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Fans of the battle royale genre got two good news at once after Unknown’s Battleground Mobile (PUBG Mobile) player was released a few weeks ago. The first good news, PUBG finally released the mobile version after long awaited fans who hope to play this game for free on smartphones. Second, PUBG Mobile is really able to answer the expectations of gamers who have long dreamed of PUBG being played comfortably on mobile.

PUBG Mobile has succeeded in countering the bad trend of console or PC games ported to mobile. Usually, mobile games ported are always considered far worse and far different from the console version, especially PCs with more superior specifications. Well, PUBG Mobile is not among them.

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Latest changelog:
☑ Mod solve with regards to of game updates

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

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More PUBG MOBILE Overview

Well, what kind of experience and things can you get from PUBG Mobile? Come on, see the reviews below so you know the advantages and disadvantages of this game!

As a pioneer of the battle royale game that is currently flooding the Play Store, PUBG Mobile still provides the experience you get from other battle royale games. You are gathered with 100 other people, parachuted from an airplane to an island, looking for weapons, surviving, and being the only surviving survivor.

You don’t need to worry if the elements in the PC version aren’t brought to the mobile version. Playing PUBG Mobile isn’t more like you playing PUBG PC on your cellphone. Nothing has changed. The item or weapon remains the same. The map is so extensive even though there is only one available for now. Likewise, the difference in the recoil effect of each weapon makes PUBG Mobile one step ahead of other battle royale games. Compare in other battle royale games whose weapon recoil effects are distinguished only by their type. This also becomes a sensation when playing it.

PUBG Mobile isn’t just a simplification of the PC version. Tencent and PUBG Corp. as the developer knows very well the needs of mobile gamers who want to play comfortably and practically. Therefore, they added several new features that you will not find in the PC version.

Just like mobile games in general, before playing, you will find a “Missions” feature that gives you bonus battle points and EXP. This bonus will be obtained as you play. You will be given a daily or weekly mission which can be your additional motivation to play.

Also check out the range of games that would be cooler if added battle royal mode.

For new features in gameplay, PUBG Mobile also inserts several new features such as automatic looting and improvements to the map / compass system. For automatic looting systems, all of them are taken automatically. The items retrieved are automatically selected based on your needs and the items you already have. For example, you already have an AK-47. This automatic looting system will help you pick up 7.76 mm bullets automatically. Likewise, other complementary items such as scope or grip. Other items that have nothing to do can you choose manually as needed.

The map system has also been a significant improvement over the PC version. On a PC, you can’t walk calmly while checking the map or compass because it covers the screen. In the mobile version, the map display is made smaller so you can still see the map while paying attention to the surroundings.

If you’ve tried PUBG Mobile and got “Chicken Dinner” right away, don’t be proud. You see, the first game that you played was certainly filled with bots with low difficulty levels. Indeed, not all bots, though. you will also fight other people, but the amount is not much.

Don’t think negatively first. This bot system does not necessarily make PUBG Mobile a game of nuts. Instead, the bot will help you to adjust to the game. This is really useful if you have never played a first-person shooter (FPS) or third-person shooter (TPS) game on mobile.

You can use cupu boots as your target practice when using weapons. Indeed, the bots in the first games that you play really don’t harm you. However, try to compare, deh, if you directly fight enemies who are already accustomed and even already experts. It will be stressful first, right?

Overall, PUBG Mobile is a simplification of the near-perfect PC version. Maybe you will feel the difference that is quite disturbing in terms of controls and graphics that are not as fun as the PC version. However, overall, PUBG Mobile remains neat in providing a similar experience and as enjoyable as what you feel when playing on a PC. Even more fun, this game you can play anytime and anywhere without the need to spend a penny, the experience that you will not be able to get from the PC version.


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