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Pinball King MOD APK: We release the Pinball King mod app right from mobirix right now to reward players that are still working to relax Pinball King although they are confused concerning the amount of Unlimited Dia.

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About Pinball King

Pinball is a type of game that has long existed in the world. A classic game where the player tries to keep the ball in a machine so it doesnt fall into the hole below by using two (or more) flippers whose function is to bounce the ball back up. Well, Mobirix, which has made many games, such as Strikers 1945-III, Gunbird II, and Zombie Hive, has helped create a Pinball-themed game, which is titled Pinball King.

Look at Pinball King mod apk so you can get Unlimited Him. In this game you need Unlimited Him to buy Auto Play. Because actually He cant be obtained in-game.

Pinball King MOD APK Feature

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✓ Unlimited Dia
✓ No root needed
✓ Install the apps directly on mobile
✓ SSL encryption on application
✓ Easy User Interface

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Latest changelog:
☑ Accessibility improvements

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

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More Pinball King Overview

In this Pinball King, players are given a space-themed table entitled Planet Escape. Players are assigned to shoot down enemy planes in Planet Escape. Like most pinball games, players will use both touch screen positions on the left and right to move the flipper.

After bouncing the ball up, the ball will go down by passing obstacles that are actually not too much. There are three flippers available, one to the right of where the pinball drops, while two are standard positions, a pair near the hole. But unfortunately, this Planet Escape pinball table has a middle room where most of the contents are empty instead, so the possibility for the pinball ball to fall into the middle hole is very large.

Just keeping the ball in the game wont make the score high. Players must aim the pinball ball towards the targets in order to get a high score. At the bottom of the table, there is a countdown counter that shows the number of values ​​needed to get to the next level. Every time you change levels, the spaceship on the screen will change for the better. The game will end if the player can drop the pinball into the bottom hole twice, if there is no insurance to launch the ball again.

Uniquely here, there is a magic button at the top of the screen that reads the number “30.” This is an Auto-play button, so the game will play pinball automatically without involving any input from the player at all for 30 seconds. But, once the 30 second countdown is up, then the player must immediately regain control if he does not want the ball to fall into the hole below.

After completing one game session, the player will be measured for success value and then given a coin as a prize. This coin is useful for buying more balls before the game starts, so that the total number of balls played is three, not just two. Coins can also be used to play online multiplayer pinball against other players.

Also, there is a mode in the form of a mini game, where the player will be given one minute to enter the ball to the target score whose value varies with as much as possible. This mode is purely for collecting money, and is unique, it can be played Auto alias automatically. This will make it easier for players who want to do grinding, even though the edges, the mini game feels no use as a game.

But, the appearance of Pinball King is quite successful in realizing a pinball table that looks like the original. There are many small lights that flicker, complete with authentic sound effects about the noise. And, like a video game, of course, it actually has capabilities that a real pinball machine might not have, which is an animated spaceship that moves across the screen when leveling up.

Usually, Mobirix games are pretty good, and one might say, Pinball King doesnt disappoint. But, as a game that claims to be Pinball King, aka the king of Pinball, this game seems to have very many shortcomings. For example, there is no Tilt feature, which is shaking the machine to influence the running of the ball, which is usually present in other pinball games. In addition, even though the game is quite challenging, but since there is only one machine called “Planet Escape,” this game feels monotonous.


If you use Pinball King cheats then you are free to use Unlimited Dia. He can be used to buy a lot of spare balls in the game. and to buy Auto-play that lasts longer than 30 seconds.


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