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About The Trail

The Trail: A Frontier Journey: The Thrill of Adventure Being an Explorer. The Trail: A Frontier Journey is a game designed by the famous Peter Molyneux through several games, such as Theme Park, Fable series, Dungeon Keeper, Godus. The Trail game is an adventure game where in this game you will do exploration in a country from nowhere. Your goal is to find a place called Eden Falls.

Collecting Items and Making Crafts, At the beginning of the game, you will find a Tour Guide that will guide you and give instructions. Here you will collect items and can sell them. Any item can be found, such as shells, logs.

You will get unlimited favours by using The Trail mod apk. You can use them in many ways. You can make your journey become much easier without paying some money.

The Trail MOD APK Feature

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☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
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More The Trail Overview

Here you will also meet a woman named Beatrice who will teach you how to make some crafts but, she proposes the terms before she teaches you. He will tell you to collect some items to make crafts.

Be careful with raccoon animals because he likes to steal things. After you find the item Beatrice wants, she will teach you how to make sandals and bandanas for you to use. After that, he will again tell you to look for twigs and rocks to make ax stones which can later be useful for splitting trees.

Doing and Selling Between Explorers, The interesting thing about this game is that you will always stop at a campground to take a break and buy and sell between explorers.

If you want to sell items, its a good idea to craft items that you collect first to increase buyer interest. If you sell more items from other explorers, you will get a reward.

Game Control, How to control this game is that you only need to drag right or left to move the camera direction, hold the character then drag up to run and drag down to run slowly.

The meter beside the screen is useful to find out the capacity of the ability of how fast the character in running (the slipper shoes used affect the characters running speed). Hold a character if you want to interact / chat with other explorers.

This game invites us to explore the middle of nowhere and in this game you will feel an exciting adventure like an explorer.

Can you explore to the destination called Eden Falls? Whats there? Come on, play The Trail game: A Frontier Journey and find the answer.

The Trail Review, Pejalan Tangguh, The Trail is the latest game from 22cans, the famous development house from designer Peter Molyneux. After Goduss disappointment in 2014, 22cans seemed silent. I did not know what they were doing until The Trail soft launched in the Philippines app store last September. What surprised many people. And you can say The Trail is very interesting. The following is The Trail Review in the style of a gadget.

The Trail Review, If The Trail is made in Molyneux mode standards before release, maybe we will be disappointed. This is indeed imperfect, there are some rather strange bugs and designs that make some actions more challenging than they need. (It should be noted that some players encountered bugs, such as their lost files — a horrible experience in the game. Luckily I didnt experience this big bug in more than a week of playing, and my review was based on that experience.) Item descriptions are often useless and sometimes- sometimes wrong, claiming items can be found “on the front road” but it turns out “only available in stores”. In-game premium currency, “favors,” can only be obtained through in-app purchases, and favors can be used to buy equipment that is stronger and not available through other means. And Im pretty sure 22cans is doing some kind of social experiment on its players. By testing their willingness to steal from another traveler who fainted on the road.

If walking and picking up twigs sounds boring, dont worry – there are many things that happened during your trip. For example, the world in the game is quite pleasing to see and each path has something new and interesting to see. You will take a walk through the shade of the forest with the sun slipping through the tree canopy; an ice, barren hill with snow falling softly around; along a narrow road overlooking a vast lake. There were a few moments when I stopped walking just to look in beautiful surroundings and scenery. Gameplay, in addition to finding and taking items that are scattered around you and in the distance, you will also be able to play mini-games such as cutting down trees or slinghotting beavers if you have the right tools.

The Trail Review: Another player, there are other players who also walk around you. So you have to grab the resources you need before they take it, adjust the walking speed or be behind them to fight over items. Your bag has limited space, so you need to manage what you carry and rearrange all items when it starts full. And your stamina is always reduced, requiring you to balance the speed of walking, carrying weights, and consuming food to make sure you get to the next camp.

The Trail Review: Camp, Camps act as a goalpost and save point, which allows you to refill and craft the items you pick up before proceeding to the next camp. Items obtained from crafting range from clothing that will increase attributes such as stamina and road speed to statues that are only used to get extra money. The camp also gives you the opportunity to trade with other players through a mini-game where everyone places their promotional items on the conveyor belt. And take what they want before being put in a wood chipper. This is a good way to get anything you dont find along the way, like the last piece of rabbit hair you need for a new craft hat, or to reduce your burden by selling all the stones in the bag.

You will learn how to craft new items by completing quests from NPC Beatrice. And adorable birds Koko, who travels with you and holds the quest item you gave him. The new craftables items will provide better equipment and objects that are of higher value than that in turn allow you to get more money and travel far without fatigue. The thing that feels monotone is, walking along the road, collecting items that can be crafted or sold, then selling items so that you can continue walking and find more items for crafting or selling. The farther in the game, you will find new areas and new items that will give you new recipes, so that you will get stronger and richer.

The Trail mod features favours that help you to upgrade your house in later game. You can use those upgrades for your character.

Finally, you will arrive in the city of Eden Fall and be able to buy a house and choose a profession. Together with 19 other players who will be your neighbors. The city acts as its own simulation, letting players contribute to its growth by collecting items and gold. Which will give cities features such as new stores, banks, or even city halls. So you can choose a mayor and upgrade their house. After you settle in the city, your trip is far from over. You will continue the journey outside of Eden Fall and to an unknown place. Still collecting items and crafting, but you will always have a home to go home and a place to hang a hat.

The Trail Review: Finally, what happened after that is a mystery. If the initial list of game goals can be trusted, you will be able to get married and build a “business empire. “Although what is needed is still unclear. Knowing Molyneux, it can be as simple as extending your hometown profession to a small shop or taking over the world. What I feel is that this game is very refreshing, a valuable mix of exploration, simulation, and growth that surprises in depth beyond the initial thinking of “Just running?” Gameplay elements ranging from walking, collecting items, and crafting well to on the way forward, and a constant sense of progress even if you choose to explore the past. There are a few small things that can be fixed in future updates, but so far it has had a booming start.


The Trail cheats enable favours glitch for you. You do not need unlimited money anymore, since favours will help you to get it.


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