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About Darkness Rises

Entering the era of mobile gaming, this genre also does not want to lose to enliven the mobile gaming market. Recently, Nexon, one of the leading online game developers and publishers from South Korea, released its newest game titled Darkness Rises (iOS and Android) which helped enliven the mod-n-slash market on mobile. Curious as to what this latest game from Nexon? Check out the following reviews from the DuniaGames team!

Although there are a lot of mod-n-slash games in the mobile game market, but somehow Darkness Rises feels different, even though there arent many exciting additional features in the gameplay. One that makes us amazed with this one game is because the graphics are so amazingly cool.

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Darkness Rises MOD APK Feature

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Get Darkness Rises MOD APK

Latest changelog:
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More Darkness Rises Overview

Playing Darkness Rises, can make you unaware that the game you are playing is a HP game. At the highest graphics settings, you could say this game graphics are not inferior to mobile console games, even close to the quality of PC game graphics!

Then in addition to graphics, this game animation is also very fun to enjoy. We play the mage character, and the various skills he throws are really good to be enjoyed, with cool animations and also the effects of the splashy skills, typical of the mod-n-slash genre game.

Also, dont forget, in one moment you can activate rage skills that bring you animation to kill evil monsters with cinematic effects that make this game fun even though it actually has a repetitive gameplay.

We tried this game with the highest settings on a smartphone with a Snapdragon 660 processor, and our results were very satisfying! The graphics are so comfortable to look at, so nice and smooth, there are even bokeh effects in some game scenes. Do not forget there is also a high frame rate setting, so the animation is smooth. On the smartphones that we use, the highest graphics settings through the high frame rate feature get at least 50 FPS (frames per second).

In addition to graphics and combat animations, the simple appearance of the Darkness Rises menu also makes the game less tiring when you access the main menu. If you might have played RPG or other mod-n-slash games on mobile, sometimes the main menu display is too big or many features that sometimes make you confused.

Darkness Rises which carries a minimalist main menu display, makes it easy for you to navigate from one feature to another and also does not make you dizzy because the menu display is too excited.

Turning to the matter of gameplay, actually not many things can be discussed from the gameplay of Darkness Rises. Why? Because this game is arguably like most other mod-n-slash RPG games, it has gameplay like that.

Not many things are different from the gameplay of Darkness Rises with similar games, basically you have to fight from one stage to another to raise your level. Then at one point the Raid or Dungeon feature will open, which gives you more options for leveling up. The point in this game is you only fight and keep fighting until the strength of your character is stuck.

Indeed, there is a Story feature that is a distinguishing point from Darkness Rises, but unfortunately the execution of the story of this game does not feel great. Like most other RPGs on mobile, the story only takes you to see the characters speak, with a small portion of cutscene pieces made cinematically.

Also included are quite diverse PvP features, which you can play after you complete a minimum of 3-3 stages in Adventure mode. Then if the co-op feature is Duo Dungeon and also Raid, which you can play after you complete stages 2-5.

Then one more thing, if you ask if this game is open world, the answer is no! This game like most mod-and-slash is dungeon based, which will take you from stage one to another to increase the strength of character.

Darkness Rises can be considered a mod-n-slash game that suits its purpose. Anyway, it gives you the experience of brutal slashes throughout the game. This is not bad, but it might seem boring because throughout this game all you do is just keep cutting down enemies, without any additional excitement of other interesting content.

Fortunately this game is wrapped with graphics and an excellent presentation of animation. As a result even though the game is fairly repetitive, but it can still be enjoyed thanks to the animation and also graphics that are very pleasing to the eye.


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