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About I Gladiator

At first glance, Gladiator is very similar to Infinity Blade. I myself think its enough to play pirated Infinity Blade games and start lazy to try other uncreative copies. I, Gladiator I almost didnt review because of that but fortunately I changed my mind. If you like Infinity Blade then I guarantee you will also like I, Gladiator. Let me tell you why.

Thats even more so because I have a secret that is I Gladiator mod apk. With it I also have Unlimited Denarius and Unlimited Gold. Unlimited Money is intended to speed you up in the process of collecting items and upgrades.

I Gladiator MOD APK Feature

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Get I Gladiator MOD APK

Latest changelog:
☑ Miscellaneous improvements to game characteristics as well as services.

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

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More I Gladiator Overview

I, Gladiator is a game that has an interesting and powerful storyline. So its quite difficult to discuss this game without telling the complete background. It was told in the old days that people were very fond of fighting humans in an arena known as a gladiator. Our main character is one gladiator who is strong but also has feelings so he decides not to kill his last opponent.

But the opponent instead takes advantage of this opportunity and kills our main character. The spirit of our gladiator finally reaches the afterlife. What is unique, it turns out that the gods also like the gladiatorial actions carried out by humans and one god decided to revive our character to please them with more battles. This is where our journey begins to return to being the best gladiator.

I, Gladiator is arguably a combination of mod n slash with Infinity Blade. When you start the story line, you will be placed in an arena that contains several other gladiators. All will fight each other and the last person to win is the champion. So you can expect some brutal action here.

To move our character, just tap the big button on the left side of the screen, our character will always move straight ahead so you have to control it by swiping anywhere on the screen while holding down the run button. Once there is an enemy that is near you then you can tap the enemy to start attacking.

Once you enter battle mode the camera narrows and focuses on you and your opponents. You can swipe from left to right to attack, tap block to block, swipe down to kick and whats unique is tap anywhere to make the character gather energy to issue special attacks. Quite similar to Infinity Blade but with differences we cannot fend off their attacks by opposing swipes.

Keep in mind that in one arena can consist of 4-5 other gladiators so you must pay attention to your environment. It could be when you cool fighting with someone, someone sneaks and attacks you from behind. If this happens you can avoid it by holding down the block button and swipe in the other direction. All you need to do is position all the enemies in front of you so that you cannot be attacked from all directions. Sometimes you also have to kick the enemy to fall so that it gives enough time to fight the others.

Indeed, not all enemies will attack you, but once you start defeating many people, the remaining enemies will naturally gather to target you who look strong. What I like about this game, you can use the arena environment for various purposes, for example if there are enemies who die then you can take the weapon. If there are traps you can lure them and my favorite is to defeat the enemy quickly by pushing it towards sharp bamboo spears. But you have to make the enemy stun first by launching a barrage of combos.

You can also upgrade your various weapons from the merchants provided. For the main mode you can play as many as 80 arenas which are long enough to be finished. Each arena usually consists of 4 fighters and 2 waves, yes if you manage to beat everyone then the second wave will come and you must win the second wave to be called the arena champion.

There is a multiplayer menu in this game but it still cannot be played. Maybe in the next update. Overall I really like the gameplay that is deeper than Infinity Blade, not to mention the story that is quite exciting.

Presentation is one of the strengths of this game. Starting from the first second you will be presented with an opening animation complete with voice actors in foreign languages ​​(Latin, maybe?). Your first ten minutes will be spent looking at the storyline and dialogue that make up the main storyline of this game.

The graphics quality is also very good, not as good as Infinity Blade II but I, Gladiator uses a unique approach namely cell shaders which is one of my favorite types of graphics. The point is you will not be disappointed with the presentation presented by this game.

I, Gladiator is priced rather expensive, but the quality of this game is also proven to be good. The absence of multiplayer slightly reduces the value of this game. If you want to compare with Infinity Blade 2, I Gladiator has a cheaper price but is not inferior to the phenomenal iOS game.

I, Gladiator has more active and innovative gameplay when compared to Infinity Blade II and I can easily recommend it for you. The price is a little more expensive but you also will not be harmed. Must have for those fans of games with genres like Infinity Blade.


By using I Gladiator cheats, I can also use Unlimited Coin to buy the required skills. Not only that, I can also buy weapons according to what I want to use to become a formidable hero.


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