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Crashy Cats MOD APK: Many people that like to play Crashy Cats from this Electric Turtle. You can be better than most of them.

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About Crashy Cats

“Force of Nature” is a natural force that can destroy everything. Terrible, right? What if it turns out that “Force of Nature” is near us? Something that can … make your house fall apart like a broken ship? Something small but usually maintained by humans? What creature can cause such destruction? It turned out that only hyperactive cats that ran all the while dropping all the objects in front of him. Thats them, crazy cats that destroy everything, Crashy Cats!

Crashy Cats is a mobile game made by Electric Turtle that is simple but very charming. In this game, the player acts as a cat who continues to run forward while trying to destroy any object in front of him. But be careful, because there are obstacles that will cause the cats run to stop, such as dogs blocking, bottomless abyss, or high walls.

Using Crashy Cats mod apk will enable you to get unlimited fish. This is one of the newest hacks that is available in the market. You can convert your fish to unlimited coins.

Crashy Cats MOD APK Feature

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✓ Unlimited Fish
✓ No root needed
✓ Install the apps directly on mobile
✓ SSL encryption on application
✓ Easy User Interface

Get Crashy Cats MOD APK

Latest changelog:
☑ Small update to keep everything in great condition

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

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More Crashy Cats Overview

Control the cat is very easy, because he will run to the right automatically without any input from the player. The task of the player is to touch the screen so the cat jumps. Uniquely, the cats presented here seem to be cats from outer space, mutant cats or the like because they have the ability to jump twice, where the second jump by stepping on air.

Players must try to crash into all objects and make the highest environmental damage possible. Every object that is destroyed has its own dollar value, and once the destruction caused by the cat is finished, the player will be reported in a newspaper, along with a report on the total value of the destruction that occurred.

Not only obstacles, throughout the game players will also collect coins to increase the amount of money they have, find various kinds of power ups that can make the cat fly into the air, or do boosting forward. Sometimes players can even enter the bonus area to collect as many coins as possible.

There are many cats provided, such as Ginger, Rusty, Milk, there is even one that is not a cat, which is “Panda”. Fun, with coins that have been collected, players can open a loot box to get accessories randomly. These accessories, such as 3D glasses, fish bowls, hats, etc., can be used to customize cats.

There is a level system where players must complete a number of tasks to be able to level up. The assignments were fun enough to do, like stepping on a dogs head, destroying 5 paintings, and so on. Each level up the player will get a number of premium currencies, namely fish.

Even though Crashy Cats uses retro pixel art graphics, it turns out that the cats and the playing field still look charming with various unique locations such as offices or medieval castles. Especially if the player has done destruction globally, creating his own satisfaction to see the results of the “work” aka the destruction that has been done by him. The game was enlivened with a distinctive 8-bit song and the sound effects of cats ruin and meowing that satisfy the ears.


Crashy Cats cheats will help your progress and make new records for your cat run. You can modify the cat to your favorite style and add many perks on it.


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