the same solution from “destroy the balloon next to it to finish it.” I am only 50 levels out of a total of 250, but I have never seen anything really interesting. There is also very little Bird power, and the “super angry” Birds that you keep will hang out on the board until they can be useful, all power-ups are just simple inanimate objects. Using supercharged Black Bird as a power-up Bomb or Yellow Bird as Rocket will provide more flavor games than Angry Birds and help distinguish it from many other games in the genre that have come before.

But the biggest problem with this game is something that is often a disaster for other free-to-play games. The level of difficulty rises too fast. Even though the power-ups I mentioned above were quite helpful in going through difficult places, I still played even at a fairly early level repeatedly before I managed to reach the required goal. A rewarding challenge is still okay, but it is often random and luck-based, especially when you are stuck with an endless series in a far corner of the pig that is your target. I have found that if you are able to complete your level you will almost certainly always get three stars. Which indicates that the condition of the victory is set too high if only a narrow win still enters the top score.

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When you win, the balloon erupts, the bird flies, and the pig falls. Angry Birds Blast matches the name. It has a lot of Pig-bashing and excitement that we are looking for in the Angry Birds game, wrapped in puzzle-matching joy with dynamic power-ups. Although it sometimes feels too generic and feels less thematic about angry birds, we still consider this as another bullet in the long list of Angry Birds and human entertainment.


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