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About The Sims Mobile

Bored with life in the real world? Maybe you should try The Sims Mobile. This game made by Electronic Arts was finally officially released around the world on March 6th. Nearly a year ago, The Sims Mobile was previously launched only for the North America region, but finally, this game came out of the soft-launch period and is available for download throughout the country.

The Sims Mobile has a game mechanism that is quite similar to The Sims 4 which we can play via PC. But the mobile version also gets additional freemium spices belonging to The Sims Freeplay. So, you can still download it for free, but inside there will be several in-app purchases.

The Sims Mobile mod apk will help to get unlimited simcash. You can convert those simcash into unlimited simoleons. You can use simcash in many ways, getting room packages until cupcakes.

The Sims Mobile MOD APK Feature

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✓ Unlimited Simcash
✓ No root needed
✓ Install the apps directly on mobile
✓ SSL encryption on application
✓ Easy User Interface

Get The Sims Mobile MOD APK

Latest changelog:
☑ Advanced alternative enabled

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

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More The Sims Mobile Overview

Its not an EA if you dont have ideas for lots of custom decoration content. So for the matter of character customization, here you are presented with various options to be able to create characters that are very detailed and as close as possible to yourself, or your favorite star, depending on who will become your character later.

Ranging from suits tops shirts, skirts and trousers, or even a set of clothes and uniforms. Up to the colors of shoes, sunglasses and hats. The body part of customization also seems to not want to lose. You can change and adjust whether the character you want to make has a very thin body, or very fat. Not only that, but you can also make a character who is both fat and muscular, or thin but slightly distended.

Want to make someone who looks like an alien, with a big and muscular body? Yes, you can do it. You can choose the color of the body though, not only the color of the eyes and hair. Not satisfied with the customization provided? There is another option, which is to change it yourself according to your wishes using the slider, as in the desktop version of The Sims 4. Here, you are given full freedom to change your body size according to your own wishes.

Because the mechanism of The Sims Mobile game is also similar to that of The Sims 4, then you are actually free to do whatever you want in this game. You can immediately find a lot of friends, or maybe just busy looking for work. Whatever it is, make sure you continue to make your character active.

Some features of this game are locked through levels, which means, if you are still at the initial level – less than 10 for example – then the activities that your character can do become limited. Then its better to keep making your character do activities, so that the character gets experience points, which in turn makes your level go up.

Starting from chatting with neighbors, working in cafes or restaurants, to partying. If you are tired of doing the same thing, then you can try to rearrange or add home decor from your own character. All of these activities will give your character experience points that will later result in prizes. These prizes can be in the form of simoleon, or sims money, and other points such as career points after work, friends points after interacting with friends, or home points that will be earned after you finish decorating the house.

You can get unlimited cash (simcash) and unlimited coins (simoleons) on using Sims Mobile mod. You can even get unlimited energy indirectly by using the cupcakes that you bought from simcash.

At The Sims Mobile, developers try to focus more simply on players. This is felt when you have to choose several options when our character is finished working, or after interacting with other sims. So the actual players will indirectly be directed to the main story line based on the players own choice.

After each interaction with other sims, for example, you will be given several options to choose what type of friendship will be run later by the two sims. Is that a friend who likes and likes, a close friend, or maybe just a playmate. The same thing you will find when you finish doing work activities, hobbies or preferences, and when choosing the properties possessed by your own sims character.

I quite like this new mechanism, especially because that way, players can still focus on the directed game, without seeming to be regulated by the game directly. Some activities can be carried out quickly if you can play it directly, but it will take quite a long time, which is calculated based on in the real world if you just keep it quiet. Chatting for example will take two hours in the real world, and will only spend less than a minute if you play it right away.

One thing you must remember in playing The Sims Mobile is that this game is a freemium game. That means you can be free to play this game at any time, and without being charged a penny with several conditions; You will not have more than two characters without paying with real money, your character will use energy to do all activities, and there will be some items in the game that can only be purchased using real money.

It seems that you can get unlimited all or unlimited everything in The Sims Mobile. You can get the coolest outfit for your character.

Similar to the game mechanism owned by The Sims Freeplay, here you can play more than one character. So no need to worry if you run out of energy, you can still play your other characters. They still have their energy, so use this to your advantage, try other activities, explore places that have never been visited or try to get a prize simoleon by doing daily tasks and completing quests.

Every level up, you will get SimCash. This SimCash can later be used to open several hairstyles, clothes designs, and certain household appliances. Because SimCash can only be added using real money, using SimCash is optional. To get it, you must pay your money through in-app purchases. You may be proud because the items purchased through in-app purchases earlier, will not be owned by others who do not buy it. The content can only be owned by players who pay with real money.

I was quite impressed when I saw that there were a lot of customizations that could be changed when I first made a character on The Sims Mobile, from body stature to hair color and clothes that my character would wear. Not stopping there, I was still surprised for the second time. The Sims Mobile also offers world customization that is not inferior. From adding household appliances at home, adding decorations to the characters cafe or restaurant, to adding or creating a completely new room to add to the characters initial home.

Of the two things above, I do not need to think long to recommend this one freemium game for you to try. But its not fair if I dont discuss background noise and graphics. The rhythmic background sound is typical as you will find in other The Sims games, making you even more comfortable to play. Combined with typical everyday language sims, which you will not find in other games, which use more English as the language of instruction.

The graphics are maintained, still looks like a cartoon. It looks quite clear when you make your character a little weird, like making his head big, while his body remains small. Cartoons do not mean losing details. Even for the size of a mobile game, the details provided by The Sims Mobile are quite charming. I shouldnt doubt big developers like EA to keep paying attention to small details like this.

For freemium matters, if you still want to support the EA by giving your money to them, then you can directly use your money to get some virtual goods through pop-up offers or through the character and item customization options.


Using The Sims Mobile cheats will boost unlimited money to your account. You can use them to get room furniture, your character outfit and many more.


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