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About Brave Frontier

After the success of Puzzle & Dragons, we seemed to only be stunned by the game GungHo. Until recently there were other social games that were no less interesting than Alim and Gumi, namely Brave Frontier.

Alim came to the surface confirming Brave Frontier, the same game offered as a social-based RPG game (must be online, connected to a social networking account, in this case Facebook) with the characters visual style (there are more than 200 choices) which is described as very cute, and selling different fight mechanics compared to typical social games in Japan.

Brave Frontier mod apk features unlimited gems. You can use gems in many ways, expand your unit capacity and other things to speed up your game process.

Brave Frontier MOD APK Feature

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✓ Unlimited Gems
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Latest changelog:
☑ General security improvement

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

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More Brave Frontier Overview

Brave Frontier is offered for free (free-to-play), and you are free to play alternately through one account with a different platform both on iOS or Android (platform-free), has proven that the gameplay concept that seemed to return gamers to the golden age of RPG classic through mechanical turn-based battles and the many elements of RPG that are inserted into it.

What makes Brave Frontier feel different from other typical Japanese social games that have also been popping up lately is gameplay, which reminds us of Valkyrie Profile. Yes, although many say it is similar to Puzzle & Dragons, but here you do not need to deal with a box filled with gems, and observe which matches the color so the character can attack the enemy.

At first glance the concept is the same as the mobile social game which until now has become the benchmark, because you can also capture and evolve more than 200 characters or cute monsters. The fight also involves natural elements that are suitable to be the basis of attacks on enemies whose elements are contradictory, to produce greater damage. You control the summoner in charge of saving Grand Gaia from the threat of evil forces. With the ability of summon, you can summon many characters (so far mentioned up to 200, although the author himself is only able to summon the legendary number), or can also evolve them. At least some elements of this game are the same as the benchmark game.

What distinguishes Brave Frontier differently is, here you are free to direct the character (a total of six in a team, with one summoner as the main character) to attack the enemy according to your choice. Either its one 1 vs. 1, or all of your characters can be directed to attack at 1 enemy. Just touch one character to make them attack random enemies. Or to attack on a specific target, just touch / select the enemy to place the target cursor, then touch the character (one, or all characters) to attack the target.

As the characters attack the enemy and they drop the Brave Crystal, the crystal will build a “Brave Gauge” meter that can be used to launch Brave Burst attacks when the meter is full. To activate the characters special attacks, you need to touch and hold the character with the full Brave Burst meter, and then slide your finger up after holding it for about 1 second. Brave Burst can target one enemy, many enemies at once, all enemies, or even recover characters, depending on the character launching Brave Burst (each character is different). Thats why its better for you to team up with a complete Brave Burst, someone to attack, and someone who can restore characters HP.

The element of nature also fights in determining decency. You need to memorize which elements are stronger against the others. Like Fire (red) is strong against earth (green), earth defeats electric (yellow), electric overcomes water (blue) and clear water is the opposite of fire. In addition there are light and dark character types, each of which is strong against opposing elements, but weak when attacked by the same type.

Brave Frontier cheat enables unlimited diamonds (gems). You can use gems to do some upgrades to your character.

By calming battles, you will get Zel, Karma and experience points. Zel and Karma are the two main currencies of this game that can be easily obtained from fighting. You also have the opportunity to get new units and materials for crafting. New units can be added to the active team that you are currently using, while crafting material you can use later to create new items in the city. Besides Zel and Karma, after you successfully complete the whole quest (being one of the differentiators of this social game, there are a few story scenarios as background for all actions in the game), you will get a Gem bonus (which is the premium currency of this game, and is provided as an in -app purchase).

Like a typical RPG, enough experience points to be collected will increase the characters level. When that happens, all the characters energy will be restored. Energy is used every time you do a quest. So it is very important to raise the level of the character, so you can continue to play without the need to use Gems to replenish energy, or wait long until the energy is white before you can continue the quest.

Another familiar aspect in this game is the existence of cities, where you can do crafting activities and make use of all material that has been collected previously. Other better material you can get in the city from agricultural land, forests, rivers or mountainous areas (there are visible shining parts, where you can pick up additional material). To get better (or rarer) material, you need to upgrade the Facility that represents that location first using Karma. In the city you can also make gears like Cure to restore HP, Revive to restore the character of the dead, and who are able to increase the power of attack and defense. Just like the location in the city, you can upgrade the gear using Karma.

Also the same as other similar games, in this case Puzzle & Dragons, in Brave Frontier you can combine (fusing) and evolve (evolution) units. But there is a slight difference. Here Alim makes a fusion process (the only way to increase the unit level, because they dont get exp from battles like characters) Brave Frontier is more “heavy.” Especially when you want to evolve it, because you need to have units with max levels and fusion material. The higher the material, the harder it is to get it, and making this fusion process can require greater patience. To maximize the unit level, you need to determine the main unit, and up to 5 other units that will be sacrificed to raise the level. If you sacrifice a unit that has the same Brave Burst, then your main unit also has the opportunity to get a Brave Burst upgrade. Once the unit reaches the max level, then you can evolve it.

Because it was developed as a social game that is connected directly through your social account, the developer also provides a special mode that allows your character with his unit team to be pitted against other players. For this reason, Arena mode is provided to fight with other players in PvP team battles. For this one, the mechanical battle is made different, because it runs automatically – well, like other typical social games that feature Arena mode. The battle that took place here was fighting over ABP, or Arena Battle Points. The more ABPs collected, the higher the rank of characters in the arena. And with every increase in rank in the Arena, there will be special prizes like Gem.

Later the developer will also implement the Raid Battle feature, which is basically the same as Arena, except here you will work with other players to defeat the boss. Who managed to give the biggest damage to the boss, so he was the one who got the best prize. Its just that if this Raid involves several players working together, then the developer should first prepare a good communication facility for players to connect with each other, and currently the feature (in the Social menu) is also still not open.

Overall, besides being free, Brave Frontier also includes social games that are fun to play. The graphics are colorful, the anime style artwork, the skill is adorned with eye-catching flash effects, easy-to-digest scenarios, indeed generic, but at least the game doesnt run empty, and we dont feel any serious impression, which means the game it is suitable for all ages.

Indeed the concept is similar to some other social games, especially referring to the success of Puzzle & Dragons. If GungHo offers Bejeweled mechanics that have proven to be addictive (or can be called boring, because there are so many other mobile games that require us to adjust the position of gems of the same type / color), then Brave Frontier tries in a different way. They include aspects of classic RPG, turn-based battles, you are free to determine which characters to attack, and which enemies must be attacked, plus a little interactive elements to launch special moves, so that our fingers are not separated from the screen during the battle scene. And even though its free, the developer isnt stingy giving Gems as a very important item to give you access to quests.

But back to the collectible aspect, this kind of typical game if it has made gamers bound, then they will do anything to complete the collection of 200 characters through the process of summon. Want instant? Well, theres no way but to buy the in-app purchase that contains the Gem package! Thankfully, Alim is not a greedy developer, we can play it without spending a penny on buying Gems. The key is the same as Puzzle & Dragons, patiently grinding, and mastering the mechanical basics of the game in order to get the best material and results from the results of the fight. Our complaints during play are only limited to connection problems, which indeed this game requires data access is always online. In addition, lately the servers are very often full, and have maintenance, and that can happen several times a day. Hopefully after this maintenance, Alim wants to give compensation, for example 100 free Gems.


Brave Frontier cheats enable unlimited money (gems) to your account. You can do fast progress to get almost all characters in the game.


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