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About Star Warfare 2

Survival game on the mobile platform is currently controlled by zombies. Slaughtering zombies is fun, but I tell you all that it turns out that exciting survival games can not only be enjoyed through zombies. There are other alternatives besides zombies that you can feel the excitement through a game called Star Warfare 2: Payback (henceforth I will call Star Warfare 2 only). Are these alternative zombie creatures?

As an initial clue, the creature I mean is no less scary and disgusting. You will face creatures whose existence is still being explored by solar system experts, namely aliens. The aliens in Star Warfare 2 are shaped like a mixture of cockroaches and scorpions. Although their form is different from the mainstream aliens that have been, but their ferocity is exactly the same as the mainstream aliens.

You can buy most items using Star Warfare 2 mod apk. Using unlimited mithril, you can convert it into gold and buy weapons, shields and other items in the game.

Star Warfare 2 MOD APK Feature

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Latest changelog:
☑ Resolve the hookup problem between the game together with the app

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

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More Star Warfare 2 Overview

They will attack you in groups. Short-range attacks, long range attacks, and attacks from the air they will launch violently towards you. Well, it has become a necessity for you to continue to move nimbly in this game. If you only fire at the enemy without always moving, of course thats not the way to play this game properly. My own left thumb has become thin so often it moves swiftly in this game.

Oh yeah, before I had never played the first Star Warfare. So what I will discuss in this review there will be no comparison between the first Star Warfare series with this second series.

The controls given by this game are very simple. With a third-person camera angle, you will find a virtual d-pad that is not visible on the left side of the screen, the Potion button in the middle of the screen, and the action button on the right side of the screen. The action button consists of firing and changing weapons.

In Star Warfare 2, your job is certainly not just to slaughter aliens blindly. You will be given missions that are divided into stages. Examples of missions given to you are like killing a certain number of aliens, blowing up an alien base by taking an explosive device that is located quite far away, or surviving the onslaught of aliens in a certain time. As you have read, the missions we have given are quite frequent in various other shooter games, so you will certainly quickly understand the missions offered by this game.

While confronted with the main mission, you will also be confronted with a secondary mission of four in each stage. The secondary mission you complete will give you a number of in-game currencies and an IAP currency, Im sure you will all be more motivated to complete the secondary mission.

What makes Star Warfare 2 even more exciting and brutal is that every weapon you use doesnt recognize the word reload, your bullet until the end of your life will never run out. So you will feel the sensation of shooting Rambo in this game. Plus enemy targeting can also be done comfortably, shifting the crosshair feels smooth.

Not to forget, you can also upgrade and buy a variety of cool weapons and armor. The types of weapons that you can buy consist of a machine gun, shotgun, laser beam, or explosive gun (bazooka). For me, machine gun is the most ideal weapon to kill aliens, other types of weapons are even troublesome for me so that I have never touched those weapons. Shotguns can only be used at very close distances, laser beams have very low fire rates, and explosive guns are very ineffective for alien flying, so machine guns are ideal in my eyes and most likely also ideal for you.

Besides being cool, the armor that you can buy is quite complex. Helmet, body armor, hand armor and feet armor are the type of armor that you must buy to strengthen your characters defense and HP. Each can only be purchased separately and you need a sizable gold savings to be able to buy the armor set.

The only way to get gold is by killing aliens. The alien you kill will randomly drop gold. If you dont take the gold that was dropped, the gold will be lost. This makes this game have more challenges where you have to beat and avoid alien attacks while looking for gaps in the road to be able to head towards the amount of gold that has been scattered about.

This one is the newest Star Warfare 2 mod that we found on the market. You can get Mithril easier and beat those enemies in a few taps.

Gold example issued by alien Star Warfare 2 is more fun to play because it does not have an energy system. Maybe you will just stop playing this game when your real energy has run out alias when you are tired. Not to mention the added multiplayer features that further enrich the gameplay.

Multiplayer itself is divided into 2 modes. Namely co-op mode and versus mode. In co-op mode you will kill aliens by working with other players around the world. Whereas in versus mode, you will beat each other to prove yourself as the most reliable alien exterminator in the world of Star Warfare 2. Just like the single player mission, the mission in mode has often been encountered in shooter games, such as the deathmatch team or free-for- all. Unfortunately, an internet connection in Worldwide does not seem capable of playing this game online. My internet connection which is usually able to download Steam games with a speed of 400 KBps is still not able to play multiplayer games smoothly.

Judging from the graphics problem, you could say that what is displayed by Star Warfare 2 is good enough for the size of todays mobile games, but can not be said to stand out. Graphic details of each object do not look chapped at all. The movements of each object are displayed smoothly and are very comfortable to enjoy.

You can get Star Warfare 2 for free both on iOS and Android platforms. There are full screen-sized ads that occasionally appear suddenly when you are on the game menu. The price of IAP itself is very diverse, you can get a combat pack with the contents of sophisticated armor and super strong weapons. Or you can also buy the armor color changing feature so that the look of your armor matches your taste and personality. The IAP in Star Warfare 2 is not mandatory, so I dont think you need to bother thinking about the IAP in this game.

As an alien survival game, Star Warfare 2 is very worthy of you to play. Especially for you lovers of survival games who happen to be bored with zombie themes. The game mechanism is very blind because it does not recognize reloading weapons is the point that makes this game fun. The graphics and IAP offered are not exactly disappointing. So, theres no mistaking Star Warfare 2: Payback is an action-packed survival game.


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